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Beyond Bruegel

Beyond Bruegel Claimed

Total immersive art experience

Exhibition Overview

Beyond Bruegel

Exhibition Type
Area Size
500 to 1000 sqm
Designed For
Museums and Galleries
Entertainment Venues
Hiring Fee

For a 3-month rental excl. transport, installation, insurance:
100 000 € - 200 000 €
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This hiring fee is set for the following exhibition format:
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Core Experience
Immersive digital experience
Exhibition Partners as concept creator, realisator and integrator
Co-created with Bruegelexperts Prof. Dr. Manfred Sellink and Dr. Tine Meganck
Official Flemish Masters experience acknowledged by Visit Flanders




Beyond Bruegel is an innovative art experience that immerses the visitor – literally – in the life and work of the 16th century painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder. His artworks are enlarged to become immersive projections in which you discover elements that you might never have noticed before. The highlight of the experience is a 360° projection that plunges you into Bruegel’s extraordinary world. Several details are animated while the painter tells his life story. It’s a low-threshold exhibition that will fascinate both art-lovers and amateurs, adults and children. In comparison with several immersive art experiences, Beyond Bruegel provides a strong storytelling in perfect alignment with the 3D animations in the paintings. The result is that a wide audience that visit this experience because of its accessibility, now also receives art historical information. Despite the fact that developed this art experience with the clear goal not to have the function of a museum, it still aimed to give a narrative context. This to reach out to a public that longs for knowledge, but wants to experience something else than a traditional exhibition or museum. In addition, Beyond Bruegel makes a difference with other immersive art experiences that only focus on emotion and doesn’t exhibit information on the artist. The visitor takes a walk through four rooms. In the first room, you can discover the style characteristics of Pieter Bruegel the Elder in extraordinary detail. They are presented in several themes from the Flemish master’s opulent oeuvre. Projected on large scale in ultra-high quality and resolution, this composition is a unique way to observe unseen pieces. Bruegel’s original work is scattered over the entire world. The second room exhibits where you can admire his original pieces. Meanwhile, the projection focuses on details. In a third zone, you dive into an animated version of the famous masterpiece ‘The Fall of the Rebel Angels’. On this course, you’ll start in heaven surrounded by swirling angels, while further on the path you go to the underworld. In the last zone, the visitor enters an immersive projection space that offers an in-depth look at the life and work of the Flemish Master. You literally walk through Bruegel’s paintings and engravings! His artworks come to life as you wander through the landscapes that inspired him. Suddenly, you’ll be walking alongside Mad Meg’s army or sailing on a ship at the foot of the Tower of Babel. Meanwhile Bruegel tells his life story and muses on his creations. “This immersive art experience is a new way to discover art. Beyond Bruegel is more than accessible! It is a high-end experience that makes the work of Bruegel tangible for all ages and this in a vivid visual immersion”, Prof. Dr. Manfred Sellink, world famous Bruegelexpert & Director Royal Museum of fine Arts. In only 4 months, all animations are made in Aftereffects and the disused building was renovated and darkened by the team. Over 30 projectors and dito mediaservers are used. Thanks to the use of projection, this travelling experience makes it possible to show the total oeuvre of Bruegel in the whole world. Of course, the content is customizable and multi-language.

General Information

Available Package Options
Content only
More Details About Technical Requirements
*Space required between 500 and 750 m2
*Installation worldwide possible by crew
*Completely darkened venue or possible to build a blackbox
*Min. ceiling height required: 4,5m
Additional Information
"This immersive art experience is a new way to discover art. Beyond Bruegel is more than accessible! It is a high-end experience that makes the work of Bruegel tangible for all ages and this in a vivid visual immersion." Prof. Dr. Manfred Sellink

"Beautiful interpretation of Bruegel's oeuvre! With high quality projection of details that make you understand Pieter Bruegel the Elder even better. This experience will inspire many people to explore the original pieces." Beyond Bruegel visitor

Extra Info

Immersive experience
Highlights Details
Strong storytelling
Art historical information
Enlarged and 3D animated details, selected by Bruegel experts
Exhibition Add-Ons
Education kit
Media kit
Easy translation
Selfie spots

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Hiring Fee (3-month rental excl. transport, installation, insurance)

same price for 4 month rental, incl. production direction to build black box, incl. multi-language voice-over, incl. all projectors, audio systems, info panels and screens.
100 000,00 €
200 000,00 €

Hiring fee is set for the following exhibition format


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