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COVID-19 statement from Teo

Forum space and Experience Gallery to open in support of the travelling exhibitions community

COVID-19 statement from Teo

from Brocéliande, france

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Dear colleagues and friends, In these unprecedented times, we share our support to the community in all areas of the globe. As digital channels become so central, when it is more important than ever to emphasise social interactions and find ways to humanise communications, we will fully maintain the platform activity and dedicate our efforts to keeping the community connected and supporting dialogue and connections worldwide. We are committed to continue to support international communications in the travelling exhibitions community and to enhance that support, we propose to widen space on the platform for discussion and brainstorm on the future of travelling exhibitions with:
  • a special page on Teo dedicated to articles and discussions, which address the future of travelling exhibitions in the context of the COVID-19 crisis;
  • an Experience Gallery, a virtual visit page with exhibitions video content to facilitate exhibition discovery (coming soon);
  • a tailored host support for hosting venues to assist in the search for future exhibitions.
As we somehow have to pause and do things differently, we wish you and yours to be well and share meaningful moments. Let’s stay strong and fight this crisis with solidarity, and the diversity and creativity that is at the heart of our community. Teo
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