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Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla Claimed

An interactive exhibition celebrating his spirit, accomplishments and vision - From the State Museum Nikola Tesla of Belgrade

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Nikola Tesla

Exhibition Type
History, Science and Technology
Area Size
200 to 500 sqm
Designed For
Museums and Galleries
Science Centres
Entertainment Venues
Hiring Fee

For a 3-month rental excl. transport, installation, insurance:
50 000 € - 100 000 €

This hiring fee is set for the following exhibition format:
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Core Experience
Immersive digital experience
Hands-on activities
Panels and graphics



EXHIBITION MATERIALS – Working models of Tesla’s inventions including pedestals. – Scale models of Tesla’s laboratories and inventions. – Replicas of Tesla’s personal documents, notes, notebooks, magazines, diplomas… (up to 20 documents for presentation in display cases). – Wall panels with archival documents, photographs and texts related to the three main topics: Spirit, Accomplishments & Vision. – Movie “Nikola Tesla- Spirit, Work, Vision”, duration 15 min, narrated in English. – 3D screen animations (up to 5 different), duration 3 min, to be played in loop as an integral part of exhibition. – Interactive Touch Screen Interface “Tesla’s doctrine” on True Sustainability, Social Problems, Moral Problems, and Spiritual Problems. – VR presentations of the models of Tesla’s Colorado Springs and Long Island laboratories. Models include not only the laboratory architecture, but also the natural environment, machines, devices, furniture and other details. The original look of these laboratories is completely reconstructed and visitors are able to walk in the authentic virtual environment. – Recording of the eulogy given by Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia during the funeral of Nikola Tesla. The eulogy was recorded live on January 10, 1943 and broadcasted over New York Radio.


Technical objects

General Information

Available Package Options
Collection and interpretation
Technical Requirements
High security
High conservation
More Details About Technical Requirements

- Projector and audio equipment for the movie.

- 3 projectors for wall mapping.

- Audio equipment for the presentation of Tesla’s eulogy given by Mayor La Guardia.

- Touchscreen (43” or more). If the touch screen is not available, the other option is a TV screen connected to a tablet.

- Screens for up to five 3D animations, the number of screens depends on the available space and number of selected animations.

- 2 sets of Samsung VR equipment (specifics available upon request).

- Approximately 2 display cases for replicas of Tesla’s personal documents, notes, notebooks, magazines, and diplomas.


- Standard power sockets for working models, audio and video equipment. Note: All working models are adjusted to European electricity standards. The conversion to 110V standard is made with step-up transformers.

- Tesla coil – The demonstration is to be performed by a trained person who will start and shut down the transformer.

- Depending on the conditions of venue, the lighting of the exhibition panels may be adjusted with the ideal option being overhead spot lights.


- Installation: up to 5 working days, depending on the wall panels system.

- Staff for installation: 1 courier / engineer from the collection owner, 1 electrician, provided by the borrowing museum, 2-3 workers for unpacking of the exhibits and the hanging of the wall material.

- De-installation: approximately 2 working days.

- Staff for de-installation – same as installation.
Additional Information
The exhibition presents the work and personality of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), who with his Spirit, Accomplishments and Vision shaped the 20th century.


Various approaches to presenting the personality of Nikola Tesla have created many myths about his life and its relation to the history of science. The impression of something tremendous and unexplained accompanies his character during his life and even after his death as they are preserved through his numerous lectures, articles and interviews. This section of the exhibition titled “Spirit”, is a chronology of Tesla’s life depicting his path, turning points and their relation to the historical moment in which he lived.


Nikola Tesla, an American scientist of Serbian origin, made a vast contribution to science and the technological progress of mankind as the inventor of the rotating magnetic field, the induction motor, polyphase alternating current generator and a complete system of production and distribution of electricity. Even the international system of units “SI” as a standard unit of magnetic flux density uses the name “Tesla”. His accomplishments at the end of the nineteenth century enabled the rapid development of generation, transmission and use of alternating currents, and gave a strong impulse to the development of industry and the progress of civilization. The biggest promotion of Tesla’s alternating current system was the enormous project of building the largest power plant in the world at Niagara Falls.
If we talk about inventions applied in contemporary technology, Tesla’s research in the field of high frequency currents and high voltages come right after the results he achieved in energetics. Tesla made significant contributions in medicine, engineering, high voltage, lighting, wireless telegraphy and radio technology. However, from the point of view of goals that Tesla intended to achieve, they are even more important than previous ones, because of his pioneering ideas relevant to the development of modern technologies. Performing these researches, Tesla has for the first time examined the global problems of the planet and humanity. In many ways, Tesla’s research in the laboratories in Colorado Springs and on Long Island represents the highlight of his scientific and engineering work.
In the field of mechanical engineering, Tesla found a new principle of energy transfer with fluid or fluid that is applied to pumps, turbines, compressors and fans. In fact, his pumps without blades were so innovative that they continue to be used commercially today. Tesla’s last patented invention was the aircraft that is able to perform takeoffs and landings vertically.


Tesla’s genius is not only reflected in the depth of fathoming the secrets of nature, but also in the variety of his interests. Tesla had a multidisciplinary knowledge and often unified multiple discoveries. He was not great just because he had improved the comfort of existence of the common man with his inventions in the field of electricity, but also due to his intellectual effort to understand life in the most general form, especially human life and society overall, and his ability to indicate the direction of development related to individuals, family and that of civilization. Tesla is also unique and special because of the perspective he had as he considered the global changes of mankind.

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EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS – INTERACTIVE GUIDED TOURS - The borrowing museum staff will be trained by representatives of the collection owner on the presentation of interactive guided tours of the exhibition, as well as educational programs specifically designed for a range of age groups.
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Hiring fee is set for the following exhibition format

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