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Look2innovate SA is a leading provider of guiding solutions for the museum field.

With an experience of twenty years, we offer the largest, most advanced and most innovative range of multimedia audioguides worldwide.

We run a park of over 30,000 audioguide units, between rental and sales, and count among our long-term business partners prestigious museums and exhibition producers .


Our product range is completely renewed, boosting very innovative guiding solutions at the cutting edge of technology, and meets the operational, design, and competitive pricing needs of museums and exhibitions. 

 •     Professional multimedia Android players

•      Interactive versatile audioguides

•     Audioguide/tourguide combi solutions

•      Hands-free, all-in-one hadset audioguides

•      Professional hygienic headsets

•      Digital tourguides

•      UV-C sanitising systems

•      Directional speakers

To learn more about Look2Innovate’s products, you can contact the General Manager, Bechara Yared, via phone or emai :

Bechara Yared

General manager

Mob. +32 485 941 014

Office +352 497 420 40

Exhibitions References

Other Exhibition References
Uffizi in Florence
the Prado in Madrid
Centre des Monuments Nationaux in France (21 major historical sites such as Mont St Michel)
Dachau in Germany
the Royal Museums of Belgium
Semmel concerts (Tut exhibitions)
Meet Vincent Van Gogh travelling exhibition
Casa Battló Gaudi in Barcelona
The Formula One exhibition
the Titanic exhibitions
Johnny Halliday
Harry Potter


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