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11th-Hour Travelling Exhibitions

Exhibitions available for hire in the next 18 months

The 11th-hour exhibits page features exhibitions available for hire in the next 18 months, with availability information and links to full exhibit listings. Producers can be contacted directly from the exhibition listing for details on hosting opportunities.

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11th-hour exhibits found: 50

‘Music is the weapon of the future’: Fela Kuti’s famous words continue to resonate today and offer a fitting slogan for his work’s place in posterity. After his beginnings in Nigeria and London, Fela Kuti became a global figure in the […]

Travelling Bricks features 120 LEGO® models in 60 scenes, created by LEGO® Professional Artists. Featuring among others: 7.2mt long Titanic, 3mt long Zeppelin, 3mt tall Sky Rocket, 2.5mt long Carl Sagan Spaceship, 3.6mt long Tanker, 3.2mt long Maersk, 2mt long Boeing 747, 2.6mt long HMS Victory, 2.7mt long SS Great Britain, and much more. Available now.
One of the largest Star Wars private memorabilia collections in the world, Unofficial Galaxies showcases iconic characters and vehicles as well as memorable scenes from the Star Wars fans world. 121 exhibits in 22 scenes. Available from 2023 onwards.
Giant Soft Bricks Playland is entertaining, educational, healthy and safe. The bricks are large and soft, made of EPP foam. Suitable age 1-12 years old, 1-3 hours playing time, children love to come back to it regularly. Perfect for shopping malls and events willing to attract footfall and entertain children; or tickets may be charged, when suitable to individual organisations. Available now.
Walk into our living three-dimensional world and be the main actor of our fantasy stories! 3D Doubt Your Eyes exhibition combines 3D hand-paintings and illusion scenes. This is a fully interactive exhibition with up to 30 interactive points. It is artistic, educational and entertaining. In 3D Doubt Your Eyes, children, teenagers, adults and seniors can easily be part of this exciting experience by stepping into the scenes and strike poses for their cameras. Available now.
Fully interactive, innovative, fun, educational and entertaining, it suits adults, students, children and families of any age. Available now.
The exhibition with the Made In Italy touch, featuring from 20 to over 40 life-size dinosaurs, each of them housed in its own natural habitat recreated according to specific geological eras, within a large Jurassic park. Among the interactivity: 10 different VR programs, Touchwall, Mirror room, Dino ride, Dino karts. Available now.
Over 80 space exhibits (to include a piece of real moon!) make us travel in outer space without leaving our planet. Available now.

Out of the Depths: The Blue Whale Story retells the story of nine blue whales that died tragically in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in 2014, and the unprecedented opportunity for research and conservation that has resulted. In this amazing ROM […]

Canada’s modern design and craft movement has been a dynamic part of the country’s narrative from the early 20th century right up to today. From Clairtone’s Project G stereo to Fluevog footwear, this exhibition showcases 100+ examples of culturally significant, […]

Made with novel cotton, vivid colours, and exuberant design, the painted and printed cottons of India changed human history; they revolutionized art, fashion, and science wherever they went around the globe. Featuring pieces from ROM’s world-renowned collection, this exhibition explores how […]

Being and Belonging is a bold exhibition exploring the defining issues of our time from the perspective of 25 women artists from or connected to the broader Islamic world spanning across West Africa to Southeast Asia or living in diaspora. Deftly […]

To walk through walls and discover what hides behind them is the dream of all lovers of Venice. It is this dream that is going to become a reality for visitors with Venice revealed. Its history, construction and work of arts are presented in unprecedented ways. The artistic, scientific and technological experts bring together history, science and art at the image of the unique La Serenissima, using massive digital photogrammetric capture of the city and of artistic treasures and presenting a journey of extatic, yet interactive impressive moments.

Step back in time 290 million years when bizarre-looking animals dominated life on land and sea, and find out about the greatest extinction the world has ever seen in Permian Monsters: Life before the Dinosaurs. This unique traveling exhibition brings the […]

The exhibition will lead to the discovery of more than 30 specimens from the 6m great white shark to the tiger shark, the hammerhead, the fox, the leucas, up to the smallest existing, the pygmy shark. Available now.
Mythos – Mythological Creatures consists of 32 life-size models of mythological creatures created by taxidermy and sculptural techniques. The dimensions of the specimens range from a 13-metres dragon to a 6-metres Pegasus among others. Each creature lives in its own world created with the best landscaping techniques and new technologies such as: AR, NFC integration, QR code explanation panels, Immersive room experience, high quality projectors. Available now.
The specimens in the exhibition come from zoological gardens, natural parks, recovery centres where they died of natural causes, and later donated for exhibition purposes. They have all been prepared with a highly skilled taxidermy technique. Available now.
The exhibition is a guided tour in a spectacular display, where one can experience dozens of insects of the most impressive and beautiful species in the world: from the beautiful giant tropical beetles of Asia and South America, to grasshoppers and water insects. The exhibition also features 3D models of insects up to two metres tall. Available now.
Available now. Monsters Of The Sea will allow you to experience the life in the depth of the sea. Up to 20 animals (up to 16mts in length!!) will amaze you. For larger venues, a special kit of 29 animals is available.
All robots are from 3 to 6 meters tall. Each of them has a unique structure and character, within a cinematic battle scene. You can live your own ‘robot rebellion’! Interactive and play areas are available. They include among others: iPads for virtual play, state-of-the-art blasters, paintball, and other exciting surprises. Available now.
Ice Age features 10 life-sized animatronic models of mammals with scientifically accurate movements, colouring, sounds and fur. This exhibition provides a unique and exciting walk through the ice age era for families and visitors of all ages. Available now.
The protagonists include large specimens such as the 13-metres long giant squid, and the 4-metres long Bluntnose shark. In total more than 100 species are featured in the exhibition. 54 of these, some taxidemized and other in models, have bright colors and light up when illuminated by ultraviolet light. Available now.
The exhibition features interactive and life-size machines and models that can be operated by the visitors, allowing them to engage with Da Vinci’s experiences, inventions and designs, and feel the wonder the genius Leonardo felt when he built them for the first time. Available now.
A GREAT POTENTIAL FOR GLOBAL MOBILITY Mainly made from timeless, universal pictures that don’t require a lot of equipment, the exhibition is easy to deploy around the world. It can be adapted in whole or in part, depending on the available exhibition space or budget constraints. Since its launch, Antarctica has continued to travel internationally: in Bremen and Brussels.
This exhibition is available quickly due to a cancellation. A commercial opportunity is therefore applied. Availability until september
Immersive exhibition availabe for touring with a pre-adapted reduced 400 to 600 sqm format or easily adaptable for all venues. Marketing package and support provided.
Features VR experiences about living in the Station as well as other space activities – so real you could not believe! Available now.

Be amazed by the strongest, longest, highest, and fastest! Learn the science behind these feats and use this knowledge to develop your skills. Be amazing as you explore, focus, react and endure! Be OFFICIALLY AMAZING™ and break a world record! […]

Wild Weather puts visitors directly in the path of a tornado, inside the eye of a hurricane, and in the midst of a raging winter storm as they learn about some of nature’s most powerful and destructive forces! In this […]

How do you perceive risk?Do you seek thrill and excitement?What makes an extreme sport athlete?Do you have the personality and motivation?Science North’s travelling exhibition takes visitors inside the minds and bodies of extreme athletes to explore the psychology, physiology, and […]

Discover this major new touring exhibition that explores the science behind music’s mysterious hold over us and how it drives us to create, perform, feel and share. Prepare to get hands-on, with your ears and hearts open.Learn about 35 pioneering research studies featured together for the […]

Academy Award winner Roger Ross Williams’ finely observed and crafted visit to Ben’s Chili Bowl, a famed DC restaurant, transforms a central community locale into a symbolic safe space. African American visitors, some of whom lived through segregation, sit and […]

From the classical art of temples to the folk traditions of villages, the religious threads of India interweave into a rich, visual tapestry that represents an essential relationship in the evolution of Indian civilization and culture.This suggestive and educational exhibition […]

Just a Game? Football began as a game and essentially still is a game. But it’s also a modern epic, with its gods and goddesses, its knights and ladies, and its legendary battles in which the young David can defeat […]

The exhibition is focused on different items as:The intercultural dialogue through one of the artists who is most deeply involved in the vicissitudes of the 20th century. Chagall is the artist who might possibly best personify the desire of peace […]

The Arctic is more than just snow: it is land, water, and ice and home to people and wildlife. It is also the front line for our changing climate.​In this exhibition, visitors will explore the impact of the changing climate […]

Game Changers is a highly interactive and immersive travelling exhibition that explores how technological advancements have shaped gameplay in video gaming systems and transformed the way we interact with technology. This exhibition examines how the intersection of audio, storytelling, graphics […]

Street art originally stemmed from protest cultures, civil disobedience and countercultural movements of the 1960s and 1970s. In the United States, young graffiti artists first sprayed their names or simple tags on houses and underground trains. This later evolved into increasingly sophisticated images that covered entire building walls. The entire city became a gallery. These pioneers took great risks and remained largely anonymous because of their illegal actions. Many of the artists chosen for this exhibition come from skateboard and graffiti scenes. They grew up with characters like Bart Simpson and Luke Skywalker – which is why this exhibition is also a chance to reconnect with 80s and 90s pop culture icons.

Drawing from a rich and renowned Japanese collection from a venerable museum of Florence Italy, the exhibition features some 80 exquisite objects related to the legendary Samurai warriors and characterize the period from 1185 – 1868 when Japan was ruled […]

A source of inspiration for surrealists like Salvador Dalí, Marie Laurencin and Max Ernst, Alice was created in 1862 by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll. An Oxford scholar  with degrees in art and mathematics, […]

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