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11th-Hour Travelling Exhibitions

Exhibitions available for hire in the next 18 months

The 11th-hour exhibits page features exhibitions available for hire in the next 18 months. Exhibitions are presented here for 4 months with availability information and links to full exhibit listings. Producers can be contacted directly from the exhibition listing for details on hosting opportunities.

To present an exhibition on this page, contact our team at [email protected].

11th-hour exhibits found: 45

ACMI’s Wonderland exhibition is a convergence of digital and analogue celebrating the power of storytelling and the moving image, as afforded by the magical and timeless stories of Lewis Carrol -Wonderland is an exhibition which takes visitors on an immersive […]

Created by ACMI in partnership with DreamWorks Animation, this exhibition celebrates over 20 years of DreamWorks Animation’s much-loved feature films, and the talented artists who created them. Providing a rare glimpse into the studio’s collaborative and visionary approach to animation […]

This exhibition, available throughout 2020 and 2021 features some 80 objects representative of the art of 19th-century travel. Rarities of the natural world, exquisitely crafted artifacts, drawing on the extensive collections of the Museo Stibbert of Florence, Italy, attest to a far flung panorama – Africa, Asia, Oceania, Europe

This poetic exhibition of paintings, coming from a select group of Italian museums, beautifully illustrates the evolution of landscape painting in Italy from its early roots as background settings in paintings of the 1500s to its role as protagonist in […]

The Foundation Collection of the Johannesburg Art Gallery (JAG) is internationally renowned for its modern art collection amassed by Sir Hugh Percy Lane (1875-1915), celebrated art collector, dealer and connoisseur of Old Master paintings. He is particularly recognized today for […]

Due to schedule changes, the exhibition is available now through August 2021. You may wish to consider hosting this exhibition alongside a great complement – Perseverance: Japanese Tattoo Tradition in a Modern World, also a Japanese American National Museum production.
The Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum recently made this exhibition available to venues outside of the U.S. due to its newly-formed partnership with Flying Fish. The exhibition is available Fall 2020 and onward.
Due to schedule changes, the exhibition is available now through August 2021. You may wish to consider hosting this exhibition alongside a great complement – Tatau: Marks of Polynesia, also a Japanese American National Museum production.

The Art of Superheroes – the Myths, the Heroes, the Artists (working title) invites you to explore this incredibly imaginative world, where men and women are able to fly, read minds, control time and magnetic fields, climb walls and manipulate […]

Drawing from the rich and renowned Japanese collection of the Museo Stibbert located in Florence Italy, the exhibition features some 80 exquisite objects related to the legendary Samurai warriors and characterize the period from 1185 – 1868 when Japan was […]

This exhibition contains 51 Picasso’s artworks. There are 23 silver plates, 20 ceramic plates, and 8 ceramic artworks. Firstly, each silverplate stamped with the signature numbered “Picasso 1/20OE” (on the reverse) and stamped with silversmiths mark (on the reverse rim), […]

Into the Unknown brings together artists, designers, filmmakers, SFX specialists, musicians and writers all testing the boundaries of reality through some of the most experimental works of all time. Curated by Swiss historian and writer Patrick Gyger, this festival-style exhibition […]

Snakes includes: 15 displays featuring taxidermied, skeletal and model snake specimens. Display cases, interpretation, graphics, a suite of interactives and high definition wall images are included. The option to include live snake vivaria is available. We can hire you the […]

The exhibition, created in collaboration with Contemporanea Progetti, is a fascinating journey through the sea. The trade routes, the expansion of a great super power in the Mediterranean sea, the greatness of the Doges, the splendor of the most famous […]

Carry Me – 100 Years of handbags The exhibition is an exciting journey through the history of women`s handbags over the last 100 years. Unique original bags that were milestones in the history of handbag-fashion are on display. Some examples […]

This project explores the extraordinary wealth of sound and music in Charlie Chaplin’s films, highlights his relation to music at large, including sound, dance and rhythm. From the beginning of his career in music-halls to the invention of his character […]

From its historical roots to the most recent digital innovations, Mangasia is the first exhibition to present an overview of Asian comic history, highlighting key creators, characters, magazines, graphic novels and multimedia, as well as the creative processes that underlie […]

Wildlife Rescue is about animals and the people who have dedicated their lives to helping them survive. Wildlife populations around the world are under enormous stress due to pollution, deforestation, and habitat encroachment. Many species are becoming endangered while others […]

For decades autonomous vehicles have been heralded as a new technology that could change the way we live our lives. How close are we to living in a world driven by thinking machines? From self-driving cars to autonomous flying drones […]

While most people vaguely know that rainforests are somehow important to the environment, most people do not know much more on the subject than that. This highly immersive exhibit will explain to visitors what a rainforest is, where they are […]

An exhibition-mission at the heart of the intelligence services! Your mission, if you accept it… to dive into the heart of the services and put yourself in the shoes of an intelligence officer, this is the starting point of the […]

Spiders – From Fear to Fascination is a face-to-face interactive encounter with over 250 real spider specimens, live exhibits and rigorous contemporary science. This combination of immersion and information showcases the latest spider science that allows the visitor an up-close […]

Focusing on key game developments between 1962 and the present day, Game On takes a global perspective at gaming’s fascinating past and limitless future. From the colossal PDP – 1 of the early sixties to the latest industry releases, Game […]

Wildlife Rescue is about animals and the people who have dedicated their lives to helping them survive. Wildlife populations around the world are under enormous stress due to pollution, deforestation, and habitat encroachment. Many species are becoming endangered while others […]

Glittering gold and mysterious mummies are among Ancient Egypt’s most iconic and popular attractions. Golden Mummies of Egypt presents eight extraordinary mummies and also explores beliefs about the afterlife when Egypt was part of the Greek and Roman worlds. Centred […]

This is an exhibition devoted to long distance communication. It depicts physical phenomena, presents human technical achievements within telecommunications and inspires to reflect upon chances and dangers emerging from technology development. The exhibition consists of 18 items and is addressed […]

About 285 exhibits, including almost 225 original Toulouse-Lautrec works on paper (as published in Wittrock and Dortu) more than 50 objects from the estate of Aristide Bruant and 9 handwritten letters of the artist. Toulouse-Lautrec is recognized around the world […]

Designed specifically for children, « The Jungle Bunch, The exhibition » gives them the opportunity to go on a mission with their favorite characters, while raising awareness of the protection of the ecosystem and the environment. The scenario of the […]

About 35 original paintings to be selected by museums from the collection plus a vintage Arrow collar display, 7 vintage posters and all 322 Saturday Evening Post covers done by J.C. Leyendecker. The Leyendecker Brothers were two of the most […]

Believe your own eyes…or not? In our new exhibition „Aha, Illusions!“, not everything is what it initially seems… Unbelievable patterns that will make your head spin, shifting mirrors, vanishing sculptures, water flowing backwards – it looks like everything is actually […]

Discover how today’s fashion industry is challenging perceptions and championing alternative ideals of beauty on the catwalk, in advertising, editorial and behind the camera. Recent seasons have seen the most racially diverse, size diverse and gender-inclusive fashion shows in history. […]

Do we really see with our eyes? How many colors are there? Is levitation easy? Does the infinity have the end? These and many other interesting things you will find out when you visit our interactive exhibition Illusion or reality? […]

You think you know T. rex – think again. Get up close and personal with a host of tyrannosaurs in this powerful introduction to one of our planet’s most successful group of predators. From the famed and feared T. rex […]

It is hard to imagine the cinema without special effects! They contribute to the greatest successes and all genres use them: action films, science fiction, romantic comedies… Our intuition often detects them, do we know how they are made? Are […]

150 signed serigraphs, original watercolors, early advertising original acrylics. Victor Vasarely is considered the leader of Op Art (opticokinetic art) a mathematically themed form of abstract art which was developed in the early 1960’s with an aim to stimulating the […]

Bare bones includes: 17 displays featuring real skeletal animal specimens. Display cases, interpretation, graphics, a suite of interactives and high definition wall images are included. The hands on interactives include some high grade copies of real skulls. The exhibition is […]

All animals have a history, but that of the bear is particularly powerful and touches all the populations of the Northern hemisphere that live alongside him. Bear stories, fairy tales, legends and myths circulate from Japan to North America, passing […]

“Water the exhibition” is an original production from the Toulouse Natural History Museum. The project was developed in the framework of the French World Water Forum. The exhibition deals with WATER in all of its states and its universal nature; […]

People have a very narrow of view of evolution and adaptation that says that animals always want to be the strongest, the biggest, and the fastest – that is what helps them compete against other animals and survive. In reality […]

AN IMMERSIVE EXHIBITION TO DISCOVER UNSUSPECTED BIODIVERSITY. Largely inaccessible and mostly unknown, the ocean is home to fascinating forms of life. The exhibition offers a journey to the heart of this incredible biodiversity, far from the shore and its familiar […]

The new and exceptional collection of Lascaux life size panels The first exhibition dedicated to the parietal/rock Art The unique opportunity to admire Lascaux masterpiece An official exclusivity from France Perfectly accurate, hand made by artist, suopervised by a scientifc […]

Playhuts is a fun and surprising exhibition, designed especially for young children from 2 to 10 years old. They can explore unusual playhuts and express their creativity by building their own playhuts. About twenty original huts are on display, offering […]

This comprehensive collection includes more than 150 works of the Dutch artist covering his entire artistic career and is enriched by numerous drawings and print media such as woodblocks and a lithographic stone. Aside from the iconic images that made […]

Georgie Meadows: Stitched Drawings brings together 24 textile artworks which explore personal experiences of ageing and dementia. Meadows, a Monmouth based artist and retired occupational therapist, crafts uniquely affecting and compassionate portraits, translating line drawings of people she knows or […]

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