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The Sound of Charlie Chaplin

The Sound of Charlie Chaplin Claimed

Exhibition Overview

The Sound of Charlie Chaplin

Exhibition Type
Contemporary Art, Popular Culture, Science and Technology
Area Size
500 to 1000 sqm
Designed For
Museums and Galleries
Science Centres
Entertainment Venues
Hiring Fee

For a 3-month rental excl. transport, installation, insurance:
100 000 € - 200 000 €

This hiring fee is set for the following exhibition format:
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Core Experience
Immersive digital experience
Hands-on activities
Original collection
Exhibition Partners
Curator: Sam Stourdzé

Co-curator: Mathilde Thibault-Starzyk

Consultant: Kate Guyonvarch

Set Design: Freaks architecture

Partners: Roy Export SAS

Many lenders : Roy Export Ltd, Fondation Seydoux-Pathé, Cinémathèque française, Lobster films...


Credits / Image Information

©Gil le Fauconnier - Visuals of the show in Paris



This project explores the extraordinary wealth of sound and music in Charlie Chaplin’s films, highlights his relation to music at large, including sound, dance and rhythm. From the beginning of his career in music-halls to the invention of his character “Tramp”, his work as a self-taught musician working on musical accompaniment, the exhibition also examines the way he refused at first to go into talkings then invented a “sound burlesque”… This exhibition offers a discovery of Chaplin’s cinematographic work from the largely unexplored viewpoint of music. It provides an audiovisual immersion into inventive montages appealing to all age groups with both small and large projections, interactive devices, and also even a Chaplin hologram. Children can enjoy many playful installations such as puzzle or interactive machine which adds sound effects to silent films. .

VR and App Content


Decorative objects
Technical objects

General Information

Available Package Options
Collection and interpretation
Content only
More Details About Technical Requirements
Designed for a 800 sqm/ 8610 sq ft space (can be adapted).
A reduced version of 150 sqm/ 1615 sq ft is also available - hire fee upon application

2 members of the Philharmonie teams are required to supervise the installation (venue to cover cost of transport, accommodation, per diems):
One person for the audiovisual supervision – 5 days
One person for the supervision of the interactive units – 5 days
One person for the sound supervision - 5 working days

All right cleared for content.

AV and light equipment are not provided with the exhibition (Philharmonie to give requirements upon application).
Additional Information
Musée de la musique provides to the Venue the following :

- overall content of the exhibition : artworks and texts (available in French and English)
- adaptation study with the Venue
- all rights cleared for content
- promotional kit : 10 images free of press - 25 images for communication
- supervision of the installation (Venue to cover costs of transport, accommodation and per diems)
- toolkit


Past and Future Venues
Philharmonie de Paris - Musée de la Musique:
October 11th, 2019 - January 26th 2020

Chaplin's World - Corsier-sur-Vevey - Switzerland :
March 11th 2020 - reopening June 13th - August 31st 2020

Extra Info

Curatorial excellence
Star object
Treasure collection
Immersive experience
Highlights Details
Discovery of the childhood of the young Charlie Chaplin in London, as well as his half-brother Sydney, and their stage debuts, through photographs, posters and rare documents.

Screening: variations around the imaginary world of the music hall in Chaplin's work, and the recurring presence of certain motifs, in particular, that of the drunk.

Chaplin at work : Original scores, working documents and unpublished recordings to understand Chaplin's creative process, with, in conclusion, the musical orchestrations of his films.

The Gold Rush : an epic film shoot, the story of the premiere and of the 1942 rerelease with music, including different musical accompaniments for the legendary "Dance of the Rolls".

30 Years of Cameras : Through the cinematographic equipment on display visitors will appreciate the technological revolution that cinema went through in Chaplin's time, before and after talking pictures.
Exhibition Add-Ons
Augmented Reality
Tailored trail kit (eg kids trail)
Easy translation
Catalogue / book

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The Sound of Charlie Chaplin

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