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11th-Hour Travelling Exhibitions

Exhibitions available for hire in the next 18 months

The 11th-hour exhibits page features exhibitions available for hire in the next 18 months, with availability information and links to full exhibit listings. Producers can be contacted directly from the exhibition listing for details on hosting opportunities.

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XYZT is an exhibition landscaped by mathematical paradoxes, typographical illusions and by metaphors in motion, bordering visual and performance arts.Audiences are invited to step into an imaginary territory of lines, dots and letters, a coincidence between geometry and organic, between […]

Mirages & miracles is a series of installations. This corpus of work is an attempt to create a sort of digital animism using augmented reality, virtual reality, holographic illusions and video-projections. ” Stones are simple, heavy and motionless.Stones are the […]

The exhibition can be framed and installed quickly. We do have an inventory of available paintings from the catalog and can work with the venue to ensure quick installation of the exhibition. The exhibition size is flexible and based on the number of pieces selected.

Project Holocene endangered species Aquatic Exhibit is currently available. The project features large illuminated paintings that capture the fragility and beauty of many species of animals. A wide variety of endangered fish, aquatic mammals and sea birds are represented in […]

Imagine Da Vinci is the very first immersive exhibition dedicated to the Italian genius – painter of the Mona Lisa, inventor, architect, scientist, sculptor and much more… Imagine Da Vinci was created by Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, directors of the very first digital immersive exhibition in the world.

THE ART OF JOHN HOWE   Journeys through the worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien   Conceived by Diane and Jean-Jacques Launier as a visual art exploration, with commentary, of Tolkien’s oeuvre as well as of the origin of medieval legends, the exhibition presents more than 250 […]

“The Golden Age of Warner Bros. Cartoons” brings together over 150 original artworks, plus dozens of hours of video, to celebrate a legendary Hollywood animation studio, the rambunctious birthplace of characters who have become part of American folklore.As noted by The New […]

After running Bowie (2015), Electro (2019) or Hip-Hop (2022), which recorded nearly 500,000 visitors, the Philharmonie de Paris is now presenting the first major international exhibition on metal culture in France.Iconic objects and works representing metal history, embodying bands as well […]

En amour (2024) is an immersive and interactive experience, at the crossroads of the performing arts, performance art and visual arts.This installation offers the chance to experience a symbolic metamorphosis around the themes of love, separation and transformation. Its narrative is […]

Last minute (2022) is an immersive and interactive experience, at the crossroads of the performing arts, performance art and visual arts.A symbolic experience, around the concept of a minute, stretched out. The minute just before crossing the threshold, the one before […]

The exhibition “A Fantastic Failure” looks at the failures and successes of the N-Gage from the perspective of game developers and gamers as well as the engineers who worked on the unit. Rare, never before seen material on the development […]

This exhibition is ready for touring ! Blackbox or tailed options available, contact Laurent Dondey for more information :
The exhibition is ready for touring ! Fully scalable, the exhibition can be presented in a taylored or black-box format. Contact Laurent Dondey for more information :

Under the license of the Vatican Museums this exhibit offers the most complete and authentic reproduction of Michelangelo’s magnificent ceiling frescoes in combination with the Quattrocento frescoes of the Sistine Chapel to be shown outside the Vatican.A Breathtaking Reproduction A DIFFERENT […]

This exhibition is a 360-degree multimedia sensation. For the first time ever, Leonardo Da Vinci and his famous masterpiece “The Last Supper”, including the history and myths surrounding it, will be presented and illuminated in an immersive way: “Leonardo Da […]

Marshmallow Laser Feast: Works of Nature illuminates the hidden forces surrounding us, revealing the sublime through sensory journeys beyond our everyday perception. From the roots of a majestic Amazonian tree to the unseen branches of the body and the birth […]

Venetian gazes Nikos Aliagas. Regards Vénitiens is a photographic exhibition born from a artist-in-residence programme begun in Venice in 2022.  Nikos Aliagas (Paris, 1969) travels through the Venetian alleyways meeting that rare demographic, the inhabitants of the city, ever intent on […]

Remastered is a unique hybrid of an exhibition and an event which offers a rich, immersive visual experience. Remastered mixes traditional art with the latest digital techniques. In addition to being a long-term exhibition, Remastered also produces events, using the […]

In Loops Jonas Vorwerk comes back to the idea of creating new spatial and collective interfaces for music making. A concept he has already addressed in earlier works such as the Lightbox Sequencer, Windorgel and Musical Forest, but this time focusing on a different aspect – audio loops. Almost as if he was taking contemporary music apart, Vorwerk explores its elements in isolation and builds devices that introduce them to a wider audience. This installation acts as a highly intuitive apparatus that allows anyone to play around with loop-based musical compositions. As it were Loops paid a tribute to the music lab of the 50’s and 60’s where experimentation with analogue magnetic tapes built the ground for modern music making. Vorwerk’s lab, however, is not an enclosed studio full of experts. It is out in the open, anywhere in the public space. His inconspicuous circular sound machines can be operated by anyone, and even though they are primarily digital their interface is purely kinetic and manual, allowing the user to quickly understand how to use them. Designed for simplicity, Loops packs neatly into just one crate for easy transportation and set up. Its sleek, minimal, user-friendly design, is taking cues from traditional gathering circles and jamming sessions. Loops stands out as a remarkable collaborative musical experiment, inviting people to unite and spontaneously generate rhythms together.

The show is dedicated to the story of the life and travels of Nicolò Manucci (1638-1720), a Venetian of humble origins who in November 1653, driven by the desire to explore the world, stowed away in the hold of a […]

Carry Me – 100 Years of handbags The exhibition is an exciting journey through the history of women`s handbags over the last 100 years. Unique original bags that were milestones in the history of handbag-fashion are on display. Some examples […]

The old saying that “all roads lead to Rome” was most certainly true in the days of the expansive Roman Empire. Although the origins of Rome began with a small village of huts near the banks of the Tiber River […]

Today, women’s rights are still very much in debate or dispute across most societies of the modern world. The issues in most societies reflect an embedded perception of women in the need of male protection, but how did this perception […]

Creative Brickland Activationplay with 1 million LEGO® bricks Creative Brickland is a brand new activation made of LEGO® bricks. It displays 31 models made of LEGO® within 8 scenes; plus it features 1 million LEGO® bricks to play with!​Creative Brickland is perfect […]

Experience Da VinciExperience Da Vinci is a successful interactive exhibition showcasing skillfully crafted reproductions of the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, based on the world renowned polymath’s original invention studies and model plans.Da Vinci’s scientific and mathematical approach to art […]

AbyssThe marine ecosystem is the widest environment on earth. Sunlight only penetrates oceans up to 200 meters, and here is concentrated the majority of marine organisms we know. Proceeding downwards, the water temperature tends to decrease: at 2000 metres the […]

Monsters Of The Sea Monsters Of The Sea is a brand new exhibition featuring prehistoric and current inhabitants of the sea in life-size animatronic version.Monsters Of The Sea will allow you to experience the life in the depth of the sea.Up […]

Insects ExhibitionOne of the best ways to learn to respect life, is knowledge: all animals and plants have a biological role to play in our world.Insects are everywhere: from the tropics to the poles, on land, in air and in […]

FelinesObjecta of veneration in ancient times, felines represent a powerful mix of strength and elegance, but now also of extreme fragility: in the last 20 years their numbers have decreased considerably, so much so that 13% of wild cats are […]

Mythos Mythological CreaturesThe myth arises from the need to explain reality, to overcome and resolve nature’s contradictions; it is the imaginative way of explaining the origin of things. Myths are much more than a series of stories handed down by […]

SharksSharks, perfect predators that have inhabited the seas for 400 million years, well before the appearance of vertebrates, and have remained almost unchanged over time. The exhibition will lead to the discovery of more than 30 specimens from the 6mt […]

PandemicsHumans Dark SideThe history of the human race has been characterised by dozens of epidemics and pandemics caused by unknown viruses that we have come to know very well in recent times. These events have transformed the societies in which […]

InfernoThe poet, writer and politician Dante Alighieri is considered the father of the Italian language. Nicknamed “sommo poeta” (“supreme poet”), he was the first man of letters to use the vernacular in Italian literature. His main work, the Divine Comedy, […]

Space AdventureLife In SpaceOver 80 space exhibits (to include a piece of real moon!) make us travel in outer space without leaving our planet.Several unique simulators will allow us to fly to the moon, feel absence of gravity or put our […]

Dinosaur InvasionDinosaur Invasion is among the most fascinating, immersive and attractive experience of recent years.The exhibition with a Made In Italy touch, featuring from 20 to over 40 life-size dinosaurs, each of them housed in its own natural habitat recreated […]

3D Doubt Your EyesWalk into our living three-dimensional world and be the main actor of our fantasy stories!3D Doubt Your Eyes exhibition combines 3D hand-paintings and illusion scenes. This is a fully interactive exhibition with up to 30 interactive points. […]

Giant Soft Bricks PlaylandGiant Soft Bricks Playland is entertaining, educational, healthy and safe. The bricks are large and soft, made of EPP foam. Suitable age 1-12 years old, 1-3 hours playing time, children love to come back to it regularly. […]

TRAVELLING BRICKSExhibition Made Of LEGO® BricksTravelling Bricks features 120 LEGO® models in 60 scenes, created by LEGO® Professional Artists.Themes are: Early Transport, Ships, Trains, Aviation, Space Flight, Vehicles and Record Breakers.Featuring: 7.2mt long Titanic, 3mt long Zeppelin, 3mt tall Sky Rocket, […]

With “En amour,” the company Adrien M & Claire B invites the audience to collectively and intimately experience a living relationship with a transforming space that combines multiple experiences.A SYMBOLIC EXPERIENCEThis form offers the possibility of experiencing a symbolic metamorphosis […]

The Art of Hipgnosis is an exhibition of work from the legendary photo design studio Hipgnosis. The exhibition represents visually the Golden Age of Music from 1969 to 1982 when vinyl sold in tens of millions and the album cover […]

Unlike what we are used to, art in North Korea is a matter of state and is closely related to socialist ideology and the legitimacy of the Kim dynasty.The exhibition shows how the regime uses socialist realistic art to create […]

In 2021 the Kunst Museum Winterthur in Switzerland is dedicating a major exhibition to the Expressionism in Switzerland. It is the first exhibition that includes the whole geographical area of Switzerland, including the artistic expressions in the French-speaking (western Switzerland) […]

This multimedia-immersive exhibition is a comprehensive edutainment-experience dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance and was developed specifically for Museums. It allows visitors to immerse in Leonardo´s world, where Reality and Art melt to an overwhelming audio-visual experience. The […]

The international touring exhibition tells the tale about the town by the sea, that, through centuries, let a very special maritime superpower blossom. The city’s wealth, it’s military, financial, political and cultural success has always been closely connected to the water […]

Style, Elegance, Quality, Innovation are only a few of the images immediately associated with Italian fashion design. And Capucci, Valentino, Gucci, Ferragamo, Armani and Versace are but a few of the great designers and ateliers that are part of the […]

The exhibition makes it possible to experience German Impressionism as the mirror of period between the Empire and the Weimar Republic, an important period of the German History. For the first time the Lower Saxony State Museum in Hanover, Germany […]

Julius Caesar is one of the most influential and significant characters in the history of Rome, he was a cunning politician, a skilled orator, a ruthless leader. Under his leadership, the process of transforming Rome from a Republic into the […]

The exhibition aims to lead the visitor in a journey into the world of the Italian design, starting from its origins and spreading through its history and its evolution. The most important Italian designers will be presented in the exhibition, […]

Just a Game? Football began as a game and essentially still is a game. But it’s also a modern epic, with its gods and goddesses, its knights and ladies, and its legendary battles in which the young David can defeat […]

Sport was and is a fundamental part of life. Many different types of sports and architectural structures flourished in antiquity and – then as now – provided a source of excitement. For more than a thousand years, sports animated ancient […]

 This exhibition takes visitors on a profound journey back in time to explore the captivating world of ancient Egyptians, their rituals, and their beliefs surrounding life and the afterlife.Featuring rare artifacts from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, the exhibition […]

MARILYN – REFLECTING ON A FEMALE ICON is the first international travelling exhibition of the property of Marilyn Monroe, the most famous Style-Icon of the 20th Century. Up to 400 Originals from her life and career are on display for […]

The New international touring Exhibition: “POMPEII – Splendour and Death under the Volcano” at the NationalMuseum in Liechtenstein, presents the latest evidences of recent excavations in Pompeii and displays world-famous original artworks like the “Runner” from the Villa dei Papiri […]

GLADIATORS – HEROES OF THE COLOSSEUM is the first international travelling exhibition developed in collaboration with the Colosseum in Rome, with significant loans from important museums and institutions partly never exhibited outside Italy. This exhibition separates facts from fiction and […]

Canada’s modern design and craft movement has been a dynamic part of the country’s narrative from the early 20th century right up to today. From Clairtone’s Project G stereo to Fluevog footwear, this exhibition showcases 100+ examples of culturally significant, […]

Out of the Depths: The Blue Whale Story retells the story of nine blue whales that died tragically in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in 2014, and the unprecedented opportunity for research and conservation that has resulted. In this amazing ROM […]

From the permanent collections at ROM comes a new exhibition highlighting some of the most visually intoxicating examples of artistry, community, and sustainability made in Canada: quilts.Quilts are repositories of past and present lives. Exquisitely patterned and meticulously stitched, they […]

Imagine Paris is the original immersive exhibition taking visitors on a promenade in the heart of Paris. Based on in-depth historical research, this artistic experience introduces viewers to the French capital’s most emblematic landmarks, with the architecture and artworks associated.Imagine Paris exhibition […]

Imagine Monet is the immersive exhibition in Image Totale© highlighting the work and life of French painter Claude Monet, considered as the father of Impressionism and the first immersive painter in history. The immersive exhibition is the work of French directors Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, the world’s first directors
Imagine Van Gogh is the original immersive exhibition dedicated to the Dutch painter, which opened in 2008 (the first time an exhibition dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh was presented). Imagine Van Gogh has been a worldwide success. It is an immersive exhibition created by Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron.

A grand exhibition, Joan Mirò. Between Art and Poetry (working title) is a unique journey into the creative life of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, Joan Mirò.  His abstract art perpetually provokes primitive, dreamlike, sometimes whimsical […]

Imagine Picasso is the only touring immersive exhibition dedicated to the Spanish painter Pablo Picasso, approved by the Picasso Administration. It was created by Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron.

Either inspiring, candid muses or charming, carnal femme fatales, the female figure has seen countless interpretations in the painting of the changing times of the late 19th and early 20th century. The idyllic allure of the past is re-invented to portray a more earthly […]

The city of Florence was born on the banks of the Arno river in central Italy in ancient times, but it would be the wealth and command of the Medici dynasty that ‘ruled’ the city for more than three centuries […]

This unique and educational exhibition explores the fascinating underwater world of archaeology as it is practiced today. Shipwrecks and the means and methods to retrieve ancient artifacts, buried treasures and historical evidence arethe protagonists of a multi-element exhibition.A special focus […]

“ Pareidolia. Art by chance ” presents an exhibition delving into the captivating realm of pareidolia. Crafted by Erwan Mirabeau, this exhibition unveils commonplace forms that stir thoughts of faces, animals, and objects, beckoning us into a photographic reverie. A discarded […]

The Garden of Earthly Delights, through the artworks of Colección SOLO is an invitation to revisit and reconnect from the present-day with Hieronymus Bosch’s masterpiece. Artificial intelligence, sound art, digital animation, painting, sculpture and installation accompany the visitor in a dialogue on the timeless, universal themes addressed by the original work. -Currently available: efficient decision-making in reaching an agreement. -Flexible exhibition size and floor plan -Easy logistics: digital art+ courier supervising artworks installation -Educational package + book: available in English and Spanish -Provided: interpretive graphic panels in any language

A unique exhibition exploring the British Royal Family’s relationship with the camera.  The exhibition brings together over 110 of the most iconic images ever taken of the Royal Family and explores their enduring relationship with the camera. From Queen Victoria and […]

WATER – UNFILTERED EXHIBITION gives voice to the basic right to clean water. In an appealing and positive tone, the exhibition looks towards the future and explores how science and technology, knowledge and imagination are key to tackle current water-related […]

We live in VIRAL times. From infectious diseases to financial crises, from consumer trends to fake news dissemination, contagion is all around us. Today, even an idea or behaviour can go… VIRAL. The VIRAL exhibition tackles the broad topic of contagion, drawing on scientific fields such as epidemiology and public health, network science, psychology and social sciences. Its 24 exhibits, divided into five areas, encourage dialogue and reflection on how viral phenomena influence health, culture, political movements, trends, norms, and ultimately, us. Contaminate a crowd while dancing. Discover how yawns and laughs are contagious. Capture a gang of bacteria and viruses and meet the world’s greatest infection agent. More than just an exhibition, VIRAL is a positive, fun and… contagious experience! VIRAL was considered by the Exploratorium of San Francisco and by the Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE) as one of the notable exhibitions of 2016.
Science is everywhere. But, can it be found in the fantastic imaginary of fairy tales? In the enchanted forest, in Hansel and Gretel´s chocolate house, in the magic mirror of the Wicked Witch or in a beanstalk that grows endlessly until it touches the nose of a giant? ONCE UPON A TIME is an interactive exhibition of science and technology, in an environment absolutely magical of fairy tales focuses on ten children’s stories, that are true classics of children´s literature, and challenges visitors with more than 30 interactive exhibits. The exhibition was created by the Pavilion of Knowledge – Ciência Viva Science Centre in collaboration with national scientific institutions and exploits phenomena and concepts of social and natural sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geology and Biology. This exhibition is for all those who have read, heard, or dreamt of fairy tales. Nobody is left out: children, adults, everyone can come, explore and discover, and is also accessible to people with special needs.
PARIS: IMPRESSIONS OF LIFE 1880-1925 Exhibition organised by the Musée Carnavalet – History of Paris, Paris Musées Paris: Impressions of Life 1880–1925 takes visitors on a journey through the lively and picturesque streets of historic Paris. The busy banks of the Seine, bustling marketplaces, grand boulevards, idyllic public gardens, and the heady atmosphere of bohemian Montmartre are brought to life in more than 170 works of art and artisan objects. From the renowned collection of the musée Carnavalet, the iconic museum of the history of Paris, this exhibition reflects on an effervescent period of transformation that continues to capture the global imagination. Designed in 7 walks, the exhibition allows visitors to discover the atmosphere of Paris in the nineteenth and early twentieth century through works of art made by some of the most famous artists of the time: the Fauvist painter Albert Marquet; one of the founders of pointillism, Paul Signac; or the great artist of Parisian nights, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Thanks to this collection of paintings, sculptures, posters, objects and shop signs, as well as a selection of photographs, the visitor discovers the unique world of Paris from the Belle Époque to the Roaring Twenties.
At the moment the exhibition is set up in Milan and can be visited. However, it can be rented at any time because it is largely digital (Mapping, VR and AI) and the remaining parts can be easily duplicated.

Facing Britain brings together for the first time almost all important representatives of British documentary photography since the 1960s in the largest survey exhibition outside the UK.“World-class”Corinna Denzer-Schmidt, Niederrhein Nachrichten Long forgotten and only recently rediscovered positions such as John Myers, […]

HENRI CLARKE: MODELS Organized by Paris Musées, from the collections of the Palais Galliera – Fashion Museum of Paris Henry Clarke, Vogue’s main photographer in the 1950s and 1960s, had the greatest models of the era pose before his camera, including Bettina, Dorian Leigh, Anne Saint-Marie, Suzy Parker, Twiggy, Veruschka and Marisa Berenson. Their collaboration produced images that have become icons in the history of fashion photography. Beyond fashion images, these are portraits of women. The exhibition, based on the archives held by the Palais Galliera, will present around one hundred fashion images, organised by series around the models who worked with Henry Clarke. While women are at the centre of fashion iconography, there remains the question of their representation. Endlessly repeated, multiplied in mechanical poses, fragmented, shaped by makeup or retouching, objects of manipulation and desire, models’ bodies are created by and for fashion. Renowned and recognised, the model gradually asserts her face. Playing with her image and her personality, sometimes revealing her very self, she is part of the photograph’s creation, part of a team.

Accompagnez les irréductibles Gaulois dans une quête inédite, à la recherche du druide Panoramix, capturé par Jules César. Des plaines verdoyantes de la Gaule aux décors arides de l’Hispanie, en passant par les terres brumeuses de la Grande-Bretagne et les […]

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