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Over the past few years, the Alegria Konzert GmbH has distinguished itself as a leading nationwide tour promoter with large scale symphonic live to projection events, such as the Disney in Concert tours with Pirates of the Caribbean as well as live productions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy in concert halls throughout Germany and Austria. Having started with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in January 2017, all eight films of the Harry Potter Series can be relived accompanied by a live orchestra over the next couple of years.

In February 2018, the European premiere of Star Wars in Concert: A New Hope kicked off a widespread tour with 20 performances in 10 cities across Germany and Austria.

Primary goal and passion of Alegria is to present unique cinematic concert experiences of high quality. Concerts and tours with Jonas Kaufmann, London Brass, Breakin’ Mozart, the St. Petersburg Festival Ballett and the Japanese drumming ensemble Kodo complete the company’s portfolio.

Another unique production followed in January 2022:


is a 360-degree journey through the history and the oeuvre of one of the most significant Artists of the last century!The journey and unique exhibition concept are brought to life with modern multimedia technology – here you can fully immerse yourself in the world and the world famous artwork of Claude Monet (1840-1926). Experience for yourself how illusion turns into reality. Elaborate installations and projections set to music create rustling worlds of colour and let you feel the paintings come to life in ways never seen before.

Enter Monet’s garden and become part of the scenery!

Teo is the one-stop resource for the international touring exhibitions community. Created for hosts, producers and suppliers of international touring exhibitions, Teo is a global living resource for sharing best practices and fostering new international collaborations in the world of travelling exhibits.

Teo is dedicated to supporting the international touring exhibitions community by fostering new connections, dialogue, shared knowledge and best practices within the touring world.

Teo aspires to become the most engaging and supportive one-stop resource for the international touring exhibitions community. Teo endeavours to contribute to the fulfilment of an inclusive, diverse, inspiring and thriving international culture of touring.

Influence for good is an agency for the design and deployment of influence communication strategies, specialising in complex and strategic issues.

We work on communication issues for institutional and B2B clients. Our team, with backgrounds in finance, advertising, urban planning and contemporary art, is capable of understanding all the regulatory and technical aspects of regulated professions.

Our experience and technical expertise on the ecological and solidarity transition allow us to federate stakeholders around the programmes of our clients or their companies and to make their organisation more resilient, attractive and competitive.

Thanks to the academic approach of its team members, the agency has developed analytical, consultative and prospective tools and methods that give our clients a head start.

Animator of the international community,

Museum Connections brings together the sector’s professionals in Paris every year.

International trade fair, focussing on the business and sustainable challenges of museums, cultural and touristic venues, Museum Connections highlights trends and innovations to imagine the new visitors’ experiences.

The Citéco experience

As Europe’s first ever museum devoted to economics, Citéco offers up an experience like no other, pairing education with heritage. Through an interactive and entertaining permanent exhibition, as well as a wide-ranging cultural program (packed with temporary exhibitions, conferences, shows, etc.) the Cité de l’Économie beckons young and old, novices and experts alike to (re)discover economics and to play their full part in it…

All within a truly extraordinary historical monument: Hôtel Gaillard.

This striking town mansion, steeped in the Renaissance Revival style, was initially the home of a business banker before being converted into a Banque de France branch. Now accommodating the museum’s collections, it makes for an altogether unforgettable visit!

Designer and producer of exhibitions on the subject of economy and economics. Venue of exhibitions (350 m2).

Since 2013 We Are Museums has been building a global museum community of change-makers and innovators. We Are Museums identifies and cultivates emerging models of museums that react and reply to today’s people’s needs and ecosystems. It fosters skills sharing and capacity building to stimulate social, technological and environmental innovation in museums and society, to stay relevant at a local level within a global scale.

In 2020, We Are Museums celebrated an eight-year-long journey going from an annual conference highlighting international best practices and creating a strong community of like-minded museum professionals  worldwide. We Are Museums has transformed into a movement founded on the ethos “social and technological innovations can empower museums to become good for people and the planet” and composed of museum practitioners, museum policymakers, startups and companies, artists and designers, researchers and students. In March 2020, We Are Museums founded the online community of We Are Museums and found its permanent physicality.

Factorr has produced, designed, and distributed experiences since 2005. We create narrative environments to transform audiences, deliver business value, and drive positive societal impact.

Our activities revolve around three main services:

Creating experiences

We produce, design, and manage successful attractions, exhibitions, and activations. We do this for collections, IP owners, and organizations.


We add value to spaces such as retail environments, real estate developments, and municipalities/regions through arts, culture, and entertainment.

Distributing IP

We provide and distribute a catalogue of turn-key experiences that connect producers, content owners, local presenters, museums, and visitor attractions.

We are a company with ten years of experience in the world of art. We offer all types of art related services, designed for all types of customers, whether public or private. One of our main services is the organisation of art exhibitions: for example, we have taken the work of Gaudí and the City of Barcelona to Japan, South Korea, Moscow and Amsterdam. Our personnel has vast experience in many sectors and this enables us to be highly flexible, innovative, and very competitive in many aspects.In summary, Aurea is a global partner in the world of art, capable of meeting all types of necessities; from certification of a work of art to the logistic management of an exhibition in any part of the world.Seriousness, professionalism, and passion for what we do are our rationale; and also the reason why our customers are loyal to us.

A U R A is a firm specialized in content creation, strategies and digital solutions for the arts, culture and creative industries. We bring together the best of creativity, academic research and storytelling. We design and develop immersive experiences and digital platforms that fulfill the needs and challenges of our cultural partners. Hailing from Mexico City, one of the most vibrant and forward-looking capitals of today, we are used to thinking outside the box and offering the most competitive price-quality relation.

We work with museums, cultural institutions, universities, music festivals and the entertainment industry to provide:

  1. Content & Strategy
  2. Interactive Digital Solutions

Focusing on Interactive Digital Solutions, the solutions we propose to traveling exhibition producers and hosts are:

To know more about our Content & Strategy services, visit our other profile.I am a creative strategist with over 15 years of experience in designing content for cultural and entertainment projects, both national and international. I started my professional career in 2003 at Federico Motta Editore, where I dealt with the production of large photographic exhibitions in public exhibition spaces, from Helmut Newton to Robert Capa. For 10 years I was the manager of the exhibitions and bookshops of 24 ORE Cultura – 24 ORE GROUP, where I created some important exhibitions in Italy and abroad, collaborating, among others, with the Center Pompidou, the Picasso Museum in Paris. , the MoMA, the Metropolitan, Palazzo Ducale in Venice, Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome. One of my goals is the use of new technologies (AR / VR) as effective means of storytelling. I specialize in the extension and development of Intellectual Property in various products. Mainly I deal with the design of exhibitions with a cultural and edutainment slant, I have relationships with the main Italian museums, so I can create exhibition projects based also on their collections.
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