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Teo Live

Touring Exhibitions Trends & Marketplace

23 May 2024 - 3PM to 5.30PM CEST
(6am PDT, 8am CDT, 9am EDT, 9pm Beijing, 10pm Seoul, 11pm Sydney)

Teo Live is Teo’s annual touring exhibitions online event.

Teo Live is designed to support the international touring exhibitions community – to discover exhibitions and experiences, hear about trends and meet with peers from around the world.

Teo Live is open to all professionals involved in the hosting, touring, production and promotion of cultural exhibitions and experiences worldwide, from museums and culture, heritage, tourism, leisure and event organisations.

Teo Live is a free registration event.

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Keynote - Cinema and live experience practices for touring exhibitions

In the 2024 keynote session, Oscar-winning nature documentary director Luc Jacquet and digital artist and live shows creative director Charles Sadoul will explore how key practices from cinema and live event productions can inspire and fuel creativity and engagement in international travelling exhibitions. Drawing on their unique experience in the creation of film productions, digital artworks, concert experiences and immersive environments, they will introduce new mediums from these creative industries and discuss how they can be transposed into the world of travelling exhibitions and contribute to create unique visitor experiences.

Luc Jacquet
Luc Jacquet

Luc Jacquet, director of the Oscar-winning documentary the MARCH OF THE PENGUINS and of the newly released ANTARCTICA CALLING, is an explorer, a scientist, a nature filmmaker, and an artistic director, who has spent the last 35 years working tirelessly to raise awareness about the need to protect our natural environment. His expeditions have taken him all over the world, to some of the planet’s most remote locations, giving him the opportunity to observe the most beautiful ecosystems on the planet and come face to face with their fragility. Through his films and creative experiences, Luc Jacquet devotes his life to telling amazing stories that reconnect audiences with nature, encouraging them to think about the beauty and fragility of our planet, with positive messages to make people want to foster change themselves.

Charles Sadoul
Charles Sadoul

Digital artist, creative developer, technical director, sound engineer and musician, Charles Sadoul explores the relationship between art and new technologies, in a constant attempt to disrupt existing practices. His creations use emerging technologies to create environments allowing audiences to see and feel differently. His career has led him to work on designing experiences for contemporary artists, musical institutions and cultural organisations such as Orelsan, NTM, Yves Saint Laurent, Nuits Blanches, Eddy de Pretto and Jain. He has developed in collaboration with Luc Jacquet several immersive experiences at the crossroads of cinema, art, science, exhibition and live performance, such as the opera Storie di mare e piccole terre, Antarctica, and Terra Incognita*.

Lively marketplace & Meet up opportunities

The lively marketplace of touring exhibitions features 25+ exhibition presentations followed by opportunities to meet up with producers in dedicated rooms.

How it works

Following the marketplace presentations, speakers, presenting producers and specialist providers will be available for informal discussions in individual meeting rooms.

Event partners

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Join Teo Live 2024
registration is free and open

* opera Storie di mare e piccole terre at Trento (Italy)
Antarctica and Terra Incognita at the Musée des Confluences in Lyon (France)

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