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11th-Hour Travelling Exhibitions

Exhibitions available for hire in the next 18 months

The 11th-hour exhibits page features exhibitions available for hire in the next 18 months, with availability information and links to full exhibit listings. Producers can be contacted directly from the exhibition listing for details on hosting opportunities.

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Get ready to skate your way into a world of frozen fascination! “HOCKEY: Faster Than Ever” is an exhibition that brilliantly explores the science behind ice hockey. Available Fall 2024

Dinosaurs of the Sahara brings the unique world of African dinosaursto life with original fossils from the Sahara, one-of-a-kind mountedskeletons and flesh models, and a show-stopping giant 32-foot rearinglong-necked Jobaria skeleton!Get to touch real fossils, including a SuperCroc skull, and relive […]

The exhibition is a landmark collaboration with the British Fashion Council (BFC) and will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the BFC’s NEWGEN programme, an initiative that supports the best emerging fashion design talent and aims to build global, high-end brands of the future.Guest-curated by […]

Available March 2024 to September 2024, and from May 2025. Contact for more details

An exhibition that is eye candy to the fans of Downton Abbey™ and delights men and women alike!Transport your visitors to the early 20th century as they relive their favorite memories and nostalgia of the costumes of Downton Abbey™, a […]

In just 24 hours, Pompeii and neighboring Herculaneum were buried bythe catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. Lost for centuries, the site remained nearly untouched until 1748. Today, advanced scientific research uncovers the extraordinary achievements of Pompeii and […]

Ever wonder how your favorite super-powered characters were created? Hall of Heroesprovides an immersive experience for visitors to understand the world of heroes, and crime-fighters. Their journey takes them through several themed environments with surprises around every corner. Visitors will explore […]

For thousands of years, one magical, mythical creature has captured the hearts and imagination of cultures throughout the world. The Lost World of Dragons celebrates the wonder of dragons and gives visitors of all ages the thrill of seeing them brought to […]

Selfie Experience takes you into the cultural phenomenon of selfie taking and made its debut at the 2019 California State Fair. Since its opening, Selfie Experience has been the talk of the town as the experience that makes YOU the photographer […]

The Cretaceous Period – The Day Before: 66 million years ago, some of the most iconic dinosaurs ruled the Earth: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Edmontosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus, and the curious oviraptorsaur Anzu. Giant Pterosaurs flew through the skies with 40 foot […]

As little as a decade ago, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) was largely dismissed as a figment of the imagination. Today the term represents one of the largest movements on the Internet, and it has become impossible to ignore. As […]

This exhibition is available in a “download and display” format. It can be booked on a quick timeline because there is no shipping or scheduling conflicts!

A grand exhibition, Joan Mirò. Between Art and Poetry (working title) is a unique journey into the creative life of one of the greatest artists of the 20th century, Joan Mirò.  His abstract art perpetually provokes primitive, dreamlike, sometimes whimsical […]

Living Lantern illustrates the responsiveness of humankind and how we are capable of adapting to change and working together when we face new situations. Designed as an artwork that is inviting, it offers a sense of hope and joy, and […]

EXPosure allows the visitor to create light lines on part of the sphere by moving a light source. A selfie appears if the source illuminates the subject.EXPosure consists of 3 self-inflating reinforced vinyl spheres: The main interactive sphere has a […]

Lightholders is a 3 meters high by 15 meters diameter silo containing several audio loops playing in random order and directly sync with light so to make the Sound motion visible to the public. Using a circular 6 speakers setup, […]

RÉSONANCES is an interactive installation that embodies the inexorable passage of time. It seeks to reify the limit between the present and past. An arch of light appears in the darkness: it is a temporal portal. When we cross this […]

The Building Buddies portrays a small community where everyone is busy working on their homes. Different characters, “buddies”, invite young children to play, explore, collaborate, create and learn while improving the “neighbourhood”.The goal of this exhibit is to provide a […]

This exhibition provides an overview of one hundred years of Viennese painting, thanks to a journey into the heart of the colourful and luminous works of Gustav Klimt.In late nineteenth-century Imperial Vienna, Gustav Klimt was one of the major decorative […]

Paris and New York, the emblematic capitals of modern art, represent two crucial stages in the artist’s long career. Paris was his chosen city, and thanks to the avant-garde movements of the 1910s, it provided the young Russian painter with […]

This immersive exhibition presents Cezanne’s most significant works, such as his still lifes of apples, The Card Players (1890–95), and The Great Bathers (circa 1906).A self-taught painter who produced 900 canvases and 400 watercolours, Cezanne (1839–1906) painted portraits, still lifes, […]

Visitors explore a thematic itinerary comprising surrealistic and metaphysicallandscapes and will be immersed in the artist’s amazing and highly imaginativeworks. Exhibited around the world (the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation at Figueres, the Dalí Museum in Florida, the Reina Sofía Museum in […]

Culturespaces and Tintinimaginatio are collaborating on a project entitled“Tintin, l’Aventure Immersive” (“Tintin, the Immersive Adventure”), a uniqueexhibition devoted to the adventures of Tintin. The transfer from paper to digital is a short step, which the two partners decided to take […]

An immersive experience pulls a viewer into another real or imagined world, enabling them to manipulate and interact with their environment. Immersive art shows started this trend, and are famous globally! Attraktion! with its background in family entertainment, has transformedthis art […]

From the salt lakes of the savannah to the Arctic Circle, from the rainforest canopy to the depths of the earth and oceans, visitors become explorers as they embark on a larger-than-life journey through seven natural environments. Guided by their […]

AN AUGMENTED REALITY JOURNEY THAT BRINGS EXTINCT ANIMALS BACK TO LIFE Equipped with augmented reality glasses, set off to meet the most emblematic extinct species of our era : observe the sumptuous ballet of a Steller’s sea cow, play with a […]

The works are all framed and ready for wall display. The catalog is in Italian but available for translation. Photos of the works are available in high resolution.

Being and Belonging is a bold exhibition exploring the defining issues of our time from the perspective of 25 women artists from or connected to the broader Islamic world spanning across West Africa to Southeast Asia or living in diaspora. Deftly […]

Made with novel cotton, vivid colours, and exuberant design, the painted and printed cottons of India changed human history; they revolutionized art, fashion, and science wherever they went around the globe. Featuring pieces from ROM’s world-renowned collection, this exhibition explores how […]

Out of the Depths: The Blue Whale Story retells the story of nine blue whales that died tragically in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in 2014, and the unprecedented opportunity for research and conservation that has resulted. In this amazing ROM […]

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) invites two additional museums to join them in examining the defining issues of our time from the perspectives of several women artists connected to the broader Islamic world with their exhibition, Being and Belonging. Curated by […]

THE AREAS OF THE BIG 5Africa’s Big 5, these are the 5 largest animals in Africa that belong on every photo safari.With these 5 exhibits, an exciting safari in your location is guaranteed.GENERAL OVERVIEWFor every animal there are:themed and individual […]

The first major massacre of the Holocaust took place over two days in September 1941 (on the eve of Yom Kippur) in the Babyn Yar ravine, Kyiv, Ukraine. 80 years on, honor was paid to those murdered during these unspeakable events […]

Qu’est-ce que la transition énergétique ? Quelle stratégie devons-nous établir pour la mettre en œuvre en France et atteindre nos objectifs de décarbonation ?Avec « Énergie, So Watt ? » exposition interactive pensée comme un jeu de rôle, Citéco invite […]

Skeletons: the wonders within celebrates vertebrate biodiversity by exploring the science of osteology, skeleton form and function, the relationships between humans and the animals around us, and by developing an appreciation and conservation ethic for the natural world.THEMESOsteologyForensic MethodsComparative AnatomyBiodiversity & […]

This exhibition is a 360-degree multimedia sensation. For the first time ever, Leonardo da Vinci and his famous masterpiece “The Last Supper”, including the history and myths surrounding it, will be presented and illuminated in an immersive way: “Leonardo da Vinci – The Last Supper – An Immersive Experience”!
Available for Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 (October 2024 to early March 2025) – North America only.

Brace yourself for a close encounter with one of the most extraordinary creatures to walk the earth with our dinosaur exhibition. Featuring life-size dinosaur replicas with ultra-realistic movement and sounds, this is a high-tech, museum-quality dinosaur exhibition. We now have […]

Get the best robotic dinosaur exhibition on the market: the Dinosaurs from Dinosaurios Mexico. We now circulate three editions in Europe: the Standard Dinosaur Exhibition contains 15 robots, the Medium Exhibition contains 18 and the Large one includes 20. Our robots have […]

Animated Exhibitions is a leading company in the design, manufacture, and presentation of animatronic exhibits.Our state-of-the-art international exhibits are designed from the ground up and cater to any audience in museums, science centers, zoos, aquariums, and entertainment centers around the […]

Seeing, hearing, smelling and touching – this will turn your senses hopelessly upside down. A complete playground for the senses. In a unique, dimly lit environment all your senses are amplified. The labyrinth of senses will make you question your […]

Featuring over 500 hundred lunchboxes as well as one-of-a-kind original paintings, the display provides an overview of the history of lunchboxes, insight into the production process and an educational introduction into the dynamic world of collecting. The Lunchbox demonstrates how […]

Recount the history of urban art and show the impact of technologies of digital production and broadcasting on the work of artists in this field (Martha Cooper, le collectif 1UP, Mick La Rock, Ella & Pitr…). The exhibition unfolds across monumental projection and interactive proposals, echoing and serving as a screen urban artistic creations across the world.
ETERNEL MUCHA (MUCHA, beyond Art Nouveau) just closed with 162,000 visitors – 831 visitors and notable shop sales (>1M€) and more over exceptional satisfaction rate and press returns. Thanks to Mucha Foundation – Tomoko Sato wonderful content and creative contributions, to curatorial, audiovisual and museography experts and the operational teams!

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