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The Extraordinary Machines of Jazari

The Extraordinary Machines of Jazari Claimed

Mechanics history

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The Extraordinary Machines of Jazari

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Civilisations, History, Science and Technology
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500 to 1000 sqm
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Museums and Galleries
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Immersive digital experience
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Exhibition Partners
Tekhnelogos - Technical partner and sponsor of the museum Istanbul Technical University - Academic partner of the exhibition Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality - Promotion and education partner of the exhibition


Credits / Image Information

All Images are the property of Istanbul Jazari Museum or purchased to be exhibited royalty free



A Brief History of the Machines

The Exhibition, drawn up by the Istanbul Jazari Museum, sets the visitors out on a journey through the history of mechanics and robotics; from the first wheel to the steam-engine. Although, Al-Jazari is the main focus of the Exhibition, it also presents both, pre-Jazari and post-Jazari machines from different civilisations; ancient Chinese, Greek, Egyptian, and early modern European.

Interacting with History

In this Exhibition, visitors have the chance to encounter reconstructions of machines originally made hundreds of years ago. As the exhibits are mostly closed systems, their internal mechanisms are also displayed, together with open mechanisms, on-screen presentations and digital projections to help the visitors understand working principles of these devices. Furthermore, the Exhibition presents more than 15 wall displays reflecting the historical conditions of the periods when the machines were originally used. In addition, there are models produced according to their original shape, material and other features. Apart from the above-mentioned, there are simple machines to give school children a hands-on grasp of the basic foundations of science.

Education and Inspiration

The exhibits displayed have an instructive and educative function, as well as an interactive and entertaining one. Accordingly, all the machines are placed and presented in a way that complements this creative aim.

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Technical Requirements
High ceiling height
More Details About Technical Requirements
Logistics : 1 Container for Exhibits (21 m3 ) • 1 Container for Other Inventories and Bases • 2 Weeks for Installation • 1 Week for Disassembling • Minimum Time for Full Exhibition Tour: 60 min. Exhibit requirements : Fixed water needed for 14 exhibits • Electricity needed for 13 exhibits • All exhibits need lighting Exhibition crew : An Exhibition Guide can accompany 15 visitors • 1 Technician • 1 Supervisor Space requirements: At least 1500 m2 is required for a full installation of the exhibits and visuals produced. If required, a smaller version of the exhibition is feasible, with inventories and installation re scaled, for instance; for a 500 m2 exhibition space, the number of exhibits used can be down-scaled and arranged to meet the needs of such a venue. Additional information: • All machines produced by IJM Atelier are carried inside special shipping boxes. • Due to shipping and operational costs, the bases used to display the exhibits are shipped only on demand. If needed, the dimensions of all the exhibit bases can be provided. Installing the exhibits: Each exhibit should be carefully placed and installed in its exact place by Istanbul Jazari Museum staff. Since the exhibits are complex structures, it is necessary to carry out periodic maintenance checks by either Jazari Museum staff or trained personnel appointed by the host of the exhibition. If such a necessity arises, Istanbul Jazari Museum staff may visit and supervise the exhibition area.
Additional Information
The Man Who Constructed the Legendary Past Durmuş Çalışkan (1950 - 2018) Durmuş Çalışkan, born in 1950, in Bayburt, studied mechanical technical drawing and mechanical engineering in Istanbul, working in the private sector and developing his own company in the field of machine manufacturing, accounting and construction. Always interested in the history of the machine, in the last 5 years of his life, he focused the majority of his efforts on Al-Jazari, preparing technical descriptions, calculations and drawings from the “Kitab-al Hiyal”, and which resulted in the book “Al-Jazari’s Extraordinary Machines.” Durmuş Calışkan himself carried out the reconstruction of many of the original machines in this exhibition. EVENT DATA (Maslak Uniq Istanbul) Istanbul Jazari Museum presented its first exhibition in Istanbul between February and July, 2019 under the name of “Extraordinary Machines of Al-Jazari”. Exhibition goers were entertained by creative games, concerts, and other events beside the marvellous machines. From visitor feedback, we were gratified to learn that school age children especially found the chance during the Istanbul Exhibition to develop their creativity, critical thinking skills and find closer bond between nature and science. Such an experience is vital since we must depend on young people’s awareness and hope their contribution to the future of our world will make it - despite present dystopian imaginings - a better place to live in. The Exhibition Hosted More Than 100,000 At least 500 Primary and Secondary Schools visited the exhibition along with 55,000 students. The exhibition reached out to the mass population through, in total, 636 different media. It attained 450,000 web site traffic alerts and 350,000 advertisement mentions. It also gained 20,000 followers on various social media platforms. 127 printed media articles 20,000 Followers 45,000 Adults 55,000 Students 63 TV Channels 446 internet sites


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Curatorial excellence
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Highlights Details
More than an Exhibition Creating a credible atmosphere for medieval Anatolia and providing an appropriate background for the exhibits would be a challenging process even for an experienced crew; special structures, technical effects and visual aids were painstakingly developed to make the exhibition goers understand and sense something of the conditions of the Middle Ages. Some of the components used to create such a unique atmosphere include: • An internal wall facade of the Artuqid Palace. • Replicas of frescos used in the Seljuq Palace of Rey, Iran • Models of servants and musicians dressed in period clothes. • Historically themed posters explore the possible uses the machines were put to in their original setting. • Animated videos show the working principles of water-raising machines in agriculture fields and palaces. • The atelier has a waxwork of Al-Jazari and the instruments he would have used. • A four-meter model of the Artuqid palace door in Diyarbakir made by Al-Jazari. Comprehensive Digital Support From the start of the exhibition to its very last exhibit, visitors will engage with film, laser projections, and various screen presentations. With many of the machines having internal mechanisms, digital boards can be used to see and understand how these machines work. In addition, there is a holographic show of a drink dispenser in the form of an ox to entertain people. Projections help both children and adults alike understand water scarcity, and how, in his time, Al-Jazari’s water-raising system revolutionized people’s lives and agriculture. These Machines Work! Throughout the 20th century, numerous exhibitions have presented historical machinery from different civilisations. However, this exhibition is the only one that contains machines from that period which actually work. All of the machines, from Archimedes screw through the elephant water clock to the steam-engine - including the servant robots of Al-Jazari - can be operated. More Interaction, More Entertainment Visitors, especially children, can experience a unique journey through the interactive mechanisms and machines. The exhibits facilitate the learning processes and principles of mechanics, aiming to trigger curiosity and stimulate the imagination. There are more than fifty objects to actively interact with. Short Movie A short movie produced using powerful CGI technology and complemented by a very original soundtrack serves to arouse the curiosity of the audience, making them dive into the epic march of humanity. The familiar, deep timbre of the voice of the well-known Turkish actor, Haluk Bilginer magnifies the effect.
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The Extraordinary Machines of Jazari

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