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Beyond the Legend

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Civilisations, History
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500 to 1000 sqm
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Vikings — Beyond the Legend is developed in collaboration with the National Museum of Denmark and the Swedish History Museum.



Insight into the world of Vikings: The exhibition’s diverse collection gives fascinating insight into the intriguing world of the seafaring Vikings, who set sail from 800 until 1050 AD to cross unknown borders, explore, trade, obtain revenues, plunder and conquer new land. Beyond all clichés: With their sea travels and expeditions, they left not only permanent mark on Iceland, Greenland, mainland Europe, Britain and Ireland but also on Russia and Canada. Ever since, gruesome stories of Viking raids and sudden attacks from shores have been told. Offering a nuanced picture, Vikings — Beyond the Legend relives alternative, surprising stories of the Norsemen’s culture instead. Visitors will get a fresh and authentic view on Viking culture, religion, society and politics.

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- 500–600 original artifacts from the significant collections of the National Museum of Denmark or the Swedish History Museum

- Viking ship replicas, an impressive full-scale reconstruction of the large Jelling Stone showing the details, patterns and possible colors that have eroded on the original stone, Thor’s hammer and many more spectacular Viking hoards and treasures

- Interactive experiences: Feel the weight of a replica oar, dress up as a Viking housewife or warrior, feel the balance between sword handle and sword blade, become an archaeologist by virtually excavating a Viking ship, play the original and fun Viking board game ‘Hnefatafl’ on a touch screen or become a true Viking also outside the exhibition by downloading the game Can You Go on a Raid?

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