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Call for partners: licensing exhibitions for China

E.B.T. Studios China is looking for international productions for a Chinese tour


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E.B.T. Studios China is looking for international partners who want to bring their travelling exhibitions to China on a long term basis. E.B.T. Studios China is particularly interested in exhibitions based on the following topics:
  • Science and technology
  • Wildlife
  • Coding
  • Natural history
  • Mathematics
  • AI
E.B.T. Studios China is a museum and science centre design company that also operates and builds temporary exhibitions in mainland China. E.B.T. Studios China has previously worked with international partners on various science centre projects around China and has also successfully launched their own temporary exhibition productions. E.B.T. Studios China is now looking for international travelling exhibitions partners who would like to work with EBT to bring their exhibitions to China on a long term licensing basis. They envisage the exhibitions being used in commercial spaces, between 500 – 2000 sqm in size and staying about 3 months in each location. If interested please contact Max Stephens on
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