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Interactive apps to showcase resources and enrich visitors’ experience


biin has designed and developed a platform for creating, managing and broadcasting your own touchscreen apps : Yunow.
Yunow is a touch app creation and management platform designed for museums and cultural institutions. This user-friendly and modular tool enables superb touch apps based on customisable models to be created, in just a few clicks, with no need for code!
With Yunow, you can create interactive apps to encourage debate and discoveries, to broadcast educational games, interactive maps, etc. We’ve created Yunow tailoring all the needs of cultural, educational and events management.
Yunow offers a unique interactive ecosystem that includes a latest-generation touch system, fun touch apps and content management.

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Other Exhibition References
City of Nîmes / City of Montpellier / Carré d´Art Library / Carré d´Art - Museum of Contemporary Art / MuMa Le Havre / Cité du Patrimoine / Musée du Vieux Nîmes / Museum of Romanity / Museum of National Archeology / Greater Lyon / Museum Lugdunum / MAC Lyon / Departmental Archives of Hérault / Archives Departments of the Rhône / City of Geneva / Musée de l'Élysée de Lausanne / Museum Ariana de Genève / Alimentarium / Historical Institute of the Indian Ocean / Tony Museum Garnier / Regional Natural Park of Vexin Français / Annecy Castle / City of Poitiers / City of Versailles / Firefighters Museum / Ecomuseum of the Gardanne forest / Marseille Municipal Archives / Émile Zola Media Library / Forest Ecomuseum de Gardanne / Mériadeck Library of Bordeaux / Cap Sciences / Cité du Vin / Maison d'Izieu / Cité de l'Espace / Geneva Natural History Museum / and more!



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