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Rome, Ages of Empire

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Rome, Ages of Empire

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Art, Civilisations, History
Area Size
500 to 1000 sqm
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Museums and Galleries
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Hands-on activities
Panels and graphics
Original collection
Exhibition Partners
National Museum of Rome, Roma, Italy



The old saying that “all roads lead to Rome” was most certainly true in the days of the expansive Roman Empire. Although the origins of Rome began with a small village of huts near the banks of the Tiber River in the 8th century BCE, it was during the ages of empire, from 27 BCE to about the mid 3rd century, that Rome as the dominant political, economic and military power of the western civilized world, achieved its utmost cultural expansion, creating a legacy so powerful that its impact still reverberates across societies of the western world today.

It is quite the story to tell. Many novels, essays, documentaries, films and studies of all kinds have been devoted to the legend of Rome, but this comprehensive exhibition Rome, Ages of Empire takes a unique approach in reviving the magnificent story of the Roman Empire and its extraordinary capability to impose its will upon three extremely different continents and unite populations through a spirit of multiculturalism.

At the center of the story is eternal Rome, and it is from Rome that an exquisite selection of 100+ original objects come, conserved today at the prestigious Museo Nazionale Romano. Through an extensive and calibrated display of the original objects, the exhibition offers not only a comprehensive, historical vision, but also a multifaceted array of the most relevant aspects of Roman culture within an entirely, original narrative framework. The broad variety of objects, from the most-sumptuous to the humblest, give voice to the Empire itself.

The carefully-curated selection of artifacts is further enhanced and enriched by suggestive scenography, multimedia devices, immersive environments, faithful reconstructions and interactive devices, suitable for visitors of all ages.

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Decorative objects
Everyday objects
Ritual objects
Coins & Medals

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Technical Requirements
High security
High conservation


Past and Future Venues
2006, 4 months, Atlanta USA
2007, 6 months, Houston USA
2007-2008, 4 months, Anaheim USA
2008-2009, 5 months, Rotterdam NL
2012-2013, 4 months, Wuhan CHINA
2013, 3 months, ChangChun CHINA
2013, 3 months, Taipei TAIWAN
2013, 3 months, Xi'an CHINA

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Rome, Ages of Empire

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