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The art of listening: let your visitors hear the stories of your collection. At Guide-ID we believe in the power of your stories, giving art, nature and culture a voice. It is our mission to help you unlock those stories for your visitors. To let them listen and expand their knowledge about your collection. That’s why we created the world’s easiest audio guide. Our Podcatcher is the point & play device that will simply enhance your visitors experience. If comes with an easy-to-use content platform where you can create and customize the tours, having complete control over the content. Welcome to Guide-ID, we’d love to help you unlock your stories!

Exhibitions References

Other Exhibition References
+ King TUT | Tutankhamun exhibition, travelling from Los Angeles to Paris and London. + World Press Exhibition - the Netherlands, Italy and other countries in Europe. + Koele Wateren, a travelling exhibition trough 5 different cities in the Netherlands till July 2021. + Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition - Colorado and other cities around the USA. + Leonardo da Vinci: 500 Years of Genius - Denver and other cities around the USA. + Thijs Wolzak



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