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Founded in 2017 by Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, lililillilil designs and produces immersive exhibitions in Image Totale© all over the world.

The company prides a French know-how and a democratic approach to art, linking aesthetic performance and pedagogy; this is the legacy of Albert and Anne Plécy, pioneers and creators of Cathédrale d’Images. Today, lililillilil is sharing its digital projection know-how in the form of expert advice. Characterized by artistic and technological creativity, Imagine exhibitions stand out for their signature approach: telling a story by releasing the emotion contained in the works, presented in their authenticity.

lililillilil is also a logo: letters that, through the magic of typography, create an image, like the keys of a piano with strings that seem to strike with a simple glance; a name that plays with the senses, an invitation to immersive exhibitions where music embraces images.


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