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Bare Bones

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Exhibition Overview

Bare Bones

Exhibition Type
Nature, Science and Technology
Area Size
200 to 500 sqm
Designed For
Museums and Galleries
Science Centres
Entertainment Venues
Hiring Fee

For a 3-month rental excl. transport, installation, insurance:

This hiring fee is set for the following exhibition format:
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Core Experience
Hands-on activities
Panels and graphics
Exhibition Partners
Having a number of years experience working in Natural history museums including working on large scale capital projects, and being educated to MA and PhD levels we have researched the subject matter of the exhibition ourselves. Developed and produced by Blue Tokay ltd. The video content has been provided by the University of Jena in Germany. Osteology produced by professional preparators based in the UK. The Bare bones app has been developed and produced in partnership with ASBO interactive Ltd which are based in the UK.



Bare bones includes: 17 displays featuring real skeletal animal specimens. Display cases, interpretation, graphics, a suite of interactives and high definition wall images are included. The hands on interactives include some high grade copies of real skulls. The exhibition is family friendly but also works with science national curriculum. The exhibition appeals to cross genre science and art based themes. Previous hires have created arts based workshops using the exhibition as inspiration. The exhibition also involves a Bare bones app which allows visitors to see the specimens come to life via smartphone technology. This is applied to some of the cases, please ask for more information. The specimens have been chosen to tell specific stories: Osprey – Birds of prey White throated monitor lizard – Lizards Meerkat – Insectivorous mammals Ring-tailed lemur – Primates Grey heron – Wading birds Cat, dog and mouse – Comparative display of canines and felines Coypu – Rodents Common frog – Amphibians Thornback ray – Cartilaginous fishes Carrion crow – Corvid birds Sea bream – Bony fishes Burmese python – Snakes Wallaby – Marsupials Emperor tamarin – Monkeys Rhea – Flightless birds Sheep – Hooved animals. Bull shark skull – Shark dentition Contents: 17 displays featuring real animal skeletons. Display cases, interpretation, graphics, a suite of interactives and high definition wall images are included. AV of X-ray images included. The interactive elements are physical components of the exhibition. These include a hands on investigating bench of different skull types and a magnetic representation of a horse skeleton. graphics discuss each skeleton and talk about the anatomy of the animal chosen.



General Information

Available Package Options
More Details About Technical Requirements
The gallery should have invigilation to make sure that visitors are safe and cases and interactives are not damaged. The environment should not be too hot or wet, to prevent damage to specimens and exhibitry. Cases are lit from below and are clip together perspex or MDF bases with perspex lids.
Additional Information
We will install the exhibition, while this is made quicker with help from your staff, we will oversee the whole installation and deinstallation process. We will take carry crates and display packaging away so you don not need to store this.
We are happy to have you add to the exhibition and encourage you to use this as an opportunity to bring collections out of storage to display. We do need to sign off the type of display case you will use fo this to make sure it fits in with the exhibition.
We will work with your design team to produce marketing martial and can supply you with images to use for this if you require. We will also work with you to produce a room plan and we can draw this for your space.
We are also aware that you may want to change the name of the exhibition which we are happy to talk with you about to make sure it appeals to your visitors.
It is possible that we can help you with your retail offer for the duration of the exhibition, and we may be able to supply you with products that you can sell at a competitive amount in your outlet.


Past and Future Venues
2016 - Beverly Museum and Art Gallery - East Riding , Yorkshire , UK
2016 - The Beacon Museum, Whitehaven, Cumbria, UK
2017 - Astley Hall, Chorley, UK
2018 - Deep Sea World, North Queensferry UK
2018 - Derby Museums, Derby, UK
2019 - Torquay Museums, UK
2019 - Nunnington Hall National Trust, Yorkshire UK

Extra Info

Curatorial excellence
Highlights Details
Each case contains a real skeletonised specimen which has been selected to tell a different story about animal anatomy. The way in which the skeleton has been articulated also tells you about the lifestyle of the specimen. For example, the Grey Heron has been mounted with a skeleton frog it its bill which shows you what kind of food the bird feeds on.
Interactives are very unusual as they are physical. Visitors enjoy the "What's for dinner"interactive where visitors investigate the dentition of different animals and how it determines what they can feed on.
The exhibition also features an app which can be downloaded onto their apple or android device. Once activated, they can see different skeletons come to life and chose to add fur, skin and feathers to their chosen animal.
Graphics can be translated and we are happy to work with venues on this to achieve standards required for your audience.
Exhibition Add-Ons
Education kit
Exhibition App

VR and App Content

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