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Culturenut is a global agora, a marketplace where cultural institutions can buy, sell and exchange idle assets. The cultural world places tons of waste in landfills annually and this platforms provides an immediate solution. CultureNut was developed in 2019 to assist the international cultural world in recycling and up cycling idle assets. A portion of CultureNut proceeds benefits local, regional and International arts Initiatives through the L’etoile du Nord Cultural Foundation.

CultureNut is committed to the continued mission of recycling, up-cycling and reusing our resources. We ask you to do your part and ask one simple question? Do you need to throw it away or could someone else use it? If you think you need to throw it away, call us first.


Utilizing a global distribution platform, CultureNut

provides the cultural community a means to sell excess

and idle inventory (exhibitions, exhibits, furniture, cases,

hardware, media, computers, components, crates,

frames, and more).


Don’t throw away what you are not using! There is an

institution who can put that idle asset of yours to good

use. Your CFO will appreciate making your institution a

little GREEN while proving your institution’s commitment

to sustainability initiatives.


We send a newsletter once a month to buyers in the cultural

community, including museums, science centers, history centers,

zoos and aquariums, cultural centers, historic homes,

university and college art museums and galleries, etc.

You can always go to our website to see everything that is

available for sale at


Exhibition for shopping centers,airports and other locations to

increase customer frequency



Interactive experience exhibitions turn shopping into a leisure time activity for young and old. The shopping EXPERIENCE is the key to the success for shopping centres, city centres and specialised retail centres. Interactive experience exhibitions turn shopping into a leisure time activity for young and old.

Consumer temples and shopping arcades are things of the past: our manifold exhibitions on current topics turn shopping centres

& streets into EXPERIENCE CENTRES.



Immerse your visitors in the mysterious age of dragons or an Arabian fairy tale. Invite them to a safari through your location, where Africa’s Big 5 can be discovered or transform your location into a nature-oriented hideaway with TREExhibition.

We bring ideas and motifs to life and develop interactive exhibitions for shopping malls, castles, airports and other well-frequented venues, creating a WOW experience for your visitors that will be remembered for a long time. Nature lovers, for example, have the opportunity to playfully explore important facts about forests with our adventure ball tracks. Together we inspire young and old.

Curious now? Browse through our experience worlds and see for yourself!

The Istanbul Jazari Museum (IJM), was founded in 2018, inspired by the magnificent contribution of the greatest engineer of The Middle Ages, one of the world’s most eminent minds. IJM, which designs activities to mobilize scientific curiosity and artistic creativity simultaneously, acts with an understanding that the best way to preserve the world cultural heritage and pass it down to future generations is how this treasure is valued. The exhibitions and training programs of the Istanbul Jazari Museum aspire to introduce and attract the attention of visitors from all walks of life and echelons to world culture heritage. In this way, the aim is to encourage visitors to get to know the world better by becoming conscious and productive individuals in the field of history, science, art and culture. The IJM believes that in Turkey, one of the main geographies in which world culture thrives, if different kinds of physical and intellectual products that have been a witness to humanity’s adventure throughout tens of thousands of years are looked at more closely in an interactive way, new ideas can be sparked to inspire the future of humanity. With its own exhibition collections along with international exhibitions, training programs and cultural activities, the IJM offers a contemporary museum atmosphere.MEF has developed into a center for leading researchers and a key education and training center for paleontology in Latin America. Through our ground breaking research programme, paleontologists continuously discover new species of dinosaurs, mammals and plants. We are the home of the largest dinosaur in the world, the Patagotitan mayorum, sauropod from the family of titanosaurs, 38 meters long and almost 8 meters high, as well as of Manidens, the smallest dinosaur in the world. We propose a unique Travelling Exhibitions Program, designed to promote and exhibit the paleontological richness of Patagonia and to provide additional funding to the General MEF Scientific Program. As such, it features the latest research and scientific accuracy in the production of exhibitions and individual casts. We offer three types of solutions for museums and exhibitions: 1. The cast of the biggest dinosaur in the World: the giant Patagotitan 2. A catalog of exhibits about the amazing dinosaurs from Patagonia, with several exhibition options. 3. Cutting edge casting services and scientific scripts for other Museums.National Museums Liverpool tour exhibitions regionally, nationally and internationally. We cover a diverse range of subjects in the fields of art, history and science. We put the visitor experience and storytelling at the heart of our exhibitions, delivering shows that are inventive and engaging and which provide memorable experiences. Our experienced and dedicated in-house team of curators, conservators, designers and production staff work with venues to ensure that our exhibitions and loans can be displayed at their very best. Please contact Andrew Bullock, Senior Exhibitions Officer, to discuss our current opportunities for exhibitions for hire, loans or partnerships.

Cité de la musique – Philharmonie de Paris is not just a complex of three concert halls. Its main aim is to encourage a new approach to music by surrounding its concerts with a range of dynamic, convivial communication activities, including exhibition visits, introductory circuits and the group practice and culture of music, not to mention access to a wide variety of editorial and digital resources.The 2,400-seat hall at the heart of this offer has already proved to be one of the most extraordinary in the world in terms of its design, ergonomics and acoustics. The new building designed by Jean Nouvel also holds teaching areas to host group practice for all and no fewer than six state-of-the-art rehearsal rooms to satisfy the needs of professional musicians. Just next door, Cité de la musique designed by architect Christian de Portzamparc notably offers a museum, two concert halls and a media library.The strength of the project lies in the complementary nature of the four missions of Cité de la musique -Philharmonie de Paris. On its opening year, the Philharmonie received more than 1.2 million visitors, among which 400 000 visiting the exhibitions and 300 000 the museum of music.Within the Cité de la musique – Philharmonie de Paris, the Musée de la musique is a special place where music and fine arts, history and society are all interwoven, not only in the permanent collection but also in the vibrant temporary exhibitions that reflect the mission of this unique institution.The museum chooses exhibitions showcasing major figures from the worlds of pop, folk and academic music and significant musical cultures from around the world. Its events also explore the ties between music and fine arts, film, etc., and how music fits into a specific societal or political context.

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