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small is beautiful

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the largest exhibition miniature art

Exhibition Overview

small is beautiful

Exhibition Type
Art, Contemporary Art, Popular Culture
Area Size
500 to 1000 sqm
Designed For
Museums and Galleries
Entertainment Venues
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For a 3-month rental excl. transport, installation, insurance:

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Core Experience
Immersive digital experience
Hands-on activities
Original collection
Exhibition Partners
this exhbition has been created in paris october 2021 ( 3 month °
and london actually with 2 partners
Fever original
encore production /fimalac
its a tour exhbition and we bring new artist when we operate in a new country


Credits / Image Information


Small is beautiful, Miniature Art” is the most important European exhibition to compile the work of 34 local & international miniature artists and present 143 miniature artworks to the general public. After the undisputed success of the #MiniatureArt phenomenon on social networks, the exhibition offers exclusive access to the magical and sometimes unusual worlds of some of the greatest artists in the movement.

Small is beautiful, Miniature Art” is an incredible journey and a unique experience that offers behind-the-scenes access to small-scale universes full of artistry and poetry, whose only limit is the creative vision of their authors.

In recent years, many artists from all over the world have been playing with scale and introducing us to a smaller way of seeing things, and awakening our inner child. Miniature art transports us to a poetic location, from an unexpected angle, where precision is essential.

On #MiniatureArt social media, artists like Slinkachu provoke the viewer. They regularly use the element of surprise and are followed by thousands/millions of people.

  • An exhibition that promises to immerse you in the unique and poetic world of miniature art
  • 143 miniature and 80 photographic pieces
  • 34 local & international artists (UK, France, USA, Belgium, Sweden, Bosnia, Germany, Ukrania…)
  • 1 behind-the scenes video space where you can discover the artists’ workshops
  • Children DIY workshops and pop-up shop

VR and App Content


Paintings Drawings & Prints
Decorative objects

General Information

Created In
Available Package Options
More Details About Technical Requirements
loading and load out approximatif
7 days depend of the place
Additional Information
Small Is Beautiful is the biggest international exhibition entirely devoted to mini art
we can adapt the form of the exhbition
25 artist and more than 100 piece original and picture
also workshop for chidren and video presentation artist


Past and Future Venues
paris october 2021 3 months
London april 2022 4 months

Extra Info

Curatorial excellence
Star object
Highlights Details
small is beautiful is the unique presentation /exhbition of the world of miniature art
on tour ..
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Education kit
Exhibition tour kit
Catalogue / book

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small is beautiful

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