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11th-Hour Travelling Exhibitions

Exhibitions available for hire in the next 18 months

The 11th-hour exhibits page features exhibitions available for hire in the next 18 months. Exhibitions are presented here for 4 months with availability information and links to full exhibit listings. Producers can be contacted directly from the exhibition listing for details on hosting opportunities.

To present an exhibition on this page, contact our team at [email protected].

11th-hour exhibits found: 42
This project explores the extraordinary wealth of sound and music in Charlie Chaplin’s films, highlights his relation to music at large, including sound, dance and rhythm. It is available from September 2020 in a 800sqm format. A reduced version is also available.
Designed specifically for children, « The Jungle Bunch, The exhibition » gives them the opportunity do go on a mission with their favorite characters, while raising awareness of the protection of the ecosystem and the environment. The exhibition is available from November 2020.
The exhibition, available from Spring 2021, is a fascinating journey through the sea, the trade routes and the expansion of Venice as a super power in the Mediterranean. It presents a mix of historical reality, legends and great characters through a collection of original works of art, videos and reconstructions.
Playhuts is a fun and surprising exhibition, designed especially for young children from 2 to 10 years old. They can explore unusual playhuts and express their creativity by building their playhuts. The exhibition will be available from March 2020.
Available from September 2020 after presentations at the Naturhistorisches Museum Bern, Switzerland, and at the Peterborough Cathedral, UK.
This exhibition creates an inventory of our relationship with the bear and invites the visitor to discover the bear’s natural environment alongside its biological characteristics, diet, reproduction and hibernation cycles. It is available from December 2020.
Artworks of the Leyendecker Brothers epitomise the American style of the first half of the 20th century. This collection presents original paintings, a vintage Arrow collar display, vintage posters and Saturday Evening Post covers. The collection is available throughout 2020.

Wildlife Rescue is about animals and the people who have dedicated their lives to helping them survive. Wildlife populations around the world are under enormous stress due to pollution, deforestation, and habitat encroachment. Many species are becoming endangered while others […]

Spiders – From Fear to Fascination is a face-to-face interactive encounter with over 250 real spider specimens, live exhibits and rigorous contemporary science. This combination of immersion and information showcases the latest spider science. It is available for hire in 2020 and 2021.
Get Connected is an exhibition devoted to long distance communication. It depicts physical phenomena, presents human technical achievements within telecommunications and inspires to reflect upon chances and dangers emerging from technology development. The 150 to 250sqm exhibit is available in 2020 and 2021.
Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family brings the latest tyrannosaur discoveries to life. The exhibition is available for an exclusive presentation between June 2020 and February 2021, after its stop at the National Museum of Scotland and before it travels to the Milwaukee Public Museum in March 2021.

AN IMMERSIVE EXHIBITION TO DISCOVER UNSUSPECTED BIODIVERSITY. Largely inaccessible and mostly unknown, the ocean is home to fascinating forms of life. The exhibition offers a journey to the heart of this incredible biodiversity, far from the shore and its familiar […]

“Water: the exhibition” is an original production from the Toulouse Natural History Museum, developed in the framework of the French World Water Forum. The exhibition deals with WATER in all of its states and its universal nature. It is available from March 2020.
A real pre-historical burial place, discovered in 1928 on Téviec Island, just off Quiberon, France, is at the centre of a thrilling scientific investigation where the visitor can go on a hunt for clues. Observe, deduce and become an expert pre-historian! This production is available from October 2020.
The exhibition takes us behind the scenes of special effects by following all the stages involved in creating a film. It explores effects created directly during filming and in postproduction, from old-fashioned to state-of-the-art innovative effects. The exhibition will be available from August 2020 after its presentation in Vienna.
This collection features over 150 original works by M.C. Escher, including prints, drawings, woodblocks and a lithographic stone. The collection is located in the north east of the United States until its next commitment in February 2021.
Illusion or reality? aims to broaden knowledge of optics, physics and neurology. You can expect to play with exhibits dedicated to combining colors, light splitting, prisms and eye structure. a lot of fun with illusions, distorted mirrors, Phoenician (Venetian) mirrors and a number of tasks with drawing in unusual situations.
Bare Bones is a 17-case exhibition featuring real skeletal specimens from the animal kingdom and science based interactives. Specimens have been specifically chosen to represent different animal groups from primates to reptiles and amphibians and birds. It is available throughout 2020 and 2021.

Wildlife Rescue is about animals and the people who have dedicated their lives to helping them survive. Wildlife populations around the world are under enormous stress due to pollution, deforestation, and habitat encroachment. Many species are becoming endangered while others […]

Egyptian Mummies, Journey into Immortality features some 100 exceptional original artifacts including mummies, painted sarcophagi, funeral trousseau and votive objects from Ancient Egypt. The exhibition will be available in North America from July 2020 after its presentation at the Museum of Natural History, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
An exhibition-mission at the heart of the intelligence services: managing a diplomatic crisis, collecting data, analyzing information, writing notes and advising authorities… far from fantasies and clichés, the exhibition reveals the mechanisms and techniques at work in the contemporary intelligence world. The exhibition will be available from November 2020.
Nomad’s spectacular new exhibition ‘Golden Mummies of Egypt’ is available from March 2021 following runs at Buffalo Museum of Science and North Carolina Museum of Art. The exhibition features rare collections of mummies and mummy portraits from Graeco-Roman times.

For decades autonomous vehicles have been heralded as a new technology that could change the way we live our lives. How close are we to living in a world driven by thinking machines? From self-driving cars to autonomous flying drones […]

Body Beautiful has last-minute availability in summer 2020. The exhibition isbelieved to be the first of its kind in the world. It examines how the fashionindustry is embracing inclusivity and body positivity, exploring themes such assize, gender, age, race and disability.
The exhibition is currently available in January-March and June-December 2020. There is no hire fee for the exhibition, venues only need to cover costs associated with the hosting of the exhibition, including nail-to-nail insurance, return transport, installation and £300 artist fee.

While most people vaguely know that rainforests are somehow important to the environment, most people do not know much more on the subject than that. This highly immersive exhibit will explain to visitors what a rainforest is, where they are […]

People have a very narrow of view of evolution and adaptation that says that animals always want to be the strongest, the biggest, and the fastest – that is what helps them compete against other animals and survive. In reality […]

Exceptional opportunity to host the award winning Lascaux International Exhibition at a special rate for the Spring of 2021 – before the exhibition gets fully revamped for a tour in Asia till 2025, following its very successful global tour.
This collection features 150 signed serigraphs, original watercolors, early advertising original acrylics by Victor Vasarely, the artist who is considered the leader of Op Art. The collection is located in the north east of the United States and is available throughout 2020.
Into the Unknown: A Journey through Science Fiction, a major show on the genre of Science Fiction and its influence on popular cultural, travelling through pre-historical ages, development of robots, dystopias and utopias and the space frontier.
Containing over 280 original artworks, including rare comics, some of them never shown outside their country of origin, Mangasia: Wonderland of Asian Comics is the first exhibition to explore creativity from comic art across the Asian continent.
This collection of about 285 exhibits includes almost 225 original Toulouse-Lautrec works on paper, including over 50 rare drawings, 50 objects from the estate of Aristide Bruant and 9 handwritten letters. After a presentation in Korea and Florida, it will be available in north america from October 2020
“Illusions” will be available for rent in various sizes depending on your location starting from 2020 November after successful show in Vilvite (Bergen, Norway). Illusions is a classical exhibition about optical illusions, mind tricks and moving pictures.
The exhibition is an exciting journey through the history of women´s handbags over the last century. Unique originals that were milestones in the history of handbag-fashion are presented and reflect the changing role of women in society. Produced with Museum Centre Vapriikkii, the exhibition is available from autumn 2020.
Picasso: Silver and Ceramics presents 51 of the master’s artworks, including silver plates, ceramic plates and ceramic artworks. This rare collection, which has never toured before, is now available fore hire in an exclusive tour to Europe and North America.
This exhibition available throughout 2020, co-produced by CP and Pan Art , features over 90 models and replicas of the most significant ancient Chinese scientific inventions, dating from the 3rd century BC to the 15th century. These exhibits come from the China Science and Technology Museum in Beijing.
What did dinosaurs eat – and how do we know? Immerse your audience in the world of dinosaurs. Visitors have to dig for fossils, rummage through dinosaur dung and find out what T. rex had for dinner. Available in 2020/2021.
This exhibition, available throughout 2020, features a selection of 26 costumes from the film, Marie Antoinette (2006) by American director, Sofia Coppola. In collaboration with Museo del Tessuto, Prato and Sartoria The One, Rome, the exhibition follows the vicissitudes of Marie Antoinette’s life through costumes, set design, and audio-video devices.
Dinosaur Encounter is a flexible exhibition featuring animatronic dinosaur models that can be incorporated into a bespoke dinosaur-themed event. Available in 2020/2021.
Snakes is a 15-case exhibition featuring engaging interactives and real taxidermied snake specimens, skeletons from around the world, including a 13ft skeleton of a Burmese python and a King cobra. It supports curriculum topics such as habitats and evolution, conservation and ecology. It is available from September 2020 onwards.
Game On is the first major exhibition exploring the vibrant history and culture of computer games. Running for 17 years, together with Game On 2.0, it is Barbican’s most popular exhibition, having received over 3.5M visitors combined so far.
If you would like to host the exhibition this year, please do get in touch to find out about last minute availability between April and September 2020.

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