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A story of survival

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Contemporary Art, Nature, Science and Technology
Area Size
500 to 1000 sqm
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Museums and Galleries
Science Centres
Outdoor Spaces
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For a 3-month rental excl. transport, installation, insurance:

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Immersive digital experience
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Exhibition Partners
This exhibition is being developed in collaboration with Wolfgang Buttress.

Wolfgang is known internationally for creating iconic multisensory public works which harmonise art and science to connect us with nature. His work has included ‘The Hive’, located at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and ‘BEAM’ at Glastonbury Festival.




A story of 120 million years of adaptation and survival, Bees is the epic tale of these incredible creatures and their relationship to us and the natural world. Perfectly adapted to pollinate and incredibly diverse with over 20,000 species, bees are vital to our way of life and essential to the planet’s survival. Journey with us into their world, from the tiny and fascinating anatomy of a single bee to the magic and wonder of bee colonies, the role bees play in our lives and the threats they face.

Bees: a story of survival is a new exhibition from National Museums Liverpool (NML), developed through a unique partnership with the award-winning artist and sculptor Wolfgang Buttress. Years in the making, inspired by the extensive entomology collections, scientific knowledge and creative expertise at National Museums Liverpool and led by Wolfgang’s artistic vision, Bees is a beautiful harmony of art and science which will connect audiences in an awe-inspiring way.Visually stunning and immersive, Bees will be an experiential wonderland revealing new insights into their world, and an opportunity to see and experience bees as never before.

Bees features cutting edge technology, with sound and light environments that will not only provide a real time connection to bees within their environment, but also an ever changing picture of their activity.The structure of the exhibition itself is informed by bees, using algorithms to replicate the amazing structures bees create within their hives.Bees are facing extinction, could their decline be a reflection of the impending destruction of our natural world? This will be an emotional and thought-provoking experience which will ultimately remind us that the time for action is now.

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General Information

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More Details About Technical Requirements
The exhibition is built from a lightweight modular hexagonal framework , skinned in a flexible sustainable material. The structures can be optimised for your venue and the experience can potentially be hosted in an outdoor location using a geodesic dome.

Key features include:

The experience is designed with a simple ‘plug-in’ approach,  with minimal host venue integration required, using light weight projectors and state of the art sound systems.

The structure of the exhibition is fixed to a fast build raised floor, which uses a simple plinth and rail system.

The experience travels with a portable beehive monitor, which can house a bee colony or connect to an existing local nest or hive. Accelerometers are used within the beehive monitor to capture live data from the bees, which will alter the environment within the show and can also be used for research projects globally.

A production team from NML and Wolfgang Buttress Studio will support a local installation team with the build and technical requirements for the show. Training is provided for ongoing management of the experience along with a user manual and remote technical support.

For more information please check out our tour brochure or do not hesitate to contact us.

Extra Info

Curatorial excellence
Immersive experience
Highlights Details
• Immersive interactive experience that connects real time with bees in their hives and nests
• A unique experience using cutting edge technology to see bees as never before
• Exploratory, engaging and fun experience for the whole family
• Full of depth and knowledge, inspired and informed by National Museum Liverpool's extensive entomology collections
• Designed to tour sustainably with a lightweight modular framework that can be optimised for your venue
• Accessible with enhanced experiences for disabled people
• The opportunity to work with local academics and scientists on global research projects

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