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About Teo

What is Teo

The one-stop resource for the international touring exhibitions community. Created for hosts, producers and suppliers of international touring exhibitions, Teo is a global living resource for sharing best practices and fostering new international collaborations in the world of travelling exhibits.

Teo stands for Touring Exhibitions Organisation.

Touring Exhibitions Community

Teo is dedicated to supporting the international touring exhibitions community by fostering new connections, dialogue, shared knowledge and best practices within the touring world.


Teo is community centred and dedicated to fostering collaboration and sharing.
Based on a concept of co-design dialogue with exhibition hosts, producers and suppliers worldwide, Teo actively focuses on creating value for all and will be continuously developed by feedback from its members.


Teo takes a universal approach to worldwide touring.
As a global arena for all types of international productions, Teo supports the diversity of organisations involved in touring and conveys discussions on all topics that matter to the community.


Teo provides openly accessible content and listens to new ideas.
The core information provided on Teo is available to all visitors. The platform is fuelled by curiosity, creativity and dialogue. It shares member stories and embraces multiple viewpoints.


Teo takes care to provide a reliable and considerate service to members.
Teo is a safe environment where privacy is respected and data is protected. It is a caring partner that genuinely strives to support its members in a collaborative manner.


Sustainability is at the heart of Teo’s development.
Teo is committed to contribute to sustainability with the following areas of reflection, action and collaboration in development: Developing a sustainable platform, Encouraging sustainability dialogue and best practice, Supporting exhibits that foster audiences’ awareness, Giving a new life to exhibitions equipment, Aspiring to become a sustainability resource. The Teo sustainability programme will be released soon.

Engaging and Supportive

Teo aspires to become the most engaging and supportive one-stop resource for the international touring exhibitions community.
Teo endeavours to contribute to the fulfilment of an inclusive, diverse, inspiring and thriving international culture of touring.
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Who is Teo

Teo is the creation of Manon Delaury, a specialist in international touring exhibitions, and Fabian Niel, an experienced engineer in digital sciences, who combined their expertise to create a new digital resource to support the international touring exhibitions community. They are building this new one stop source in close consultation with touring experts from around the world.

Manon Delaury

CEO and Founder

Fabian Niel

CTO and Founder

Teo Partners

Teo is pleased to introduce key partners they engage with to foster the travelling of exhibitions worldwide.

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