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Culturenut is a global agora, a marketplace where cultural institutions can buy, sell and exchange idle assets. The cultural world places tons of waste in landfills annually and this platforms provides an immediate solution. CultureNut was developed in 2019 to assist the international cultural world in recycling and up cycling idle assets. A portion of CultureNut proceeds benefits local, regional and International arts Initiatives through the L’etoile du Nord Cultural Foundation.

CultureNut is committed to the continued mission of recycling, up-cycling and reusing our resources. We ask you to do your part and ask one simple question? Do you need to throw it away or could someone else use it? If you think you need to throw it away, call us first.


Utilizing a global distribution platform, CultureNut

provides the cultural community a means to sell excess

and idle inventory (exhibitions, exhibits, furniture, cases,

hardware, media, computers, components, crates,

frames, and more).


Don’t throw away what you are not using! There is an

institution who can put that idle asset of yours to good

use. Your CFO will appreciate making your institution a

little GREEN while proving your institution’s commitment

to sustainability initiatives.


We send a newsletter once a month to buyers in the cultural

community, including museums, science centers, history centers,

zoos and aquariums, cultural centers, historic homes,

university and college art museums and galleries, etc.

You can always go to our website to see everything that is

available for sale at

Over the past few years, the Alegria Konzert GmbH has distinguished itself as a leading nationwide tour promoter with large scale symphonic live to projection events, such as the Disney in Concert tours with Pirates of the Caribbean as well as live productions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy in concert halls throughout Germany and Austria. Having started with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in January 2017, all eight films of the Harry Potter Series can be relived accompanied by a live orchestra over the next couple of years.

In February 2018, the European premiere of Star Wars in Concert: A New Hope kicked off a widespread tour with 20 performances in 10 cities across Germany and Austria.

Primary goal and passion of Alegria is to present unique cinematic concert experiences of high quality. Concerts and tours with Jonas Kaufmann, London Brass, Breakin’ Mozart, the St. Petersburg Festival Ballett and the Japanese drumming ensemble Kodo complete the company’s portfolio.

Another unique production followed in January 2022:


is a 360-degree journey through the history and the oeuvre of one of the most significant Artists of the last century!The journey and unique exhibition concept are brought to life with modern multimedia technology – here you can fully immerse yourself in the world and the world famous artwork of Claude Monet (1840-1926). Experience for yourself how illusion turns into reality. Elaborate installations and projections set to music create rustling worlds of colour and let you feel the paintings come to life in ways never seen before.

Enter Monet’s garden and become part of the scenery!

Mission: produce innovative public art and arts programming designed to engage, inspire, and empower youth and participants of all ages. 

Vision: create multidisciplinary arts programs inspired by popular culture which empower diverse audiences via creative outputs.

We achieve this through free, interactive and collaborative arts programming and culturally relevant experiences that:

Core Values:


Exhibition for shopping centers,airports and other locations to

increase customer frequency



Interactive experience exhibitions turn shopping into a leisure time activity for young and old. The shopping EXPERIENCE is the key to the success for shopping centres, city centres and specialised retail centres. Interactive experience exhibitions turn shopping into a leisure time activity for young and old.

Consumer temples and shopping arcades are things of the past: our manifold exhibitions on current topics turn shopping centres

& streets into EXPERIENCE CENTRES.



Immerse your visitors in the mysterious age of dragons or an Arabian fairy tale. Invite them to a safari through your location, where Africa’s Big 5 can be discovered or transform your location into a nature-oriented hideaway with TREExhibition.

We bring ideas and motifs to life and develop interactive exhibitions for shopping malls, castles, airports and other well-frequented venues, creating a WOW experience for your visitors that will be remembered for a long time. Nature lovers, for example, have the opportunity to playfully explore important facts about forests with our adventure ball tracks. Together we inspire young and old.

Curious now? Browse through our experience worlds and see for yourself!

Gondwana Studios produces the highest quality museum displays and exhibitions for both national and international markets.

We are experts in designing and fabricating exhibitions that are both scientifically accurate and visitor focused. We bridge the gap between science and the general public by creating exhibits that captivate the imagination and subsequently drive record-breaking visitor numbers.

Triebold Paleontology, Inc. designs and operates traveling exhibits. We primarily feature Savage Ancient Seas, an exhibit that showcases the animals in the ocean when the dinosaurs were alive, and Darwin and Dinosaurs, a show that features dinosaurs and Charles Darwin artifacts to teach about evolution and the history of the idea. TPI works with institutions and museums all over the world helping them design fossil exhibits. We build and supply materials for those exhibits as well. We regularly add new skills and capabilities and love inventing new and better ways of doing things. If you would like help with your exhibit, fossil themed or not, we would love to hear from you! If you would like to book one of our traveling shows, please reach out!

Sertek Exhibitions is a design, engineering, and manufacturing company of interactive experiences for science centers, children’s museums and theme parks. We offer services both as turn-key as well as partial solutions. We fabricate from classical tried-and-true exhibits to content-rich, iconic, high-tech, and top of the line interactive exhibits and exhibitions.

Art exhibit focused on wild animal conservation. Exhibit brings attention to wild animals and combines art and science to both educate and inspire change.

Low-cost exhibitions on environmental and sustainability themes

Curating Tomorrow develops affordable exhibitions on environmental and sustainability topics. The first of these, ‘Nature and Climate Change’, is based around specially commissioned illustrations of animals and plants affected by climate change in different ways, accompanied by educational information on the great diversity of ways that climate change impacts upon nature. This approach to touring exhibitions shows that touring can be low carbon, and tailored to local circumstances. The exhibition has been specially developed to be suitable for museums, aquaria, schools, zoos and other educational settings, drawing on Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship Education.

A consultancy to help museums support sustainable development

Curating Tomorrow is a consultancy for museums and the heritage sector, helping them draw on their unique resources to enhance their contributions to society and the natural environment, the Sustainable Development Goals, climate action and nature conservation. Curating Tomorrow can help you develop your exhibition content, and connect with the big picture. Curating Tomorrow works to connect people with policy agendas – including the Paris Climate Agreement, Convention on Biological Diversity and SDGs – in inspiring and enjoyable ways, promoting people’s active participation in imagining and creating the future we want.

The Istanbul Jazari Museum (IJM), was founded in 2018, inspired by the magnificent contribution of the greatest engineer of The Middle Ages, one of the world’s most eminent minds. IJM, which designs activities to mobilize scientific curiosity and artistic creativity simultaneously, acts with an understanding that the best way to preserve the world cultural heritage and pass it down to future generations is how this treasure is valued. The exhibitions and training programs of the Istanbul Jazari Museum aspire to introduce and attract the attention of visitors from all walks of life and echelons to world culture heritage. In this way, the aim is to encourage visitors to get to know the world better by becoming conscious and productive individuals in the field of history, science, art and culture. The IJM believes that in Turkey, one of the main geographies in which world culture thrives, if different kinds of physical and intellectual products that have been a witness to humanity’s adventure throughout tens of thousands of years are looked at more closely in an interactive way, new ideas can be sparked to inspire the future of humanity. With its own exhibition collections along with international exhibitions, training programs and cultural activities, the IJM offers a contemporary museum atmosphere.
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