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Call for proposals: call for expressions of interest from Imagine Exhibitions

Exclusive opportunity for Europe for a new travelling exhibition


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Imagine Exhibitions invites organisations in Europe to submit an expression of interest for a new outdoor travelling exhibition by acclaimed “recycled art artist” and environmental activist Thomas Dambo.

Dambo is one of the world’s most prominent “recycled art artists” He is best known for his colossal troll sculptures that live as semi-permanent installations in parks, greenspaces, industrial parks, and other site-specific locations worldwide. Each sculpture is imbued with expression and character and is built entirely from scrap materials like wooden pallets, fallen branches, and twigs sourced from the location of the installation. Driven by a mission to inspire people to explore our relationship with the planet, many of Dambo’s works have an associated folk tale written by Dambo that addresses a complex problem of our world in an approachable, fun way.

Imagine Exhibitions and Thomas Dambo debuted a new traveling exhibition in 2023, TROLLS: Save the Humans. Building on the phenomenal success of the TROLLS: Save the Humans, we are partnering with Thomas Dambo to create an all-new exhibition to debut in Europe.

Imagine Exhibitions is looking for dynamic European venues to submit an expression of interest to host in the fall of 2024, spring of 2025, and beyond for this new groundbreaking exhibition.

Learn more about the success of TROLLS: Save the Humans and Dambo’s commissioned works below. This exhibition will drive attendance and a robust demographic to your venue.

Why should you seize this opportunity?
  • Be one of the first venues to host this new and unique exhibition.
  • Showcase your commitment to sustainability and conservation.
  • Elevate your venue’s profile by hosting the works of a globally recognised artist.
  • Engage your audience with enchanting folklore-inspired sculptures made from recycled materials.
  • Drive increased visitation.
  • Attract new visitor demographics.
Visitor Feedback

Here’s what visitors had to say about TROLLS: Save the Humans by Thomas Dambo.*

  • We loved seeing the Trolls. We traveled from SC just to see them. We were delighted that there was so much beauty there apart from the Trolls!
  • My family and I had a wonderful experience learning about the exhibition and everything that was a part of the exhibition. We took ton of pictures.
  • This exhibit was a magical experience. Walking around the gardens, on the trails, hearing the sound of the cicadas, and then coming across the trolls felt like I had stepped into a real-life fable.
  • The Trolls were amazing works of art that interested both young and old.
  • I thought the traveling exhibit was excellent! Unique, carefully crafted and constructed, and the scale was astounding. We went back several times to look at the Trolls again. It was wonderful!

Learn more about Thomas Dambo, his work, and his mission.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to showcase your venue as a leader in innovation and environmental sustainability.

*According to a survey conducted by Imagine Exhibitions, in conjunction with Atlanta Botanical Garden, February 18 – September 17, 2023.

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