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Our Shared Future

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500 to 1000 sqm
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Museums and Galleries
Science Centres
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For a 3-month rental excl. transport, installation, insurance:

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Core Experience
Immersive digital experience
Hands-on activities
Panels and graphics
Original collection
Exhibition Partners
Orcas is developed in cooperation with the Royal BC Museum, Victoria and is curated by Dr. Gavin Hanke, Dr. Lorne Hammond, Dr. Martha Black, Dr. India Young and Dr. Victoria Arbour.



The Apex Predator of the Ocean: We call them “killer” whales, but these magnificent and graceful beings, the largest of dolphins, are the most social and self-aware creatures roaming the oceans. Look beneath the surface – learn about their biology and ecology, their importance for indigenous peoples, how they are portrayed in popular culture and meet the unique orca community that taught human about orca intelligence, community and culture.Orca perspective: Orcas are powerful and intelligent predators, immediately recognized by their distinctive black and white coloring. Take a look into the hidden lives and complex societies of these apex predators that rule over the oceans and discover our shared history and future of our relationship with them.Orcas is an immersive, interactive exhibition featuring life-size Orca replicas, fossils, films, objects from popular culture and original artwork from the Indigenous peoples of the North American west coast.

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Immersive experience
Highlights Details
- More than 126 original objects
- Approx. 12 replicas and models
- 22 animations and films, 3 audiostations
- Orca perspective: visitors experience the exhibition from the viewpoint of Orcas

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