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Imagineear provides rich media experiences to visitor attractions, museums, galleries, cultural and travelling exhibitions, heritage sites as well as sports clubs and stadia worldwide.

We create and deliver highly engaging, interactive, multi-lingual self-guided and group-guided multimedia experiences on all manner of screens from hand-held devices to AV display panels. Our content appeals to all ages and brings exhibits, stories, points of interest and venues to life. We build hardware, software, apps and content; we help manage visitor flow, shape and design the visitor experience, optimise visitor spend and we feed data insights back to our clients to inform their better decision making.

Our in-house production team of highly skilled creators and innovators work closely and collaboratively with our clients to carefully design the visitor journey – both physical and emotional – using cutting-edge design tools such as 3D route mapping. Our expert scriptwriters, producers and multimedia designers create rich tour narratives interwoven with innovative content including AR/VR image recognition technology and 360° media.

We work hard through continual R&D and innovation to develop outstanding hardware and software solutions. We are proud to provide our clients with everything they need, with no requirement for existing infrastructure, from robust and flexible technology solutions to expert operational support. Our clients’ visitors enjoy their multimedia tours on our MPtouch range of devices – purpose-built, Android based touchscreen tablet adapted with a battery pack designed for all-day repeat use, increased memory capacity to hold multiple tours, built in security alarm and protected for indoor and outdoor use.

Players are housed in modular charging units providing neat storage as well as flexible tour distribution and collection points, which can be located permanently or temporarily depending on the venue’s needs on a particular day. Full maintenance support is provided for the hardware, ensuring all players and equipment are working optimally and faults are dealt with quickly, with minimum interruption to daily operations.

In addition, our group-guiding technologies give tour leaders full control of the group and their tour experience, offering crystal clear commentary even in the busiest of environments. With our ground-breaking Multimedia GroupGuide™ technology, group leaders can now intersperse live commentary with dynamic multimedia content, including 360º videos and VR/AR image recognition, all personalised in the visitor’s own language.

Since the company was founded just ten years ago, we have delivered 41 million multimedia experiences to visitors at over 250 client sites worldwide, from the Houses of Parliament in London to Wembley Stadium and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam to the Kennedy Space Center.

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