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MySmartJourney specialises in the quick and easy implementation of contactless mediation experiences in public settings. Incubated in 2018 by MTLab (Montréal), a cultural, tourism, and entertainment innovation hub, the organization has developed a technology solution to ease the installation of multimedia experiences in public spaces. With this one-of-a-kind solution, it is simple to deploy information in context for visitors, employees, or clients in a location or on a physical object. The product offers a web platform that is linked to QR codes and NFC chips. It allows content creators to login and change shared information as they see fit. This flexible platform satisfies your needs for mediation, real-time information updates, promotion and operation. A library of rich interactives modules such as quizzes, forms, randomization, selfie booths, hidden contents behind right answers, etc… enable to configure easily rich interactive experiences. Chosen as an Ambassador by Québec Innove, MySmartJourney has received numerous innovation awards. Most notably, in 2018, the organization won the ADRIQ’s Favorite Startups award at the 28th Innovation Gala, and in 2019, it received the Foundation of Montreal Inc. award. As for its founder Isabelle Lopez (CEO), she received the Ubisoft Women in Tech award, was a member of the Canadian G20 Young Entrepreneur’s Alliance delegation, and was chosen by the Montreal Mayor’s office as a representative of the prestigious prize “Francophone Woman of the Year” of the International Association of Francophone Mayors in 2020. Our technology enables you to design tourism circuits, both indoors and outdoors; improve exhibition labels with visuals, games, and audio guides; and provide a contactless experience in hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions. The solutions we provide to traveling exhibition producers and hosts are as follows:
  • Transportation: Installation of our technology on shipping crates to associate usage instructions in video, item sheets, a Google checklist form, and the use of SketchFab (3D images).
  • Exhibition: Autonomous audio guide with mobile phone with cartel enhancement: the information broadcasted can be enriched with multimedia, quizzes, visitor instructions and augmented reality. Because adjustments and adaptations are simple, the exhibition can take on a local color with contents that are then personalized according to the reality of each location.
  • Visitor satisfaction: Add surveys and forms to learn about visitor satisfaction and other important information.

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Métropole du Mans, Écomusée Saint-Nazaire, Musée huront-wendat, Musée Martitime du Québec, Site historique Marguerite Bourgeoys, Science North, Musée Pointe à Callière, Parcs Canada, Culture Trois-Rivières, Port de Québec, Tourisme Montréal


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