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11th-Hour Travelling Exhibitions

Exhibitions available for hire in the next 18 months

The 11th-hour exhibits page features exhibitions available for hire in the next 18 months. Exhibitions are presented here for 4 months with availability information and links to full exhibit listings. Producers can be contacted directly from the exhibition listing for details on hosting opportunities.

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11th-hour exhibits found: 46

L’exposition revient sur la centaine de rôles incarnés par Louis de Funès, dont les succès sont régulièrement vus et revus en France et dans le monde, et qui est désormais célébré par cinq générations de spectateurs. C’est la première fois […]

This exhibition consists of print-ready digital images (illustrations and accompanying captions and an introductory panel) that are produced locally, so avoiding challenges of transport, and avoiding greenhouse gas emissions associated with transporting exhibitions.
The exhibit features selected images from the Project Holocene collection that have been printed and illuminated for outdoor display. The prints are painted / hand colored by the artist to create multimedia, illuminated works. The show is flexible, easily installed and requires no projection equipment. The show can easily be exhibited with little notice required.
The exhibition will make its U.S. debut May – September 2021. It’s available October 2021 and onward.

Waste Age tells the story of the environmental crisis created by our ‘take, make, waste’ economy. The exhibition explores how trash can be transformed into new resources, and how design can help usher in a new age where there is no […]

L’exposition Léonard de Vinci et la France retrace la fascinante relation entre le maître florentin et François Ier. L’exposition est à la fois historique et scientifique: elle retrace les nombreux projets créés ou imaginés par le Maître italien qui réside […]

Will you be able to unravel the mysteries of Luminopolis? Luminopolis is a learned city that has crystallized all the knowledge about light. Organised like a real “Escape Game”, visitors enter the city but can only leave it by being […]

100% COVID SAFE EXPERIENCE // Immersive theatre performance // Minimum license fee of 1 month / 50-100 m2 room space required / 45 minutes experience x 20 pers. max capacities / up to 9 session per day of show.

The Antoni Gaudí exhibition has been visited by 700,000 people around the world, in countries such as Japan, South Korea, Russia, etc, in collaboration with Basílica de la Sagrada Família, Fundació Catalunya La Pedrera, the Càtedra Gaudí – Universitat Politècnica […]

In Kif Kif the Caliph, children from 3 to 6 year olds will meet Kif Kif a much-loved caliph who supports research and experiments. Immersed in his palace, kids are young mathematicians who will have to use their body as […]

What if you were a gladiator? Enter the world of gladiature, take the oath, train and become the new star of the Roman Empire. During a visit, slip into the shoes of a gladiator and discover the truth about these […]

The sun has a date with the moon in the Astralala sky! The exhibition offers to share with 3 to 6 year olds the wonder of space and to make them aware of our planet in its entirety.Their guide will […]

// 15 min VR AVAILABLE NOW IN 2 FORMATS : – VR interactive content for VR cinema/booth – VR with Ambisonic Dome Installation (in option). – Starting at 120 pers. per day.

WHOOPEE MY BODY ! Whoopee my body! is an exhibition dedicated to 3 to 6 year olds to allow to discover their own body. Guided by the manager of a fun fair, they will experience their abilities in playful activities […]

Microsculpture is available on a license to print basis, enabling the host venue to avoid transport costs and design an exhibition that perfectly suits the space available, both indoors and outdoors. As the exhibition is printed locally then very little notice is required before hiring the exhibition.
12 persons per hour / 8h per day operation. Mix of interactive objects + Hyper immersive VR Collaborative experience in virtual world Available in 2021.

WHAT IS NEW IN THE MIDDLE AGES? presents a review of the knowledge recently acquired by researchers and historians thanks to the preventive archaeology findings. It depicts the technical and social innovations techniques that punctuated this period and their impact […]

This exhibition is available to book and can be shipped to be with you quicker, and can be installed by your venue, as agreed.

Space Descent VR gives the public a unique opportunity to experience the 360-degree 3D view from inside a Soyuz spacecraft as it makes the dangerous 400 km journey back to Earth from the International Space Station, slowing from a speed […]

In the exhibition « Antoine de Saint Exupéry, un Petit Prince parmi les Hommes » two worlds are meeting and finally merging. Every book has a story and that of the Little Prince begins with the birth of Antoine de Saint Exupéry. […]

Taking into account that people usually use sweeping generalizations when talking about Spanish Impressionism, this exhibition centers on the relationship between this pictorial style and Spanish art. The show consists of works by the following artists: Pere Vidal de Solares, Marià […]

For the first time ever, a striking exhibition arrives from the end of the world, presenting the latest discoveries from the Southern Hemisphere together in one place, including the largest dinosaur in the world, Patagotitan mayorum. A sauropod from the family […]

The exhibition can be modified in size and it is also available for sale. It is visible in Tartu, Estonia.

For the first time in the world, we are offering a chance to exhibit moving works of the Art Nouveau giant, ALPHONSE MUCHA, whose famous posters and THE SLAV EPIC have been adapted for large format mapping projection inside a […]

In 1509, the first European ships ventured into the remote seas southeast of India. Navigating the Strait of Malacca, they sailed into the ‘South Seas.’ Without knowing it, they had entered into the waters surrounding the world’s largest archipelago – […]

EXHIBITION CONTENT – 55 exhibits and national treasures dating from the Revolution of 1821 that belong to the collection of the Historical Archive-Museum of Hydra (HAMH) (traditional costumes of the time from Hydra, navigation instruments, paintings, philhellene objects, weapons of admirals from Hydra, including short and long barrel rifles, pistols, swords, archival material and historical documents, etc.). The above exhibits are characterized as national treasures of historical value and with this exhibition are presented for the first time outside of Greece. – 20 ship models that come from the collection of Mr. Dimitrios Maras, Mechanical-Engineer M.Sc., Microshipbuilder who has studied in depth the shipbuilding history of Greece, as well as the construction of ship models. These models represent ships that were used during the naval operations of 1821. The entire collection amounts to more than 150 wooden models of Greek ships which date from prehistoric antiquity to the beginning of the 20th century. The exhibits are supported by rich material such as wall texts, captions, graphics, visual material (documentaries), etc., making the exhibition an interesting experience for museum audiences of all ages, as well as school visits.

Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks partners up some of the world’s most dazzling and innovative skyscrapers with the world’s most popular building brick. The exhibit features 20 astonishing skyscrapers from North America, Asia and Australia constructed in breathtaking architectural detail […]

The old saying that “all roads lead to Rome” was most certainly true in the days of Imperial Rome. Although the origins of Rome began with a small village of huts near the banks of the Tiber River in the […]

Based on the great success of the digital exhibition Van Gogh Shadow, created by the Luca Agnani Studio, this innovative exhibition reconstructs a selection of 10 of Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpieces in 3D animation and video mapping. Starting from a careful […]

During the second half of the 1800s, an extraordinary artistic phenomenon took place in Japan. The mastery of traditional Japanese painting embraced the opportunities inherent in emerging Western photographic technique. And the outcome was astonishing and poetically beautiful. Delicate color applied to even […]

Without a doubt, Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528) was one of the most important and iconic figures of the German Renaissance with enormous influence across Northern Europe even during his own lifetime. His prolific body of work encompasses theory, books, altarpieces, portraits, […]

It can be said that beginning in the 17th century, the sun began to set on the ‘Serenissima.’ The mighty Republic of Venice that had once dominated the seas and trade routes of the Eastern Mediterranean and beyond, now faced […]

A Surprising Sound Playground The interactive musical exhibition “Make Music!!” consists of various sound sculptures that inspire visitors to play and experiment with tones and sounds. Along with their aesthetic and playful qualities, the large, robust exhibitions allow for creative […]

Summer means festival fun in the sun! Four large, standalone MMM sound sculptures and orchestral apparatuses make their way around the the world every summer. These huge sound sculptures encourage collaborative music making, with many of the instruments only able […]

Sandro Botticelli is without any question the undisputed genius of the Florentine Renaissance, the artist whose work embodies more than any other’s the spirit of humanism that informed that great season in the history of man. The ambitious aim of this exhibition is not […]

A Brief History of the Machines The Exhibition, drawn up by the Istanbul Jazari Museum, sets the visitors out on a journey through the history of mechanics and robotics; from the first wheel to the steam-engine. Although, Al-Jazari is the […]

The Foundation Collection of the Johannesburg Art Gallery (JAG) is internationally renowned for its modern art collection amassed by Sir Hugh Percy Lane (1875-1915), celebrated art collector, dealer and connoisseur of Old Master paintings. He is particularly recognized today for […]

In 2021 the Kunst Museum Winterthur in Switzerland is dedicating a major exhibition to the Expressionism in Switzerland. It is the first exhibition that includes the whole geographical area of Switzerland, including the artistic expressions in the French-speaking (western Switzerland) […]

Sneakers Unboxed tells the story of one of the most universal design objects, bought and worn by millions of people worldwide every day. The exhibition charts the journey of sneakers, shoes originally designed for specific athletic activities. We explore how […]

The journey to the Red Planet has become one of the great challenges of our time. Through immersive recreations, new commissions and collaborations with contemporary designers, discover how every detail in this extraordinary endeavour must be designed. Getting humans to […]

Drawing on 15 years of research, acclaimed designer Hella Jongerius presents ‘Breathing Colour’, an installation-based exhibition that takes a deeper look at how colour behaves. The show features a diverse collection of specially commissioned objects, exploring the effects that light […]

Materials Tales takes visitors on a poetic journey through the world of materials, encouraging greater knowledge and care for our material world through a unique storytelling experience. As we face the realities of the Earth’s limited resources, designers and users […]

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