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Neographic Digital

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Creator of sustainable emotions.


Design, production and diffusion of immersive, artistic and eco-responsible experiences for cultural venues.

Art and Emotion for Culture and Education. Neographic Digital relies on art and emotion to raise awareness and involvement. These are invaluable levers for conveying strong messages and initiating changes in behavior, whether social or environmental.

Thanks to innovative approaches and by relying on cognitive sciences, each artistic choice is in line with an objective of educational effectiveness. Our ambition is to give birth to new imaginations in order to move the world forward.

Since 2017, our ambition is to succeed in making culture accessible to everyone and to the greatest number. In order to always be as close as possible to our audiences, in 2020 we created Blue Box®, an eco-designed and nomadic immersive room. Innovative spaces that aim to decarbonize culture and disseminate it in a new form. A technological innovation awarded at SITEM 2022 and rewarded with the environmental label carried by Waves of Change and Bpifrance EuroQuity.

Neographic Digital, thanks to the Blue Box, is able to distribute its own content, that of its partners and customers.

The environment and people. In 2020, we are the first start-up to join the Ocean and Climate Platform. In 2022, we will be among the first 37 companies to obtain the Tideline startups Label awarded by Waves of Change and Bpifrance EuroQuity.

Neographic Digital, creator of sustainable emotions.

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