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Call for hosts: The Sun exhibition for 2021

Last-minute opportunity from the Science Museum Group

Gallery view of “The Sun: Living With Our Star” an exhibition telling the story of humankind’s dependence on, and ever changing understanding of, our star.

from London, united-kingdom

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The Science Museum Group’s latest blockbuster touring exhibition is available in 2021. The Sun: Living With Our Star is an exciting exhibition centred on humankind’s ever changing relationship with the sun and how science and technology have altered the way we experience and use our nearest star. Divided into four sections (motion, light, energy and disruptive power), the exhibition uses a range of objects, installations, artefacts and interactives to fascinate visitors and show how people across the world have harnessed the sun’s power. Exhibition overview:
  • Area size: from 500 to 1000 sqm
  • Themes: Civilisations, Nature, Science and Technology
  • Package option: turnkey
  • Core experience: immersive digital experience, panels and graphics, original collection
> Exhibition details on Teo Please get in touch with for more information.  
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