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The Science Museum CosmoCaixa, founded and managed by “la Caixa” Foundation, first opened its doors in 1981 and was completely refurbished as CosmoCaixa in 2004, making it one of the most modern science museums in the world. In 2019 the permanent exhibition hall was fully renovated with the aim of maintaining the Science Museum CosmoCaixa’s identity as a cutting-edge science museum that’s has always been committed to global quality for our visitors.


With over 30,000 square metres of installations devoted to scientific education, the Science Museum CosmoCaixa offers immersive multimedia experiences that engage all the senses as well as the intellect. The permanent exhibition hall, called the “Universe Gallery”, presents a storyline that ranges from the Big Bang to the very latest frontiers of knowledge, an area that visitors can roam around freely to stimulate their curiosity in science through interactive experiences, real objects and also scientific and artistic reproductions of the highest quality. The Universe Gallery also includes the “Geological Wall” and the “Flooded Forest”, a recreation of a tropical rainforest, a real “Antarctic Base” and the Lab Math, a place to explore the world of mathematics by manipulating puzzles and games.

The Science Museum CosmoCaixa hosts a regular program of major temporary exhibitions, dealing with a wide range of topics that highlight the contribution of science to society, from technology to physics, astronomy, paleontology or neurobiology, among others. These topics are also explored at public programs aimed to all kind of audiences, including a Planetarium and permanent workshops.


The Science Museum CosmoCaixa has welcomed more than fourteen million visitors since the new museum opened in 2014 and over one million since the re-opening of the new exhibition hall. We’ve spent the last forty-two years bringing science closer to society by means of awareness-raising activities and museographic language. Our motivation has not changed: to surprise and excite people of any age and background so they leave the museum and the exhibitions with many more questions than before they entered. This is the engine that drives the advancement of science. 

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The American Museum of Natural History is representing CosmoCaixa traveling exhibitions.

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CosmoCaixa ScienceMuseum – “la Caixa” Foundation

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