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We help museums, traveling exhibitions, cultural attractions and heritage sites through the “World’s Easiest Audio Guide”. Guide ID is a Dutch company, which is committed to create easy technology.

Our audio guide system, the Podcatcher, delivers audio to your visitors by simply pointing at an object (like a remote control). The amount of languages is unlimited, as well as the option to connect the audio with video. The visitor can grab and activate the audio guide through our self-service cabinets. The size of the Podcatcher and the self-service stations are perfect for agile environments, as the travelling exhibitions demands.

We understand that having control over your content is important, therefore with our platform it is possible to create & edit or change your content as many times as you wish. The benefits of our platform extend to our analytics and marketing product features. You can analyse visitors’ behaviour on-site and connect with your visitors after their visit. All in one platform!

These benefits have been proven useful by travel exhibitions all around the world. The King Tut exhibition has travelled from Los Angeles to Paris and our system has been key feature of their visitors’ experience.
In the US, the Sistine Chapel exhibition travels from state to state to bring a complete experience to their visitors’.

Looking into taking your visitor experience into another level?
Guide ID audio guide system is what you have been looking for.

Exhibitions References

Other Exhibition References
+ King TUT | Tutankhamun exhibition, travelling from Los Angeles to Paris and London.
+ World Press Exhibition - the Netherlands, Italy and other countries in Europe.
+ Koele Wateren, a travelling exhibition trough 5 different cities in the Netherlands till July 2021.
+ Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition - Colorado and other cities around the USA.
+ Leonardo da Vinci: 500 Years of Genius - Denver and other cities around the USA.
+ Thijs Wolzak

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