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Critical thinking, think again!

Critical thinking, think again! Claimed

Rumours, fake news, preconceived ideas… Who can you trust? How do you know if information is reliable?

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Science and Technology
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500 to 1000 sqm
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Museums and Galleries
Science Centres
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Emmanuel_Grimault - Quai des Savoirs



Sharpening our critical thinking skills means becoming aware of what can make us vulnerable: our prejudices, our habits of thought, our emotions and sometimes… our unjustified mistrust! It is also about finding support to see things clearly. Sometimes it means admitting that we don’t know… In short, it’s learning to adjust your level of trust.

Cognitive biases can mislead us. This is particularly problematic when dealing with societal issues related to science and in the current context of abundant information and exchange. In order for thinking to be fruitful, we must try to get around these obstacles, and therefore develop a critical method towards the known and the unknown, but above all towards ourselves.

The exhibition proposes to approach this subject in a playful and comforting way and to raise public awareness through an offbeat narrative, interspersed with experiments inspired by research in behavioural and social psychology, cognitive science and sociology.

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Past and Future Venues
2021, Cap Sciences, Bordeaux - France

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To test ones critical thinking skills

Acquire a certain number of tools/reflexes that can be used in everyday life,

To discover the main cognitive biases we are confronted with in our daily lives in order to better circumvent them,

Understand the contribution of the scientific approach to these phenomena,

To make visitors confident and alert.
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