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Teo Live 2024 reveals key trends and new productions in international touring exhibitions

The online event welcomes professionals from over 50 countries


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Teo Live – Touring Exhibitions Trends & Marketplace, which took place on 23 May 2024, welcomed 250 participants from over 50 countries to explore the future of travelling exhibitions and introduce new international productions.

Teo’s annual online event dedicated to international touring exhibitions welcomed professionals involved in the hosting, touring, production and promotion of cultural exhibitions worldwide, from museums, galleries, science centres, libraries, archives, gardens, zoos, exhibition venues, and promoter and event organisations.

The event featured a keynote presentation about creative trends and a marketplace introducing new international productions, followed by meet up opportunities.

In the 2024 keynote session, Oscar-winning nature documentary director Luc Jacquet and digital artist and live show creative director Charles Sadoul explored how key practices from cinema and live event production can inspire and fuel creativity and engagement in international travelling exhibitions. Drawing on their unique experience in the creation of film productions, digital artworks, concert experiences and immersive environments, they introduced new mediums from these creative industries and discussed how they can be transposed into the world of travelling exhibitions and contribute to create unique visitor experiences.

The conversation highlighted a key moment in our industry : the newest creations are paving the way for a unique encounter between exhibitions and cinema, as cinema is reinventing itself and is growing towards exhibitions, as shown by the creation of a new category at the Cannes festival, and as exhibitions are integrating codes and practices from the cinema realm. In a similar way, a door is open for a growing dialogue between the world of exhibitions and the live shows sector, bringing the visitor at the centre of the stage, breaking down “the 4th wall”, and integrating a live element in the exhibition experience.

Luc Jacquet and Charles Sadoul also stressed the importance of a solid scenario and knowing where your audience stands, both physically and metaphorically, to tell good stories, as well as the importance of setting the scene in a sensitive manner, using props, sound, lighting and movement.

Following the keynote exchange, a marketplace of exhibitions welcomed more than 25 international institutions and producers who presented their latest travelling exhibitions and experiences, introducing new art, science, popular culture, natural history, world cultures, design and history productions.

The event was designed to be interactive and after the Live session, everyone in the audience had the possibility to meet with presenters for informal discussions in dedicated breakout rooms.

The replay of the event is now available and all the presenters can be contacted directly from the Teo Live page.

The Teo team thanks very sincerely all the attendees for participating in Teo Live and contributing to making it a lively and interactive event. The Teo team also thanks the speakers who contributed to the event : Luc Jacquet and Charles Sadoul from Icebreaker Studios for the keynote ; and for the presentations, all the speakers from Musée de la civilisation du Québec, PANART Connections, the Design Museum, Lumen Studios, Science Museum Group, Walt Disney Archives, Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle de Toulouse, AHHAA Science Centre, Nomad Exhibitions, Disgusting Food Museum, Royal Ontario Museum, Contemporanea Progetti, Grande Experiences, Imagine Exhibitions, Natural History Museum London, Flying Fish, Universcience, E/M Group, Expona, Museum Centre Vapriikki, MuseoScience, American Museum of Natural History, Dala Projects, Grand Palais Immersif, World Touring Exhibitions, together Promotion, and Exhibits Development Group.

Many thanks also to the producers and specialists who hosted attendees in breakout rooms: lililillilil, Project Holocene, c2c Proyectos Culturales, Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, Sensory Odyssey Studio, Animated Exhibitions, GL events Venues, EFM Global Logistics, Look2innovate, MySmartJourney and IQ Magazine.

The Teo team also thanks the partners who kindly supported the communication of the event: Ecsite, ICEE, Museum Connections, Blooloop, IQ Magazine, and EVE.

We look forward to welcoming you to Teo Live 2025!

Future events will be announced in the Teo Journal and Touring Stories newsletter.

Watch replay

The full Teo Live 2024 replay of the event is available.

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