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Diving Deep, Sunken Treasure, Ancient Seas

Diving Deep, Sunken Treasure, Ancient Seas Claimed

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Diving Deep, Sunken Treasure, Ancient Seas

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Civilisations, History, Nature
Area Size
500 to 1000 sqm
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Museums and Galleries
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This unique and educational exhibition explores the fascinating underwater world of archaeology as it is practiced today. Shipwrecks and the means and methods to retrieve ancient artifacts, buried treasures and historical evidence are

the protagonists of a multi-element exhibition.

A special focus is given to the Mediterranean Sea and traces of the ancient civilizations that flourished in the region. According to one UN inventory, along these shores, some 1255 underwater archaeological coastal sites have

been identified.

Developed in collaboration with Italy’s leading underwater research organization, the Soprintendenza del Mare of Palermo, a selection of the submerged landscapes that surround the island of Sicily and the Italian coastline are brought to life through the use of various exhibition devices. Modern video capabilities

transport the visitor deep below the surface on a voyage of discovery and recovery. Original artifacts testify to past civilizations, while modern equipment and illustrations recount the stories of their rediscovery, excavation and restoration.

Through the exploitation of various exhibition mediums – dioramas, retro-illuminated graphics, printed scrims, videos, and video projections – the illusion of the underwater world, the quintessential environment of underwater archeology is to be created. Against this backdrop, the exhibition narrative unfolds,

and the cutting-edge science of this specialty is revealed. Against this backdrop, original objects tell their own stories.


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Diving Deep, Sunken Treasure, Ancient Seas

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