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Exhibition Hub is a curator, producer, and distributor of large exhibitions across the world, from Brazil to China. We deliver edutainment experiences to wide audiences and adapt our productions to any kind of venue: from museums, exhibition centers, and galleries to shopping malls, old churches, historical places, and other unique spots.

Since we started in 2015, we have produced more than 70 exhibitions across the world and have reached more than 6 million visitors.

Nowadays, Exhibition Hub focuses more and more on immersive experiences. Digital art exhibitions are a perfect example. We animate for instance masterpieces of Van Gogh or Claude Monet. We offer a spectacular 360° light and music show as well as a unique virtual reality experience.

Cirque Éloize’s productions have proudly boasted more than 6 000 performances in over 600 cities and have been seen by over 5 million spectators. Cirque Éloize has also participated in the most prestigious festivals. In addition to its touring shows, more than 1,800 Cirque Éloize-designed events have taken place worldwide.

Experiential Media Group (E/M Group) is the leading provider of premier museum-quality exhibitions throughout the world and the recognized leader in developing and displaying unique exhibitions for entertainment and education.

Through full scale recreations, immersive environments, engaging content and one-of-a-kind objects and artifacts, our exhibitions provide visitors with unforgettable experiences to share with family and friends. Each exhibition experience invites visitors to participate, enjoy, cherish, and to remember.

The Young Castle

The Children’s Museum of the Württemberg State Museum


The ‘Young Castle’ is a meeting place for children and families, a place for learning and for having fun. A place that stands up for children’s needs, rights and interests. A place that reflects the living environment of our diverse society.


‘Das Junge Schloss’ – literally, ‘The Young Castle’ – opened its doors in 2010 as the region’s first exhibition venue designed especially for children. It is part of the Württemberg State Museum, one of Germany’s largest museums of cultural history with exhibits from the Stone Age to the present day. The ‘Junge Schloss’ makes history and culture accessible and understandable for children. The children’s museum offers young visitors a cognitive, sensory and motor skills. experience that is adaptable to their individual strengths and needs. Children can acquire historical, cultural and societal knowledge not only through looking at objects and reading the explanations, but also by touching, smelling, moving, and – last but not least – by creating things with their own hands. Young visitors are encouraged to become aware of their own roots and, as a long-term goal, to develop a sense of their own identity.


area covered: 400m²

average duration of exhibitions: 9 months


The Württemberg State Museum

The Württemberg State Museum in Stuttgart’s ‘Altes Schloss’ (Old Castle) documents the fascinating history of our state from the stone age until today. The museum’s collections cover archaeology, art history and cultural history, taking visitors through Württemberg’s past. Besides the crown jewels of the Württemberg kingdom, the museum’s highlights include some of humankind’s oldest art objects, such as a delicate 35,000-year-old lion’s head carved out of mammoth ivory and the extraordinary grave furnishings of the Hochdorf Celtic prince.


Mission: produce innovative public art and arts programming designed to engage, inspire, and empower youth and participants of all ages. 

Vision: create multidisciplinary arts programs inspired by popular culture which empower diverse audiences via creative outputs.

We achieve this through free, interactive and collaborative arts programming and culturally relevant experiences that:

Core Values:


Exhibition for shopping centers,airports and other locations to

increase customer frequency



Interactive experience exhibitions turn shopping into a leisure time activity for young and old. The shopping EXPERIENCE is the key to the success for shopping centres, city centres and specialised retail centres. Interactive experience exhibitions turn shopping into a leisure time activity for young and old.

Consumer temples and shopping arcades are things of the past: our manifold exhibitions on current topics turn shopping centres

& streets into EXPERIENCE CENTRES.



Immerse your visitors in the mysterious age of dragons or an Arabian fairy tale. Invite them to a safari through your location, where Africa’s Big 5 can be discovered or transform your location into a nature-oriented hideaway with TREExhibition.

We bring ideas and motifs to life and develop interactive exhibitions for shopping malls, castles, airports and other well-frequented venues, creating a WOW experience for your visitors that will be remembered for a long time. Nature lovers, for example, have the opportunity to playfully explore important facts about forests with our adventure ball tracks. Together we inspire young and old.

Curious now? Browse through our experience worlds and see for yourself!

Triebold Paleontology, Inc. designs and operates traveling exhibits. We primarily feature Savage Ancient Seas, an exhibit that showcases the animals in the ocean when the dinosaurs were alive, and Darwin and Dinosaurs, a show that features dinosaurs and Charles Darwin artifacts to teach about evolution and the history of the idea. TPI works with institutions and museums all over the world helping them design fossil exhibits. We build and supply materials for those exhibits as well. We regularly add new skills and capabilities and love inventing new and better ways of doing things. If you would like help with your exhibit, fossil themed or not, we would love to hear from you! If you would like to book one of our traveling shows, please reach out!

The Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) is an international competition dedicated to the art of travel photography and encompasses all genres within this – people, landscapes, wildlife, cultures, architecture, history, food, places of interest, streetlife, reportage and more in a broad spectrum of styles from documentary to fine art.

Every year, photographers from all around the world, professional and amateur, are invited to take part in this popular and inspiring international competition designed to showcase the best in contemporary travel photography.

The competition has grown into one the world’s most prestigious photography awards, with participants from over 145 countries each year.

A unique selection is created every year by an international jury, to celebrate original contemporary work in travel photography. Thematic categories notably include People and their Stories, Landscapes & Adventure, Living World and One Shot: Icons of Travel.

TPOTY proposes a portfolio of international touring exhibitions featuring awarded artworks and stories from the Travel Photographer competition. Curated shows are available as well as custom selections, for museums, galleries, cultural centres, cities and events. These include experiences designed for gallery presentations as well as exhibitions for outdoor display, with a variety of formats.

Travel Photographer of the Year exhibitions have been travelling to the United Kingdom, China, Dubai, Malta, Portugal and Sharjah… with more destinations and venues to come.

Sertek Exhibitions is a design, engineering, and manufacturing company of interactive experiences for science centers, children’s museums and theme parks. We offer services both as turn-key as well as partial solutions. We fabricate from classical tried-and-true exhibits to content-rich, iconic, high-tech, and top of the line interactive exhibits and exhibitions.

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