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For more than 50 years, the Walt Disney Archives has carefully safeguarded the most treasured items from The Walt Disney Company’s history, including original scripts, movie props and costumes, Walt Disney’s correspondence and script notes, theme park artifacts, merchandise, millions of archival photographs, and many of Walt’s personal effects. Founded by Disney Legend Dave Smith in 1970, the Walt Disney Archives is a vital resource for every part of Disney, as well as an important research center for Disney scholars, researchers, and writers. The Archives also shares its countless pieces with Disney fans everywhere through its exhibitions and close association with D23: The Official Disney Fan Club.   

The Kunstpalast is the art museum of the city of Düsseldorf. As a lively house of art, it offers a sense of identification to all Düsseldorf citizens and seeks to inspire and encourage participation.

The Kunstpalast is located in the Ehrenhof, a unique art déco ensemble of the 1920s, which was extended by renowned Cologne architect Oswald Mathias Ungers. The building encompasses 10.000 m² of exhibition and event spaces. It also includes the Robert Schumann Hall, an outstanding concert hall holding 800 seats, as well as a shop, café and library.

Culturenut is a global agora, a marketplace where cultural institutions can buy, sell and exchange idle assets. The cultural world places tons of waste in landfills annually and this platforms provides an immediate solution. CultureNut was developed in 2019 to assist the international cultural world in recycling and up cycling idle assets. A portion of CultureNut proceeds benefits local, regional and International arts Initiatives through the L’etoile du Nord Cultural Foundation.

CultureNut is committed to the continued mission of recycling, up-cycling and reusing our resources. We ask you to do your part and ask one simple question? Do you need to throw it away or could someone else use it? If you think you need to throw it away, call us first.


Utilizing a global distribution platform, CultureNut

provides the cultural community a means to sell excess

and idle inventory (exhibitions, exhibits, furniture, cases,

hardware, media, computers, components, crates,

frames, and more).


Don’t throw away what you are not using! There is an

institution who can put that idle asset of yours to good

use. Your CFO will appreciate making your institution a

little GREEN while proving your institution’s commitment

to sustainability initiatives.


We send a newsletter once a month to buyers in the cultural

community, including museums, science centers, history centers,

zoos and aquariums, cultural centers, historic homes,

university and college art museums and galleries, etc.

You can always go to our website to see everything that is

available for sale at

The Young Castle

The Children’s Museum of the Württemberg State Museum


The ‘Young Castle’ is a meeting place for children and families, a place for learning and for having fun. A place that stands up for children’s needs, rights and interests. A place that reflects the living environment of our diverse society.


‘Das Junge Schloss’ – literally, ‘The Young Castle’ – opened its doors in 2010 as the region’s first exhibition venue designed especially for children. It is part of the Württemberg State Museum, one of Germany’s largest museums of cultural history with exhibits from the Stone Age to the present day. The ‘Junge Schloss’ makes history and culture accessible and understandable for children. The children’s museum offers young visitors a cognitive, sensory and motor skills. experience that is adaptable to their individual strengths and needs. Children can acquire historical, cultural and societal knowledge not only through looking at objects and reading the explanations, but also by touching, smelling, moving, and – last but not least – by creating things with their own hands. Young visitors are encouraged to become aware of their own roots and, as a long-term goal, to develop a sense of their own identity.


area covered: 400m²

average duration of exhibitions: 9 months


The Württemberg State Museum

The Württemberg State Museum in Stuttgart’s ‘Altes Schloss’ (Old Castle) documents the fascinating history of our state from the stone age until today. The museum’s collections cover archaeology, art history and cultural history, taking visitors through Württemberg’s past. Besides the crown jewels of the Württemberg kingdom, the museum’s highlights include some of humankind’s oldest art objects, such as a delicate 35,000-year-old lion’s head carved out of mammoth ivory and the extraordinary grave furnishings of the Hochdorf Celtic prince.



EDG ignites and promotes cultural exchange by bringing high quality traveling exhibitions of art, science, history and popular culture to a diverse audience worldwide. We are devoted to maximizing our clients’ collections and exhibition assets while delighting their visitors with educational and entertaining experiences.


EDG’s core strength lies in its international relationships. The founder of EDG has traveled to museums and collections around the globe developing lasting collaborations. The Exhibitionists have further cultivated lasting partnerships and placed exhibitions in nearly 200 institutions around the globe.

As the leader in the field, EDG has been called upon by more than a dozen exhibition organizers to sell and market their exhibitions. What differentiates the Exhibitionists from the competition? Our reputation, our clients, and our results that speak for themselves.


If you have put time and resources into creating a spectacular event, exhibition or experience, allow us to help you present your collection, ideas and stories to an international audience, while generating revenue for your institution.

Together with our global network of first rate technicians, logistics experts and installation specialists, will offer you consistent and superior service. Our dedicated team will guide and support you as your project expands and becomes a global success.


EDG develops, designs, and manages exhibitions, experiences, special programs and related events. Our clients include leading international museums, private collections, alternative venues (e.g. City halls, train stations, shopping centers, fairs/expos) and healthcare clients who align with EDG’s mission to ignite and promote cultural and educational exchange.

Art Works for Change was established in 2008 to expand upon the efforts of a team of dedicated artists and social change leaders who since 2005 had produced a series of acclaimed traveling museum exhibitions focused on social and environmental themes. We provide curatorial services and develop new exhibitions along with traveling existing contemporary art exhibitions internationally.

In each community hosting an exhibit, we work with the partner museum or venue to encourage local organizations to create related programming that leverages the artwork to foster dialogue and build awareness of the issues addressed. In this way, our exhibitions serve as a crucible where artists, museums, advocacy organizations, and local community may unite as a collective force for change.

Triebold Paleontology, Inc. designs and operates traveling exhibits. We primarily feature Savage Ancient Seas, an exhibit that showcases the animals in the ocean when the dinosaurs were alive, and Darwin and Dinosaurs, a show that features dinosaurs and Charles Darwin artifacts to teach about evolution and the history of the idea. TPI works with institutions and museums all over the world helping them design fossil exhibits. We build and supply materials for those exhibits as well. We regularly add new skills and capabilities and love inventing new and better ways of doing things. If you would like help with your exhibit, fossil themed or not, we would love to hear from you! If you would like to book one of our traveling shows, please reach out!

Sertek Exhibitions is a design, engineering, and manufacturing company of interactive experiences for science centers, children’s museums and theme parks. We offer services both as turn-key as well as partial solutions. We fabricate from classical tried-and-true exhibits to content-rich, iconic, high-tech, and top of the line interactive exhibits and exhibitions.


We present science and technology as something to be seen and experienced and illustrate its cultural significance by exhibiting unique masterpieces. We inspire people to play an active role in shaping the future.  The Deutsches Museum with its branch museums is an outstanding place for communicating scientific and technical knowledge and for a constructive dialogue between science and society. Established in 1903, it is among the world’s oldest museums of science and technology and, with total exhibition space of 66,000 square m², one of the largest. Its unique collection of original exhibits makes Deutsches Museum a leading international venue for celebrating science and technology as a cultural endeavour. As a major German research museum of national significance, it is supported by the state of Bavaria, the federal government and the German states and is a member of the Leibniz Association. The Deutsches Museum fulfils a national mission for collecting and preserving historically significant objects from the world of science and technology and conducts research in the history of those fields and the related social transformations. With its exhibitions and accompanying events and activities, it bridges the gap between research and education and thus helps to foster innovation in our society. The entertaining communication of basic ideas of science and technology is geared to the target groups and provides an overview of historical developments while offering insights into the latest research. It allows people of all ages to gain an understanding of the research process while presenting scientific and technological topics and their impact on our lives in an accessible way. The Deutsches Museum addresses controversial issues and acts as a venue where people can exchange ideas, form their own opinions, and participate in the world of science and technology. In this way it offers orientation in an increasingly complex world in which science and technology place a decisive role and enables museum visitors to reach informed decisions and act as informed citizens in political decision-making processes.
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