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Snakes Claimed

A Slither into The Secretive life

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Exhibition Type
Nature, Science and Technology
Area Size
200 to 500 sqm
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For a 3-month rental excl. transport, installation, insurance:
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Core Experience
Hands-on activities
Panels and graphics
Living animals
Exhibition Partners
Having a number of years experience working in Natural history museums including working on large scale capital projects, and being educated to MA and PhD levels we have researched the subject matter of the exhibition ourselves. Developed and produced by Blue Tokay ltd though connections with the Liverpool School of Tropical medicine and introduction given by world renowned herpetologist Rommulus Whittaker of the Agumbe Rainforest Research Station in India. Taxidermy and osteology produced by professional preparators based in the UK.



Snakes includes: 15 displays featuring taxidermied, skeletal and model snake specimens. Display cases, interpretation, graphics, a suite of interactives and high definition wall images are included. The option to include live snake vivaria is available. We can hire you the vivaria equipment and help you to source a supplier to loan snakes for the exhibition. SPECIES AND TOPICS The exhibition is family friendly but also works with science national curriculum. It is segmented into two topics: Habitat Aquatic snakes – How some snake species are adapted to living in and finding food in the sea or rivers? Specimen: Green Anaconda Forest Floor – Some snakes live among leaf litter on the forest floor, using extreme camouflage to enable them to ambush prey. Specimen: Rhinoceros Viper Arboreal snakes – How are snakes adapted to living in trees. What special traits do they have? Specimen: Red Tailed Racer. Desert snakes – Some species of snake are adapted to desert habitats, surviving extremes of temperature. Specimen: Arizona diamondback rattle snake. UK snakes – How do species of snake live and survive in the UK? Specimens: Grass snake, Smooth snake, adder. Biology Snake Senses – How do snakes sense their prey? Specimen: Royal Python (open display) Hunting and capturing prey – How do snakes overcome their prey? Specimen: Common Boa and Rat. Snake growth – How do snakes grow? Specimen: Western Hognose Snake reproduction – How do snakes produce young? Specimen: Burmese python with eggs. Snake defence – How do snake defend themselves passively? Specimens: Kingsnake, Coral snake, Milk snake. Snake defence – How do snakes defend themselves actively? Specimen: King cobra Snake Antivenom – How and why is antivenom produced? Specimen: Red spitting cobra. Snake anatomy – How does the form and function of snakes allow them to live as they do? Specimen: Burmese python skeleton coming down to capture a skeletal piglet. Snake skulls – How are snake skulls different for different species? Specimens: Gaboon viper skull, Reticulated Python skull, Gopher snake skull. Interactives include manual hands on, physical interactives. Please ask for more detail.



General Information

Available Package Options
More Details About Technical Requirements
The gallery should have invigilation to make sure that visitors are safe and cases and interactives are not damaged. The environment should not be too extreme or wet, to prevent damage to specimens and exhibitry. Cases are lit from below and are clip together perspex or MDF bases with perspex lids.
Additional Information
We will install the exhibition, while this is made quicker with help from your staff, we will oversee the whole installation and deinstallation process. We will take carry crates and display packaging away so you don not need to store this.
We are happy to have you add to the exhibition and encourage you to use this as an opportunity to bring collections out of storage to display. We do need to sign off the type of display case you will use fo this to make sure it fits in with the exhibition.
We will work with your design team to produce marketing martial and can supply you with images to use for this if you require. We will also work with you to produce a room plan and we can draw this for your space.
We are also aware that you may want to change the name of the exhibition which we are happy to talk with you about to make sure it appeals to your visitors.
It is possible that we can help you with your retail offer for the duration of the exhibition, and we may be able to supply you with products that you can sell at a competitive amount in your outlet.


Past and Future Venues
2014 - National Museum Liverpool UK
2016 - Woodhorn Colliery Museum Northumberland UK
2016 - Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens, Tyne and Wear UK
2017 - The Beacon Museum, Whitehaven, Cumbria UK
2018 - Beverly Art Gallery and Museum, East Riding, Yorkshire UK
2019 - Wiltshire Museum, Devizes UK
2019 - National Museum Cardiff UK

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Curatorial excellence
Star object
Highlights Details
Centre piece is a 13th ft Burmese python skeleton on a tree mount, coming down to catch a skeleton piglet.
Interactives are very unusual as they are physical. Visitors enjoy the "How heavy" interactive where you weight how much you are and compare it to the dial on a large set of weighing scale, to see if you weight similar to a snake species such as a green anaconda.
The option of live exhibits is always a pull for visitors, and we supply vivaria equipment. This lends itself to events around snake handling and talks.
Graphics can be translated and we are happy to work with venues on this to achieve standards required for your audience.
Exhibition Add-Ons
Education kit
Exhibition tour kit
Easy translation
Documentary film

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