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The Kunstpalast is the art museum of the city of Düsseldorf. As a lively house of art, it offers a sense of identification to all Düsseldorf citizens and seeks to inspire and encourage participation.

The Kunstpalast is located in the Ehrenhof, a unique art déco ensemble of the 1920s, which was extended by renowned Cologne architect Oswald Mathias Ungers. The building encompasses 10.000 m² of exhibition and event spaces. It also includes the Robert Schumann Hall, an outstanding concert hall holding 800 seats, as well as a shop, café and library.

Teo is the one-stop resource for the international touring exhibitions community. Created for hosts, producers and suppliers of international touring exhibitions, Teo is a global living resource for sharing best practices and fostering new international collaborations in the world of travelling exhibits.

Teo is dedicated to supporting the international touring exhibitions community by fostering new connections, dialogue, shared knowledge and best practices within the touring world.

Teo aspires to become the most engaging and supportive one-stop resource for the international touring exhibitions community. Teo endeavours to contribute to the fulfilment of an inclusive, diverse, inspiring and thriving international culture of touring.

Triebold Paleontology, Inc. designs and operates traveling exhibits. We primarily feature Savage Ancient Seas, an exhibit that showcases the animals in the ocean when the dinosaurs were alive, and Darwin and Dinosaurs, a show that features dinosaurs and Charles Darwin artifacts to teach about evolution and the history of the idea. TPI works with institutions and museums all over the world helping them design fossil exhibits. We build and supply materials for those exhibits as well. We regularly add new skills and capabilities and love inventing new and better ways of doing things. If you would like help with your exhibit, fossil themed or not, we would love to hear from you! If you would like to book one of our traveling shows, please reach out!

Since 2013 We Are Museums has been building a global museum community of change-makers and innovators. We Are Museums identifies and cultivates emerging models of museums that react and reply to today’s people’s needs and ecosystems. It fosters skills sharing and capacity building to stimulate social, technological and environmental innovation in museums and society, to stay relevant at a local level within a global scale.

In 2020, We Are Museums celebrated an eight-year-long journey going from an annual conference highlighting international best practices and creating a strong community of like-minded museum professionals  worldwide. We Are Museums has transformed into a movement founded on the ethos “social and technological innovations can empower museums to become good for people and the planet” and composed of museum practitioners, museum policymakers, startups and companies, artists and designers, researchers and students. In March 2020, We Are Museums founded the online community of We Are Museums and found its permanent physicality.

Our Conference Rationale
Predicting museum futures is no mean feat. Being unreasonably bold would be faced with the challenges of the now that would acknowledge much more what comes across as reasonable. It might be absolutely unreasonable that we re-invent the museum institution to address climate emergencies. Transforming the museum into a public space with a participatory management model is an ambition yet to be achieved. We might ask whether Museums can morph into genuinely democratic, inclusive and polyphonic spaces for critical conversations about pasts and futures. We could also question whether museums can ever be fully integrated within communities, acting as co-catalysts for radical changes in ways of seeing and living. Indeed, will a human-central museum, at peace with the natural environment, ever see the light of day? This conference seeks to present the latest thinking, actions and initiatives that modestly or radically depart from the traditional mold of curator/object-central spaces. We are keen on showcasing the latest developments in the museum landscape, be they conceptual initiatives or projects that are happening and evolving in the now, and which may well inform, influence and define the museum, particularly with regards to climate change, artificial intelligence and future technologies, but not just. We are open to anything that is absolutely unreasonable to predict a reasonable future for museums. We welcome contributions from scholars, museum curators and directors, think-tanks, institutions and others working in the museum sector who act as or support game-changers in the sector. — The bi-annual conference is an international project developed jointly by Prof. Carmel Borg and Dr Sandro Debono at the Department of Arts, Open Communities and Adult Education (University of Malta). The conference seeks to inform the Department’s vision for and its active advocacy towards democratising the museum space and develop new museum models that are inclusive and polyphonic.
Pre-Conference Webinar Events
Pre-Conference Webinar Events will be proposed from October to December 2020, with six international voices from the museum world, each of whom shall be sharing views and perspectives about museum futures. Each speaker shall present a personal reaction to future challenges and ambitions during a dedicated webinar. Towards the end, Mike Murawski, change leader and committed advocate for more equitable and community-centred museums shall present his reflections on the presentation and discussion. The webinars shall be moderated by Prof. Carmel Borg and Dr Sandro Debono from the Department of Arts, Open Communities and Adult Education, at the University of Malta. We have asked speakers to react to the conference theme – ‘Shaping Museum Futures’ – through their very own lens, experience, advocacy and expertise. Knowing too well that this is the topic of the moment facing museums across the globe, the webinars shall hopefully contribute to the much-needed discussion about museums and their role in a post-COVID19 world. The pre-conference webinar events precede the call for papers and posters for the conference ‘MUŻE.X – Shaping Museum Futures’ taking place in October 2021.
MUŻE.X conference
The MUŻE.X conference will take place on the 18 – 20 October 2021 and will be hosted by the University of Malta Valletta Campus, MALTA.HERITΛGE runs a backbone education series for practitioners with a minimum of five years experience, Executive Leadership Workshops for leading professionals, summer field schools for senior students and junior practitioners and an MA in Heritage Management training both current and future heritage managers. The Executive Leadership Education program is a series of 3 to 6-day intensive workshops designed for practitioners who wish to advance the preservation and management of heritage sites. Aware of the fact that these individuals are most often too busy to attend any but the most focused and intensive programs, we have partnered with experts in each of the substantive fields, to provide quality focused workshops on a number of important aspects of heritage management: Successful Fundraising for Heritage Managers Interpretive Writing for Natural and Cultural Heritage Strategy Organizing Temporary Exhibitions from your Collections and Touring Strategies Digital Tools for Heritage Management Human Resource Management Communication Strategy and Strategic Marketing for Cultural Organizations Personal Interpretation for Natural and Cultural Heritage Brand New Thinking for Heritage The sum is greater than the parts: Collaboration is a basic tenet of HERITΛGE. Besides weaving an invaluable global network among participants, collaborative programs generate great dynamics, potential and opportunities.

Blooloop is the world’s leading online resource for professionals working in the visitor attractions and travelling exhibitions sector. Our website and social media channels are trusted and relied upon to highlight the latest news and trends across the industry worldwide, through editorial, news items, blogs and events.

We host industry-leading events such as greenloop focusing on sustainability throughout museums and attractions, as well as our upcoming Festival of Licensing. We also recognise the achievements and innovations of museum professionals with our annual Blooloop 50 Museum Influencer List.

Culture Connect is a consultancy specialising in unlocking the international potential of the cultural sector; harnessing its ability to build bridges between people, institutions and countries.Culture Connect supports cultural leaders and their team to identify, develop and deliver international partnerships and collaborations based on sound cultural, ecological and financial principles.Through our advisory services, we foster innovative and sustainable collaborative practices that enable cultural organisations to thrive in a complex globalised environment where business models, approaches to digital and partnership frameworks have to be re-invented.Our services includes:- STRATEGY [international benchmarking | idea generation | audit | strategic planning | strategy design]- PARTNERSHIP [partners identification & assessment | partnership negotiation | project management]- TRAINING [workshops | training programme | mentoring & coaching]

Ecsite is the European focal point of science engagement. Ecsite’s vision is to foster creativity and critical thinking in European society, emboldening citizens to engage with science. The Ecsite network brings together 320+ members: science centres, museums, research bodies, festivals, universities, planetariums, foundations, companies, local authorities, etc. Together, they reach more than 40 million citizens per year.
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