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A digital ecosystem that encourages interaction, experimentation and collaborative play.

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Art, Nature, Science and Technology
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less than 200 sqm
200 to 500 sqm
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Museums and Galleries
Science Centres
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Immersive digital experience
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About the artists

Genetic Moo are prize-winning digital artists, building living installations in pixels and light. Their work is inspired by science, particularly ecology, symbiosis, morphology, mutation and evolving life systems.

They have exhibited extensively in the UK and abroad, including The Science Centre, Singapore; Eureka! The National Children’s Museum, Halifax, UK; LABoral, Gijon, Spain; ICC Open Sky Gallery, Hong Kong; Dreamland, Margate, UK; D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum, Dundee, Scotland; The Wellcome Collection, London, Old Vic Tunnels, London; Ekhart Gallery, Millersville, Penn, USA.
Genetic Moo is a collaboration between Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup.

Lumen Art Projects

Lumen Art Projects has installed, produced and curated Microworlds and a host of other art and technology exhibitions for nearly a decade globally. Representing a network of 400 digital artists worldwide, LAP has partnered with museums, institutions and festivals globally on commissions, exhibitions and events. It makes the installation of art and tech projects a seamless, effortless experience, providing set-up, maintenance, training and support.




Microworlds are interactive and immersive art environments filled with engaging digital creatures which will entertain and educate visitors of all ages. The creatures have life cycles, energy needs and survival techniques. They use sensors to respond to the audience and create an engaging and intuitive environment. Visitors can interact with those in the exhibition or design new ones, stimulating experimentation and collaborative play. Microworld is COVID-19 secure, allowing for visitors to socially distance from each other.

Microworlds have been shown all around the world. They are easy to install and surprisingly affordable.

Microworld artworks respond to the audience, the space and also to each other. They use webcams to see and microphones to hear. They exhibit life-like behaviour, adapting and changing over time and so we refer to them as creatures. 

What can visitors do?

Some visitors enjoy being physical – jumping around and interacting; some enjoy designing new creatures using the Microworld apps, and others enjoy sitting back watching and listening to the ever-changing sounds and action. Microworld appeals to all ages, combining art, entertainment and learning and is great for family engagement.

What is Microworld about?

Beyond the thrill of physically engaging with digital art, Microworld embraces many different themes both scientific and artistic; from Biodiversity to Biophilia.

How does a Microworld work?

Microworlds are modular exhibitions using computers, sensors and projectors. We offer two scales of Microworld to suit the size of your venue: a 4-screen installation and a 6 to 8-screen installation. Microworlds typically run for 3 months.

Microworld Connecting

Microworld exhibitions provide the perfect opportunity to involve your local community in digital creativity and to connect audiences with your collection.

VR and App Content


Digital art

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More Details About Technical Requirements
Microworld will need a stable internet connection to ensure that we can manage and provide mainantace for the smooth running of the exhibition.


Past and Future Venues
Microworld Windermere Jetty Museum, Cumbria, UK Feb 2024 - Jan 2025

Microworld Wolves Wolverhampton Art Gallery, Wolverhampton, UK 2023

Microworld Amelia The Amelia Scott, Royal Tunbridge Wells, UK 2023

Microworld Lincoln The Collection Museum, Lincoln, UK 2022

Microworld Kristiansand Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, Norway 2021

Microworld Millersville Eckert Art Gallery, Pennsylvania, USA 2020

Microworld Ithra The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia 2019-20

Microworld Beijing ITEC2018, International Tinkering Education Conference, Beijing, China 2018

Microworld Eureka! The National Children’s Museum, Halifax, UK 2018

Microworld Brecon Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon, Wales 2018

Microworld Singapore Geek_Play Maker Faire, Science Centre Singapore 2017

Microworld Cardiff 3 ArcadeCardiff, Cardiff, UK 2016

Microworld Leicester WotSPACE, Leicester, UK 2016

Microworld Kinetica Kinetica Art fair, London, UK 2014

Microworld Hong Kong The Lumen Prize, Hong Kong 2014

Microworld Cardiff 2 ArcadeCardiff, Cardiff, UK 2014

Microworld Papay Papay Gyro Nights, Papa Westray, Orkney 2014

Microworld Margate Marine Studios, Margate, UK 2013

Microworld Arcadia ArcadeCardiff, Cardiff, UK 2013

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What Visitors Are Saying

“Creating art as a family. Not just the kids playing with technology in isolation like they do at home”
— Microworld Leicester 2016

"The gallery show had us captivated. I took many pictures of my 81 year old husband interacting and playing"
— Microworld Brecon 2018

"We left all inhibitions at the door, jumping and dancing, we got caught up in it all."
— Microworld Eureka! 2018

"Fantastic accessible art for my usually distracted kids ... it’s the longest they’ve ever been engaged in a gallery!"
—Microworld Brecon 2018

"Wow! It's so beautiful. There were lots of nice colours and very cool things." "It's for everyone."
— Microworld Kristiansand 2021

"Weird and extremely amazing."
— Microworld Wolves, 2023
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