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Project Holocene

Project Holocene Claimed

An international travelling art exhibition focused on wild animal conservation Created by artist Russ Ronat

Exhibition Overview

Project Holocene

Exhibition Type
Art, Contemporary Art, Nature
Area Size
500 to 1000 sqm
Designed For
Museums and Galleries
Science Centres
Hiring Fee

For a 3-month rental excl. transport, installation, insurance:

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Core Experience
Original collection


Credits / Image Information

Russell Ronat/ Project Holocene



Project Holocene is an international art exhibit created by artist Russ Ronat. The project features large expressive drawings that capture the fragility and beauty of many species of animals. A wide variety of endangered insects, birds, reptiles, aquatic creatures and mammals are represented in the project.It is the goal of the project to use art as a tool to bring understanding to conservation issues. The drawings and paintings are presented with the scientific information on each species.Combining art with the science creates a captivating display. Art has a unique role in building empathy and encouraging an understanding of the necessity of conservation.The exhibition aims to inspire compassion for the protection and flourishing of biodiversity.

VR and App Content

General Information

Additional Information
A full collection list of over 5o original contemporary artworks is available.
Projections showing the drawings in creation are available for select pieces.
An interactive mural - allows for drawing and colouring of a selected animal.

The project has been featured in zoos and museums in the following international cities:

Birmingham | Phoenix | NYC | Boston | Port Macquarie | Taipei | Seoul | Miami |


Past and Future Venues
The project has been on featured display at the following locations:
Savina Museum of Contemporary Art (Seoul, Korea), The Taipei Collectible Botanical Garden (Taipei, Taiwan), The Glasshouse Museum (Port Macquarie, NSW Australia), The National Taiwan Science Education Center (Taipei, Taiwan), The Phoenix Zoo (Phoenix, AZ USA), The Birmingham Zoo (Birmingham, AL, USA).

Extra Info

Highlights Details
The experience:
• Art and Science
• Sustainability and endangered species
• Mixed media and large projections
• Interactive experience to foster creativity
An exhibit focused on conservation:
The wild animal trade
Deforestation/Habitat Loss
The steps we can all take to ensure survival of fragile species

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Project Holocene

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