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The Time of Pharaohs

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Civilisations, History
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more than 1000 sqm
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Immersive digital experience
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Egypt — The Time of Pharaohs is developed in collaboration with the Lokschuppen Exhibition Center in Rosenheim (Germany), the University of Aberdeen Museums and the Roemer- and Pelizaeus Museum Hildesheim. The exhibition is co-curated by Dr. Christian Tietze and Dr. Christian Bayer.



Over 5000 years ago, one of the most advanced and pre-eminent ancient civilizations developed along the River Nile. Ever since, ancient Egypt, the land of pharaohs, extraordinary art, cultural splendor, miracles and mysteries, has captivated the imagination of people all over the world. Egypt — The Time of Pharaohs uncovers the pharaohs’ secrets and explores the daily life in ancient Egypt. Over 350 original artifacts, some of them over 3500 years old, as well as detailed, interactive models of once lost cities and landscape witness the pharaohs’ splendor. Vivid multimedia spaces and interactives bring ancient Egypt back to life. Visitors are taken on a journey along the River Nile, follow the traces of pharaohs and gain insight not only into their cultural, political work but also into our own modern culture.

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Curatorial excellence
Star object
Treasure collection
Immersive experience
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- One of the largest traveling exhibitions on ancient Egypt worldwide
- Over 20 media stations, hands-on elements, animations, videos and the spectacular 3Dhologram of the mummy Ta Khar
- 341 original artifacts, 10 replicas and 9 interactive, true-to-scale models of houses, cities and landscapes
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