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Thomas Dambo’s Trolls

Thomas Dambo’s Trolls Claimed

Folklore-inspired troll sculptures made out of reclaimed materials

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Thomas Dambo’s Trolls

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Art, Nature
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more than 1000 sqm
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Outdoor Spaces
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For a 3-month rental excl. transport, installation, insurance:

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Core Experience
Original collection
Exhibition Partners
Thomas Dambo, Artist and Activist


Imagine Exhibitions, Inc., and Denmark-based recycle artist, Thomas Dambo will develop an all-new touring exhibition featuring Dambo’s signature troll sculptures built from reclaimed materials. The outdoor exhibition will build upon the tales surrounding the more than 75 giant trolls (and counting!) that Dambo has already created, while also telling an original story in and of itself. The experience will fuse fairytales, whimsy, and incredible art installations to inspire visitors to explore the importance of nature, climate change and other complex issues related to our relationship with the planet, nature, and animals.Dambo is an artist and recycle activist based in Denmark who carries the title of the world’s most prominent “recycle artist.” He is best known for his colossal troll sculptures that range in height from 16 to 50 feet and ‘live’ as semi-permanent installations in parks, greenspaces, industrial parks, and in other site-specific locations around the world. Each folklore-inspired sculpture is imbued with expression and character and is built entirely from scrap materials like wooden pallets, fallen branches, and twigs sourced from the location of the installation. Driven by a mission to inspire people to explore our relationship with the planet, many of Dambo’s works have an associated folk tale written by Dambo himself that addresses a complex problem of our world in an approachable, fun way and which ties in with the overarching story of all Dambo’s trolls.

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Adapted for outdoor displays

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Giant trolls
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Thomas Dambo’s Trolls

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