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Teo is the one-stop resource for the international touring exhibitions community. Created for hosts, producers and suppliers of international touring exhibitions, Teo is a global living resource for sharing best practices and fostering new international collaborations in the world of travelling exhibits.

Teo is dedicated to supporting the international touring exhibitions community by fostering new connections, dialogue, shared knowledge and best practices within the touring world.

Teo aspires to become the most engaging and supportive one-stop resource for the international touring exhibitions community. Teo endeavours to contribute to the fulfilment of an inclusive, diverse, inspiring and thriving international culture of touring.

Influence for good is an agency for the design and deployment of influence communication strategies, specialising in complex and strategic issues.

We work on communication issues for institutional and B2B clients. Our team, with backgrounds in finance, advertising, urban planning and contemporary art, is capable of understanding all the regulatory and technical aspects of regulated professions.

Our experience and technical expertise on the ecological and solidarity transition allow us to federate stakeholders around the programmes of our clients or their companies and to make their organisation more resilient, attractive and competitive.

Thanks to the academic approach of its team members, the agency has developed analytical, consultative and prospective tools and methods that give our clients a head start.

Factorr has produced, designed, and distributed experiences since 2005. We create narrative environments to transform audiences, deliver business value, and drive positive societal impact.

Our activities revolve around three main services:

Creating experiences

We produce, design, and manage successful attractions, exhibitions, and activations. We do this for collections, IP owners, and organizations.


We add value to spaces such as retail environments, real estate developments, and municipalities/regions through arts, culture, and entertainment.

Distributing IP

We provide and distribute a catalogue of turn-key experiences that connect producers, content owners, local presenters, museums, and visitor attractions.

Digital Rise is an awarded creative studio that designs and produces engaging storyliving experiences. Our creations raise emotion through collective immersion for a general audience. Digital Rise’s expertise blends arts and technologies to create images, sound, live performances, virtual and augmented reality, engaging interactivity and gaming principles. Our stories are designed with the promise for unique experiences worth living and sharing.

Our services include:

Custom interactive design with an expertise for digital and immersive technologies: You are a museum or a location with an exhibition to update, we are here to help you with the most accurate solution for your audience.

Immersive story design: You are a venue or you have a space available  and you want to host unique experiences for your audience? We design fully immersive storyliving experiences that dare to explore cross-media narrative worlds with solid engaging user interactive design.

Virtual tour: You want to extend your audience on-line with a digital version of your exhibition? Let’s find together the best option to create the virtual presence that will fit your identity and will value your collections.

Culture Connect is a consultancy specialising in unlocking the international potential of the cultural sector; harnessing its ability to build bridges between people, institutions and countries.Culture Connect supports cultural leaders and their team to identify, develop and deliver international partnerships and collaborations based on sound cultural, ecological and financial principles.Through our advisory services, we foster innovative and sustainable collaborative practices that enable cultural organisations to thrive in a complex globalised environment where business models, approaches to digital and partnership frameworks have to be re-invented.Our services includes:- STRATEGY [international benchmarking | idea generation | audit | strategic planning | strategy design]- PARTNERSHIP [partners identification & assessment | partnership negotiation | project management]- TRAINING [workshops | training programme | mentoring & coaching]

We strive to promote new concepts, thinking and ideas that inspire the narratives of display and exhibitions of tomorrow. Our ambition is to translate participatory experiences into cutting-edge projects that inform and inspire. We specialise in project management with over 20 years in managing exhibitions from concept to opening night and beyond. We have the necessary experience and expertise to support you with various stages of your project. If you’ve read up to this point then you might be interested to know more. We’re happy to oblige in point form We specialise in content development including interpretation strategies guiding the selection of themes and topics, objects and material culture. We’re passionate about bespoke research and new approaches to touring exhibitions that are participatory, engaging and thought-provoking. We also have what it takes to curate bespoke projects in response to specific audiences. Indeed, we do believe that the right ideas are those that match with your intended audiences. Given our extensive experiences with exhibitions, particularly art exhibitions, we are comfortable working within a multi-disciplinary team bridging curators with educations, registrars and exhibitions management. In short,With more than 20 years of experience, having created EXTRA the first databe online on traveling exhibition (ECSITE) and presented Lascaux 15 time all over the world Dr Olivier RETOUT is a senior consultancy able to develop business model for any kind of exhibition devoted to tour.Since 2005, Annabelle Mauger and Julien Baron work together pionneering in the art of immersive exhibitions. They directed the first original immersive exhibition about Vincent Van Gogh. Today, they’re the only company allowed by the Picasso administration to design a touring and immersive exhibition fully dedicated to Pablo Picasso.

Combining Cité des sciences et de l’industrie and Palais de la découverte, Universcience is the first public French establishment for the dissemination of scientific and technical culture.With an internationally recognized experience, our teams can boast genuine expertise in cultural, scientific and technical engineering.From the rental of exhibitions to the installation of new cultural equipment, from the initial analysis phase of the economic context to the design of the future equipment, Universcience designs new tailor-made scientific cultural concepts for its partners specifically made to suit families, children, and young adults.

Imagineear provides rich media experiences to visitor attractions, museums, galleries, cultural and travelling exhibitions, heritage sites as well as sports clubs and stadia worldwide. Since the company was founded just ten years ago, we have delivered 41 million multimedia experiences to visitors at over 250 client sites worldwide, from the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and Houses of Parliament in London to Wembley Stadium, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and the Kennedy Space Center.

We create and deliver highly engaging, interactive, multi-lingual self-guided and group-guided multimedia experiences on all manner of screens from hand-held devices to AV display panels. We design tours that appeal to all ages and bring stories, exhibits, points of interest and venues to life. We build hardware, software, apps and content; we help manage visitor flow, shape and design the visitor experience, optimise visitor spend and feed data insights back to you to inform your future decision making.

The power of compelling content

Our in-house production team of highly-skilled designers, creators and innovators will work closely and collaboratively with you every step of the way to carefully design your visitors’ journey – both physical and emotional – using cutting-edge design tools such as 3D route mapping. Our expert scriptwriters, producers and multimedia designers craft rich tour narratives interwoven with innovative content and features from 360° media and interactive games to visual recognition, proximity and content synchronisation technologies.

Our TourBuilderPlus™ content management platform offers you complete creative flexibility and streamlines the many production processes into an easy and intuitive workflow of building blocks to create bespoke visitor experiences uniquely tailored to tell your story, with a look and feel that is fully aligned with your brand. Used in-house by the Imagineear team, the system also provides clients with access to preview parts of the tour, give comments and feedback, monitor updates and request changes in real time, giving you more control over your tour production than ever before.

The potential of intelligent technologies

We work hard through innovation and continual R&D to develop outstanding hardware and software solutions. With no requirement for existing infrastructure we can provide you with everything you need, from robust and flexible technology solutions to expert operational support. Your visitors enjoy their multimedia tours using our purpose-built, Android-based touchscreen MPtouch™ tablets. Each of our devices is designed with a battery pack for all-day repeat use, increased memory capacity to hold multiple tours and languages, and built-in security alarm for indoor and outdoor use. Imagineear’s web app solution means visitors also have the option to use their own device to experience the tour – which appears visually identical – whether on site or at home, which helps you reach the widest audience possible during this period of reduced visitor capacities.

In a COVID-adapted world, Imagineear is committed to helping you operate your museum, attraction or venue confidently, with tools and technology which support hygiene management and social distancing measures. Imagineear’s SafeSpace™ is an autonomous means of ensuring technologically that visitors remain at a safe physical distance from each other whilst onsite. SafeSpace™ operates out of the box on Imagineear devices as a simple software upgrade. When a visitor, or family group’s space is compromised by another visitor, SafeSpace™ triggers an audio, haptic and/or visual alert on the user’s device prompting them to keep a safe distance from each other.

In addition, our group-guiding technologies give tour leaders full control of the group and their tour experience, offering crystal clear commentary even in the busiest of environments. With our ground-breaking Multimedia GroupGuide™ technology, group leaders can now intersperse live commentary with dynamic multimedia content, including 360º videos and VR/AR image recognition, all personalised in the visitor’s own language.

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