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Teo Touring Exhibitions Pavilion

14-15 January, in Paris
The Touring Exhibitions Pavilion is the annual event dedicated to international travelling exhibitions in Paris, which brings together international creators and hosts of travelling exhibitions and sheds light on latest trends and productions.

The Touring Exhibitions Pavilion welcomes museums and culture, heritage, tourism and leisure organisations and stakeholders, who are looking for exhibitions for their future programmes.

A large friendly pavilion space welcomes exhibitions professionals for 2 days of exchange, conferences and meetings, followed by 1 day of exhibition visits.

Teo partners with Museum Connections to present the event as part of the Paris event for museums and cultural institutions.

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The programme

The Pavilion

In a large welcome lounge area, visitors will have the opportunity to discover a great selection of art, science, design, natural history, history, world cultures and popular culture exhibitions available for future presentations. In this lounge area and on dedicated booths, vistors will have the possiblity to meet with international exhibitions producers and specialist providers and discover their latest projects.

The conferences

The conference sessions hosted by Teo will be announced soon.

Social events

Special social events will be organised during the 3 days. Full programme will be announced soon.

Specialist meetings

Visitors who are working on upcoming programmes and specific requirements for future exhibitions have the opportunity to meet with international producers and the Teo team for dedicated meetings. Contact us to book a meeting.


International producers and specialists


International specialist providers and producers will introduce productions, solutions and expertise with dedicated booths on the Pavilion.

Lounge area and conference

Visitors will have the opportunity to meet producers and specialists from the following organisations on the Pavilion, and discover their latest projects and creative developments at the Teo conference sessions.

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