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The Largo Winch Adventure: From Comics to Economy

The Largo Winch Adventure: From Comics to Economy Claimed

A journey through the art of comics and storytelling intertwined with a discovery of contemporary economics.

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The Largo Winch Adventure: From Comics to Economy

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Contemporary Art, Popular Culture, Science and Technology
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200 to 500 sqm
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Museums and Galleries
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The curator of the exhibition is Didier Pasamonik, a renowned comic book specialist, journalist, bookseller, writer, and publisher who has more than forty years of experience in the comic book industry. Acquainted with the great household names of comics – Hergé, Jacobs, Franquin, Peyo, Morris, Jijé, Hugo Pratt and Moebius among them – Didier Pasamonik is a specialist of the work of the scriptwriter and creator of the saga, Jean Van Hamme, and of the illustrator of the Largo Winch comic book series, Philippe Francq, who he met when he was a student at the acclaimed Atelier R of the Belgian comic book figure Claude Renard. Didier Pasamonik has curated several comics exhibitions and is the Managing Director of, France’s leading news website dedicated to comics culture.


Credits / Image Information

Citéco - Studio Vaste - Philippe Francq - © Dupuis



The Largo Winch Adventure: From Comics to Economy is a new exhibition which invites visitors into the world of Largo Winch, the “humanist billionaire” and modern hero, for a unique experience of comics art and a contemporary economy adventure. 

With an exceptional original collection of more than 60 original artworks, manuscripts, artefacts, reproductions, videos and sets, the exhibition is designed to give visitors of all ages a chance to venture into the art of comics and the makings of a bestseller, exploring the creativity of the saga artists.

A curated journey through the 22 albums enables to (re)discover the fascinating realm and quests of the hero who, at just 26 years of age, inherits a vast financial empire. Transported into a world of comics, visitors meet with the hero, his team, his friends and his enemies, and discover the extraordinary cityscapes that populate the series landscapes along the hero’s adventures, from Istanbul to Chicago, London to Hong Kong, Amsterdam to Venice. 

Created by Citéco, Europe’s first ever museum devoted to economics, the exhibition also provides a highly original insight into the mysterious workings of contemporary economy, telling a story of 30 years of economy practices, major changes and challenges that have taken place since the first album of the series was published back in 1990. Visitors can grasp the basics of economics and delve into significant global economy concepts and events, from stock market crashes and subprime crisis to large-scale corruption, through the humanist billionaire’s adventures andthe discovery of a very unique artistic creation. 

The visitor journey

Visitors will delve into the Largo Winch thriller with its fast-paced, straightforward plots, punchy dialogues and hints of social satire, to experience how managing an empire like the W Group is an epic, thrilling and rewarding adventure filled with challenges as well as opportunities to share values and enthusiasm. 

The exhibition has been laid out in four sections that immerse visitors in the twists and turns of the Winch universe: 

Immersive introduction: an immersive video show introducing the visitor to the Largo Winch narrative

The Making of a Bestseller: introducing the authors and the creativity behind this enthralling saga; 

Who is Largo Winch?: meeting Largo Winch and the people around him – friends and enemies alike; 

Extraordinary Cityscapes: unveiling the main cities the Largo Winch adventures takes the readers to 

The Humanist Billionaire: an insight into contemporary economy, with the major transformations conveyed through the Largo adventures 

The Exhibition highlights

60 original comics plates

Large-format digital prints

Large holographic showcase of the Largo Winch Tower

Videos and projections

Large board table

Authors’ writing spaces and objects of inspiration

Designed reading space for visitors

Educational pack

The exhibition presentation

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Manuscripts Books & Maps
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The Largo Winch Adventure: From Comics to Economy

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