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All About Touring Exhibitions

Welcome to Teo, the one-stop resource platform
for the international touring exhibitions community


Teo, the Touring Exhibitions Organisation

Teo is an inclusive initiative that offers museums, science centres, galleries, libraries, cultural venues and partner specialists a comprehensive entry point into the world of touring.

What Teo offers

Teo provides an open and free exploration of travelling productions and specialist profiles available around the world and continuously shares in-depth content and industry updates with the community.

Global directory of exhibitions available for hire worldwide

Directory of stakeholders from the touring world

Specialised journal with the latest touring news and original stories

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Who needs Teo

Created for hosts, producers and suppliers of international touring exhibitions, Teo is a global living resource to share best practice and foster new international collaborations.

Museums, science centres, galleries, libraries, cultural venues

Producers of touring exhibitions available for hire worldwide.

Specialist service providers who support and facilitate international touring

It's only the beginning!

Share your ideas. Teo is a growing platform designed to be continuously improved in dialog with the touring community. 

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Exhibitions on Teo

Productions available for hire worldwide

Meet Vincent van Gogh

The only official Vincent van Gogh experience, created by the Van Gogh Museum. This THEA award-winning exhibition goes beyond video projections, immersing you in Vincent's colourful world like never before.

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