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Spirit and Science of Place

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Civilisations, History, Science and Technology
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more than 1000 sqm
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Hands-on activities
Panels and graphics
Original collection
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Stonehenge — Spirit and Science of Place is developed in cooperation with the UCL Institute of Archaeology, Wiltshire Museum, The Salisbury Museum, English Heritage and The National Trust. The exhibition is curated by Prof. Mike Parker Pearson from the UCL Institute of Archaeology.



‚Mysterious,’ ‚awe-inspiring,’ ‚magical,’ ‘sacred’ and ‘eternal’ are some of the words used to describe Stonehenge. Scholars and visitors alike have puzzled over this unique prehistoric monument for centuries.After years of excavation and thanks to ground-breaking advances in science and archaeology we are closer than ever to understanding Stonehenge. Stonehenge — Spirit and Science of Place looks to over 400 ancient artifacts and the latest cutting-edge scientific research to answer questions about this iconic, mysterious World Heritage Site. Visitors will leave this exhibition with new revelations into what Stonehenge meant to the people who built it … and what it means to the world today.

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Curatorial excellence
Treasure collection
Highlights Details
- Size: 750–1500 m²
- Up to 400 original objects including stone tools, antler picks, cremated human remains, pottery from Neolithic long barrows, gold and bronze burial objects from the Amesbury Archer and Bush Barrow Man
- Hands-on elements, interactive tables, touch screens, videos, slide shows and digital animations for kids

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