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EDG ignites and promotes cultural exchange by bringing exhibitions of art, science, history and popular culture to a diverse audience worldwide.



EDG ignites and promotes cultural exchange by bringing high quality traveling exhibitions of art, science, history and popular culture to a diverse audience worldwide. We are devoted to maximizing our clients’ collections and exhibition assets while delighting their visitors with educational and entertaining experiences.


EDG’s core strength lies in its international relationships. The founder of EDG has traveled to museums and collections around the globe developing lasting collaborations. The Exhibitionists have further cultivated lasting partnerships and placed exhibitions in nearly 200 institutions around the globe.

As the leader in the field, EDG has been called upon by more than a dozen exhibition organizers to sell and market their exhibitions. What differentiates the Exhibitionists from the competition? Our reputation, our clients, and our results that speak for themselves.


If you have put time and resources into creating a spectacular event, exhibition or experience, allow us to help you present your collection, ideas and stories to an international audience, while generating revenue for your institution.

Together with our global network of first rate technicians, logistics experts and installation specialists, will offer you consistent and superior service. Our dedicated team will guide and support you as your project expands and becomes a global success.


EDG develops, designs, and manages exhibitions, experiences, special programs and related events. Our clients include leading international museums, private collections, alternative venues (e.g. City halls, train stations, shopping centers, fairs/expos) and healthcare clients who align with EDG’s mission to ignite and promote cultural and educational exchange.


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Exhibits Development Group

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