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11th-Hour Travelling Exhibitions

Exhibitions available for hire in the next 18 months

The 11th-hour exhibits page features exhibitions available for hire in the next 18 months. Exhibitions are presented here for 4 months with availability information and links to full exhibit listings. Producers can be contacted directly from the exhibition listing for details on hosting opportunities.

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11th-hour exhibits found: 41

L’exposition Léonard de Vinci et la France retrace la fascinante relation entre le maître florentin et François Ier. L’exposition est à la fois historique et scientifique: elle retrace les nombreux projets créés ou imaginés par le Maître italien qui réside […]

Waste Age tells the story of the environmental crisis created by our ‘take, make, waste’ economy. The exhibition explores how trash can be transformed into new resources, and how design can help usher in a new age where there is no […]

This exhibition consists of print-ready digital images (illustrations and accompanying captions and an introductory panel) that are produced locally, so avoiding challenges of transport, and avoiding greenhouse gas emissions associated with transporting exhibitions.
The exhibition will make its U.S. debut May – September 2021. It’s available October 2021 and onward.

This is the first time that La Cinémathèque française has devoted an exhibition to an actor, a little man born to Spanish parents who has become the most popular of French comedians. Born Louis, Germain, David de Funès de Galarza, […]

The exhibit features selected images from the Project Holocene collection that have been printed and illuminated for outdoor display. The prints are painted / hand colored by the artist to create multimedia, illuminated works. The show is flexible, easily installed and requires no projection equipment. The show can easily be exhibited with little notice required. These large fabric images can be displayed outdoors and are ideal for nighttime or darkened space display. The images can clearly be seen during the day but the large animal images change and look most impressive as the sun sets and the space is darkened. The images change based on lighting installed. These illuminated objects combine science and art to captivate the viewer and inspire positive action on conservation.

Mangasia: Wonderlans of Asia Comics presents a vivid journey through the art of Comics and visual storytelling across Asia. From its historical roots to the most recent digital innovations, the exhibition looks to popular Japanese ‘Manga’ and beyond, highlighting key creators, characters and publications. Explore thriving contemporary […]

Georges Méliès, painter, illustrator, caricaturist, magician, phantasmagorist, director of the Robert-Houdin theatre, decorator, theatre artist, writer, actor, technician, and visionary director of over 500 films between 1896 and 1912. Creator of the first glass-enclosed cinema studio, Méliès is at ease […]

The history of navigation in the Aegean and Mediterranean seas is a fascinating narrative of sea voyages, shipbuilding accomplishments, dissemination of ideas and technological development. This exhibition is a presentation of the history of shipbuilding and seafaring, from antiquity to modern times presented through 35 beautifully handmade ship models.
85 museum quality original posters. Museum quality posters; considered to be one of the largest and most comprehensive collections in the world. Plus approximately 20 collectibles / exhibits from the Haring “Pop Shop” for exhibit in display cases. Available from Oct. 2021.
75 museum quality original posters, including 8 rare posters designed by museums for Lichtenstein exhibitions. Plus approximately 15 additional items / exhibits – rare collectables, magazines, catalogues, postcards etc. for exhibit in display cases. Geographic location of storage: Northern Europe.
About 35 original paintings to be selected by museums from the collection plus a vintage Arrow collar display, 7 vintage posters and all 322 Saturday Evening Post covers done by J.C. Leyendecker. Geographic location of storage: U.S.A. (north-east).
150 relatively large frames. Signed serigraphs, original watercolors, early advertising original acrylics. Geographic location of storage: U.S.A. (north-east). Exhibition materials include high resolution images, captions, wall texts and a Catalog design available in Adobe InDesign format.

A singular artist whose profuse work attests to the plurality of his talent, and a central figure in avant-garde music, architect, mathematician and engineer, etc., Xenakis in the 1950s broke the codes of contemporary music that had been dominated by […]

At a time when design is enjoying unprecedented popularity with the public, A Century of Chairs offers an engaging and informative opportunity to trace the history of modern design through the evaluation of one object- the chair. The exhibition features […]

The Imagine Picasso exhibition takes Picasso’s work out of its setting and its museum. Picasso’s work becomes an image projected onto the “extraordinary” volumes of architect Rudy Ricciotti (architect of the Louvre) and this new material offers another vision of […]

Two magnets that attract or repel each other, a compass that indicates the North, a dynamo that lights up a lamp after a few turns of the crank… Behind these phenomena lies magnetism, a source of fascination for thousands of […]

Survival: The Exhibition is the first and only traveling exhibition providing practical, real-world, and science-based techniques to prepare visitors of all ages for survival situations. An interactive, informative and safe place to learn and test essential survival skills, the exhibition […]

Tutankhamun: His Tomb and His Treasures premiered in 2008 and has since been touring internationally. More than 7 million visitors have been fascinated by our reconstruction of the boy king’s tomb so far, featuring around 1,000 replica artefacts crafted in […]

Can we see to the ocean floor? How do we place a satellite in orbit? What is a comet? From Earth to the Stars offers an “edutaining” exploration of outer space and its applications across 6 themed subjects. At the heart of […]

MuseumON is an innovative not-for-profit platform that engages visitors or passersby, free of charge, in unexpected locations, with arts, culture, and science. We carefully curate compelling themes and experiences to enrich places by delivering immersive, temporary or permanent experiences at locations […]

Dutch Masters is a world-class touring exhibition about 17th century Dutch art that is highly experiential, interactive and fueled by technology. The uniqueness of the exhibition stems from combining authentic works of art with digital media and themed set work, […]

This touring exhibition is a unique opportunity to display a selection of National Museums Scotland’s collection of prints from Audubon’s remarkable masterpiece, the Birds of America. John James Audubon (1785–1851) is an American icon and legendary naturalist. His paintings of […]

Discover how today’s fashion industry is challenging perceptions and championing alternative ideals of beauty on the catwalk, in advertising, editorial and behind the camera. Recent seasons have seen the most racially diverse, size diverse and gender-inclusive fashion shows in history. […]

Every year, amateur and professional photographers from more than 90 countries submit approximately 50,000 entries. The 100 winning images tour globally as part of our world-renowned and most popular temporary exhibition. The annual Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition uses […]

From the classical art of temples to the folk traditions of villages, the religious threads of India interweave into a rich, visual tapestry that represents an essential relationship in the evolution of Indian civilization and culture. This suggestive and educational […]

The Exhibition “Egyptian Mummies, Journey into Immortality” features some 100 exceptional original artifacts and exemplars, including mummies, painted sarcophagi, funeral trousseau and votive objects that together with suggestive exhibition design and background graphics evoke the mythical, mysterious landscape of the […]

A unique archaeological park at the heart of an immersive experience  Pompeii is a book to which pages are continually added. Each new generation rediscovers its history and reinterprets it based on new methods and techniques that continue to be […]

All animals have a history, but that of the bear is particularly powerful and touches all the populations of the Northern hemisphere that live alongside him. Bear stories, fairy tales, legends and myths circulate from Japan to North America, passing […]

A MULTI-SENSORY JOURNEY TO EXPERIENCE THE SPECTACULAR WORLD OF THE SPECIES WITH WHOM WE SHARE OUR PLANET. Inside giant immersive and wordless installations, visitors make their way through various ecosystems, experiencing changing scales and viewpoints. Equipped with an enhanced sense […]

The R-Evolution Park is a journey through time to get to know the Earth and its wonders up closely. It is a great exhibition dedicated to the life and beauty of this fragile but constantly evolving planet. Visitors to this […]

Coffee is one of the most traded commodities around the globe. Its growth, trade, refinement and consumption connect millions of people. Nearly all of us drink it daily, but we often know very little about this multifaceted and fascinating beverage. The traveling exhibition „Cosmos Coffee“ offers an informative, sensual and entertaining experience for diverse target groups and embeds the individual enjoyment of coffee in a cosmos of dynamic interdependencies of biology, chemistry, technology, economy and cultural history. Its reference to common rituals and a large variety of communication tools makes the exhibition a unique attraction for visitors of all ages and backgrounds.

The exhibition is based on the journey through time, one of the best-selling book stories (launched in 2004) which narrates the “stratopic” adventures of Geronimo Stilton and his family about the discovery of the history of the world. The exhibition […]

Julius Caesar is one of the most influential and significant characters in the history of Rome, he was a cunning politician, a skilled orator, a ruthless leader. Under his leadership, the process of transforming Rome from a Republic into the […]

Sandro Botticelli is without any question the undisputed genius of the Florentine Renaissance, the artist whose work embodies more than any other’s the spirit of humanism that informed that great season in the history of man. The ambitious aim of this exhibition is not […]

Materials Tales takes visitors on a poetic journey through the world of materials, encouraging greater knowledge and care for our material world through a unique storytelling experience. As we face the realities of the Earth’s limited resources, designers and users […]

The journey to the Red Planet has become one of the great challenges of our time. Through immersive recreations, new commissions and collaborations with contemporary designers, discover how every detail in this extraordinary endeavour must be designed. Getting humans to […]

Sneakers Unboxed tells the story of one of the most universal design objects, bought and worn by millions of people worldwide every day. The exhibition charts the journey of sneakers, shoes originally designed for specific athletic activities. We explore how […]

The Myth of Superheroes. From Antiquity to Contemporary Art is the first international travelling exhibition that aims at making visible the common thread linking the past, the present (and the future) of the myths. It highlights the strict relation between […]

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