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SEED Interactive is a technology-driven game and experience studio that began operating mid 2013. The company is dedicated to providing ‘Entertainment with a Purpose.” One of the company’s core purpose driven mandates is providing educational digital applications that deliver learning through play. At SEED we believe that through the interaction with our games and experiences will allow users to “Play more, get smarter.” SEED’s goal is to utilize technology and entertainment to deliver learning outcomes in an engaging manner. To that end, our games have won the Gold Medal at the Serious Games Awards, featured as best new app on the iTunes store and been downloaded and experienced over 2 million times.

Based in Toronto, Canada, SEED has public/private research partnership with Ryerson University, as well as an ongoing development relationship with three of Canada’s science and technology museums in Ottawa, who collectively operate under the Crown Corporation Ingenium.

Founded on the principle of creating guest engagement platforms, SEED develops specific products on its platforms but always with scale in mind. These platforms include:

  • Live and on-demand trivia and learning competitions (HQ for learning)
  • Motion-based chair gaming with integrated payment processing
  • Multi Player VR experiences
  • Proprietary audio, visual, movement and bio feedback synchronized experiences (Proprietary “Cymatic” Software platform)
  • Real-Time Sports Gaming Platform
  • Mobile gaming
  • Console gaming
  • Cloud based Augmented Reality CMS for object and image (2 and 3D ) recognition, tracking, storage, processing and content delivery

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SEED can create a host of digital solutions for your institution. Our most recent example was developed through our ongoing development relationship with the Ingenium and Ryerson University – an Artifact Recognition and content delivery system focused on the bringing Museum Collections to Life. Simple to use and highly cost effective, SEED's Artifact App uses mobile 3D point-cloud technology, and object recognition to engage guests with the collection. Guests simply point their phones at Artifacts and they spring to life on their screens with added text, imagery, footage and 3D models. The technology is easy and intuitive to use for museum guests and curators alike.

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