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11th-Hour Travelling Exhibitions

Exhibitions available for hire in the next 18 months

The 11th-hour exhibits page features exhibitions available for hire in the next 18 months, with availability information and links to full exhibit listings. Producers can be contacted directly from the exhibition listing for details on hosting opportunities.

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URBAN OASIS is a reconquest of a building in the heart of your city by a luxuriant nature and a booming collection of relaxing immersive art pieces. The public is invited to join a journey inside the reinvented building. Half guided […]

GIANTS is a family-friendly exhibition of epic proportions from the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences.Did you think that dinosaurs were the only giants ever to have populated our planet? This exhibition invites you on a journey through time, from […]

Imagine Monet in Image Totale© enhances the work of French painter Claude Monet, considered as the father of Impressionism and the first immersive painter ever.This project has been created by Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron in collaboration with art historian […]

Imagine Paris is the original immersive exhibition taking visitors on a promenade in the heart of Paris. Based on in-depth historical research, this artistic experience introduces viewers to the French capital’s most emblematic landmarks, architecture and artworks. Imagine Paris was created by Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, directors of the very first digital immersive exhibition.

Imagine Van Gogh, the French exhibition in Image Totale©. The first immersive exhibition in the world dedicated to the work of Van Gogh. Imagine Van Gogh allows visitors to immerse themselves in a waking dream painted by the Dutch genius. […]

Semmel Exhibitions and Marvel are proud to present a new production: Marvel: Earth’s Mightiest Exhibition, an all-new museum experience that takes audiences on a journey through the Marvel Universe, offers fresh perspective on the company’s rich 80+ year history, explores the […]

Special rate for our exhibition now available for rent. Contact us to learn more about this investigation into the heart of Prehistory.
Special rate for our exhibition now available for rent. Contact us to learn more about this exhibition.

The Imagine Picasso exhibition takes Picasso’s work out of its setting and its museum. Picasso’s work becomes an image projected onto the “extraordinary” volumes of architect Rudy Ricciotti (architect of the Louvre) and this new material offers another vision of […]

Women. Between Renoir and Picasso focuses on the European women with Paris as the focus of artistic attraction, a city where a young Picasso meets again the masters and colleagues who met in Barcelona, such as Ramón Casas, Santiago Rusiñol, Ricardo Canals or Manolo […]

The exhibition takes visitors on a journey through a carefully curated selection of the most significant themes and aspects of the life and creative career of the universal genius, Pablo Picasso, with a particular emphasis on his relationships with the […]

The ballet The Three-cornered Hat or Le Tricorne, based on the novel by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón dated in 1874, premiered in 1919 at the Alhambra Theatre in London with music by Manuel de Falla, production by Diaghilev and choreography […]

Believe your own eyes – or not? In Illusions, not everything is what it initially seems…Unbelievable patterns that will make your head spin, shifting mirrors, vanishing sculptures, water flowing backwards – it looks like everything is actually happening, but is […]

“Leonardo da Vinci – 500 Years of Genius” is a brand-new touring exhibition providing an immersive insight into the life and work of the iconic Renaissance polymath, Leonardo da Vinci. Presented in a flexible modular format, Leonardo da Vinci – […]

As little as a decade ago, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) was largely dismissed as a figment of the imagination. Today the term represents one of the largest movements on the Internet, and it has become impossible to ignore. As […]

The exhibition will be presented this year in the Corderie Vallois Museum in Rouen as part of the famous Normandy Impressionnist Festival (June-sept 2024). Get a special price if you hire the exhibition now for the final months of 2024 / first months of 2025 !

An unprecedented discovery of the masterpieces of prehistoric art featuring sculptures, engravings, and paintings from around the world. An exhibition combining artworks and audiovisual immersion which plunges visitors into the imagination of our ancestors.

Creative Brickland Activationplay with 1 million LEGO® bricks Creative Brickland is a brand new activation made of LEGO® bricks. It displays 31 models made of LEGO® within 8 scenes; plus it features 1 million LEGO® bricks to play with!​Creative Brickland is perfect […]

International Space StationIn collaboration with ASI, ESA, Thales Alena Space and Altec, we have reconstructed the International Space Station (ISS): the first exhibition on life in space.How do astronauts live? What do astronauts eat? Where do astronauts sleep? What is […]

Experience Da VinciExperience Da Vinci is a successful interactive exhibition showcasing skillfully crafted reproductions of the works of Leonardo Da Vinci, based on the world renowned polymath’s original invention studies and model plans.Da Vinci’s scientific and mathematical approach to art […]

AbyssThe marine ecosystem is the widest environment on earth. Sunlight only penetrates oceans up to 200 meters, and here is concentrated the majority of marine organisms we know. Proceeding downwards, the water temperature tends to decrease: at 2000 metres the […]

Ice AgeMammoths, sabre-toothed tigers, hairy rhinos, gigantic birds and more in this exciting and educational exhibition about the plants and animals of Earth’s last ice age.Ice Age features 10 life-sized animatronic models of mammals with scientifically accurate movements, colouring, sounds […]

Living RobotsLiving Robots is the stunning new exhibition about the fairy-tale world of machines.All robots are from 3 to 6 meters tall. Each of them has a unique structure and character, within a cinematic battle scene. You can live your […]

Monsters Of The Sea Monsters Of The Sea is a brand new exhibition featuring prehistoric and current inhabitants of the sea in life-size animatronic version.Monsters Of The Sea will allow you to experience the life in the depth of the sea.Up […]

Insects ExhibitionOne of the best ways to learn to respect life, is knowledge: all animals and plants have a biological role to play in our world.Insects are everywhere: from the tropics to the poles, on land, in air and in […]

FelinesObjecta of veneration in ancient times, felines represent a powerful mix of strength and elegance, but now also of extreme fragility: in the last 20 years their numbers have decreased considerably, so much so that 13% of wild cats are […]

Mythos Mythological CreaturesThe myth arises from the need to explain reality, to overcome and resolve nature’s contradictions; it is the imaginative way of explaining the origin of things. Myths are much more than a series of stories handed down by […]

SharksSharks, perfect predators that have inhabited the seas for 400 million years, well before the appearance of vertebrates, and have remained almost unchanged over time. The exhibition will lead to the discovery of more than 30 specimens from the 6mt […]

PandemicsHumans Dark SideThe history of the human race has been characterised by dozens of epidemics and pandemics caused by unknown viruses that we have come to know very well in recent times. These events have transformed the societies in which […]

InfernoThe poet, writer and politician Dante Alighieri is considered the father of the Italian language. Nicknamed “sommo poeta” (“supreme poet”), he was the first man of letters to use the vernacular in Italian literature. His main work, the Divine Comedy, […]

Space AdventureLife In SpaceOver 80 space exhibits (to include a piece of real moon!) make us travel in outer space without leaving our planet.Several unique simulators will allow us to fly to the moon, feel absence of gravity or put our […]

Dinosaur InvasionDinosaur Invasion is among the most fascinating, immersive and attractive experience of recent years.The exhibition with a Made In Italy touch, featuring from 20 to over 40 life-size dinosaurs, each of them housed in its own natural habitat recreated […]

3D Doubt Your EyesWalk into our living three-dimensional world and be the main actor of our fantasy stories!3D Doubt Your Eyes exhibition combines 3D hand-paintings and illusion scenes. This is a fully interactive exhibition with up to 30 interactive points. […]

Giant Soft Bricks PlaylandGiant Soft Bricks Playland is entertaining, educational, healthy and safe. The bricks are large and soft, made of EPP foam. Suitable age 1-12 years old, 1-3 hours playing time, children love to come back to it regularly. […]

Unofficial GalaxiesOne of the largest Star Wars private collections in the worldOne of the largest Star Wars private collections in the world, Unofficial Galaxies showcases iconic characters and vehicles as well as memorable scenes from the Star Wars fans world.134 […]

TRAVELLING BRICKSExhibition Made Of LEGO® BricksTravelling Bricks features 120 LEGO® models in 60 scenes, created by LEGO® Professional Artists.Themes are: Early Transport, Ships, Trains, Aviation, Space Flight, Vehicles and Record Breakers.Featuring: 7.2mt long Titanic, 3mt long Zeppelin, 3mt tall Sky Rocket, […]

Across nearly every medium Disney has touched, since the earliest days of animation, through innovations in live-action filmmaking, pioneering efforts in television, location-based entertainment and retail, and even gaming—one creative aspect of Disney has been seldom-recognized, but ever-present: that of […]

X Horizontality Y Verticality Z Depth T TimeThese four letters are used to describe, in terms of mathematical formalism, the movement of one point in space, and to reveal an imaginary territory; a coincidence between geometry and the organic, between […]

Mirages & miracles is a series of installations. This project is an attempt to create a sort of digital animism using augmented reality, virtual reality, holographic illusions and video-projections. Stones are simple, heavy and motionless.Stones are the archetype of what […]

The exhibition can be framed and installed quickly. We do have an inventory of available paintings from the catalog and can work with the venue to ensure quick installation of the exhibition. The exhibition size is flexible and based on the number of pieces selected.

Project Holocene endangered species Aquatic Exhibit is currently available. The project features large illuminated paintings that capture the fragility and beauty of many species of animals. A wide variety of endangered fish, aquatic mammals and sea birds are represented in […]

“The Spirit of Will Eisner” exhibition takes you into the universe of one of the most famous American authors. Will Eisner, famous for his atypical superhero The Spirit, is also one of the great precursors of the graphic novel. This […]

“Juanjo Guarnido. Blacksad, the colours of noir” exhibition is dedicated to one of the most prestigious artists of the contemporary international world of comics, Juanjo Guarnido. The 130 original pages on display, from Witchcraft, The Deceitful Indies and Blacksad allow […]

“100 Masters of Comic Art is an exhibition highlighting the masterpieces of 100 major comic book artists.Dive into the history of the Ninth Art as you discover the original artworks of the iconic American and European creators who have shaped […]

“100 Masters of Comic Art is an exhibition highlighting the masterpieces of 100 major comic book artists.Dive into the history of the Ninth Art as you discover the original artworks of the iconic American and European creators who have shaped […]

Imagine Da Vinci is the very first immersive exhibition dedicated to the Italian genius – painter of the Mona Lisa, inventor, architect, scientist, sculptor and much more… Imagine Da Vinci was created by Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron, directors of the very first digital immersive exhibition in the world.

Immersive exhibition from Jean-Michel Jarre & Hsin-Chien Huang about human society needs for surveillance and control throughout the ages.This immersive exhibition mixed historical analyses and a virtual reality experience of 12 virtual worlds that invites you on a journey through […]

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