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Culturenut is a global agora, a marketplace where cultural institutions can buy, sell and exchange idle assets. The cultural world places tons of waste in landfills annually and this platforms provides an immediate solution. CultureNut was developed in 2019 to assist the international cultural world in recycling and up cycling idle assets. A portion of CultureNut proceeds benefits local, regional and International arts Initiatives through the L’etoile du Nord Cultural Foundation.

CultureNut is committed to the continued mission of recycling, up-cycling and reusing our resources. We ask you to do your part and ask one simple question? Do you need to throw it away or could someone else use it? If you think you need to throw it away, call us first.


Utilizing a global distribution platform, CultureNut

provides the cultural community a means to sell excess

and idle inventory (exhibitions, exhibits, furniture, cases,

hardware, media, computers, components, crates,

frames, and more).


Don’t throw away what you are not using! There is an

institution who can put that idle asset of yours to good

use. Your CFO will appreciate making your institution a

little GREEN while proving your institution’s commitment

to sustainability initiatives.


We send a newsletter once a month to buyers in the cultural

community, including museums, science centers, history centers,

zoos and aquariums, cultural centers, historic homes,

university and college art museums and galleries, etc.

You can always go to our website to see everything that is

available for sale at

Teo is the one-stop resource for the international touring exhibitions community. Created for hosts, producers and suppliers of international touring exhibitions, Teo is a global living resource for sharing best practices and fostering new international collaborations in the world of travelling exhibits.

Teo is dedicated to supporting the international touring exhibitions community by fostering new connections, dialogue, shared knowledge and best practices within the touring world.

Teo aspires to become the most engaging and supportive one-stop resource for the international touring exhibitions community. Teo endeavours to contribute to the fulfilment of an inclusive, diverse, inspiring and thriving international culture of touring.

Influence for good is an agency for the design and deployment of influence communication strategies, specialising in complex and strategic issues.

We work on communication issues for institutional and B2B clients. Our team, with backgrounds in finance, advertising, urban planning and contemporary art, is capable of understanding all the regulatory and technical aspects of regulated professions.

Our experience and technical expertise on the ecological and solidarity transition allow us to federate stakeholders around the programmes of our clients or their companies and to make their organisation more resilient, attractive and competitive.

Thanks to the academic approach of its team members, the agency has developed analytical, consultative and prospective tools and methods that give our clients a head start.


Exhibition for shopping centers,airports and other locations to

increase customer frequency



Interactive experience exhibitions turn shopping into a leisure time activity for young and old. The shopping EXPERIENCE is the key to the success for shopping centres, city centres and specialised retail centres. Interactive experience exhibitions turn shopping into a leisure time activity for young and old.

Consumer temples and shopping arcades are things of the past: our manifold exhibitions on current topics turn shopping centres

& streets into EXPERIENCE CENTRES.



Immerse your visitors in the mysterious age of dragons or an Arabian fairy tale. Invite them to a safari through your location, where Africa’s Big 5 can be discovered or transform your location into a nature-oriented hideaway with TREExhibition.

We bring ideas and motifs to life and develop interactive exhibitions for shopping malls, castles, airports and other well-frequented venues, creating a WOW experience for your visitors that will be remembered for a long time. Nature lovers, for example, have the opportunity to playfully explore important facts about forests with our adventure ball tracks. Together we inspire young and old.

Curious now? Browse through our experience worlds and see for yourself!

MySmartJourney specialises in the quick and easy implementation of contactless mediation experiences in public settings. Incubated in 2018 by MTLab (Montréal), a cultural, tourism, and entertainment innovation hub, the organization has developed a technology solution to ease the installation of multimedia experiences in public spaces. With this one-of-a-kind solution, it is simple to deploy information in context for visitors, employees, or clients in a location or on a physical object. The product offers a web platform that is linked to QR codes and NFC chips. It allows content creators to login and change shared information as they see fit. This flexible platform satisfies your needs for mediation, real-time information updates, promotion and operation. A library of rich interactives modules such as quizzes, forms, randomization, selfie booths, hidden contents behind right answers, etc… enable to configure easily rich interactive experiences. Chosen as an Ambassador by Québec Innove, MySmartJourney has received numerous innovation awards. Most notably, in 2018, the organization won the ADRIQ’s Favorite Startups award at the 28th Innovation Gala, and in 2019, it received the Foundation of Montreal Inc. award. As for its founder Isabelle Lopez (CEO), she received the Ubisoft Women in Tech award, was a member of the Canadian G20 Young Entrepreneur’s Alliance delegation, and was chosen by the Montreal Mayor’s office as a representative of the prestigious prize “Francophone Woman of the Year” of the International Association of Francophone Mayors in 2020. Our technology enables you to design tourism circuits, both indoors and outdoors; improve exhibition labels with visuals, games, and audio guides; and provide a contactless experience in hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions. The solutions we provide to traveling exhibition producers and hosts are as follows:
What is Producer360?
Producer360 is an ecommerce and marketing toolkit we have built specifically with Exhibition Producers in mind. Our solution is available for a range of producers including touring exhibitions and promoters who host travelling exhibitions. We integrate with your current ticketing provider to give your customers a great online ticket purchase experience, and give you more data to power your marketing. It is incredibly simple to integrate – we do all the heavy lifting.  Our toolkit includes: All this means that ultimately our partners sell more tickets for their exhibitions with an optimised purchase journey and intuitive marketing tools. 
Why should you use Producer360 for your future touring exhibition?
Producer360 will give your customers a much better purchase experience and has been proven to increase conversion rates by 20%. With our upsell functionality you can also increase your ancillary revenues significantly through upgrades and add-ons.  Our dashboard will give you more visibility on your customers and save you time in compiling endless reports. You’ll benefit from our whole range of marketing tools, new features which are developed and our knowledgeable account management team who can help advise on how best to grow your sales.   Plus we’ll work with you to answer any particular pain points and implement your exhibition’s unique branding. We work collaboratively with our partners, and we would love to hear any challenges you have so we can come up with innovative solutions.  Please get in touch to arrange a demonstration, or an exploratory conversation on how we can work together to help you sell more tickets.

Factorr has produced, designed, and distributed experiences since 2005. We create narrative environments to transform audiences, deliver business value, and drive positive societal impact.

Our activities revolve around three main services:

Creating experiences

We produce, design, and manage successful attractions, exhibitions, and activations. We do this for collections, IP owners, and organizations.


We add value to spaces such as retail environments, real estate developments, and municipalities/regions through arts, culture, and entertainment.

Distributing IP

We provide and distribute a catalogue of turn-key experiences that connect producers, content owners, local presenters, museums, and visitor attractions.

Way Experience combines innovation, culture, marketing and communication media through a new way of looking at the world. We are a start-up that operates in all the cultural, scientific and entertainment B2C sectors, using augmented and virtual reality technology to offer immersive experiences in 360 ° environments. We also work in the B2B area by applying our technologies and our skills for customised consultancy projects in the following sectors: Design, Fashion, Medical, Events and Training.

FLYING FISH is a world-renowned producer of museum and science center exhibitions offering comprehensive services from exhibition design and fabrication to sales and marketing, global tour operations, and freight & logistics planning. Flying Fish partners with some of the world’s top museums to produce exhibitions whether for permanent display or for a global tour. The exhibition offerings on tour with Flying Fish range in content from dinosaurs to the avant garde and appeal to those seeking immersive experiences, STEM education and blockbuster exhibitions.

How can we work together? You may wish to consider hosting one of our touring exhibitions listed on our website and on this site. You may wish to engage us to help you to produce a touring exhibition. Perhaps we can offer you our services in exhibit design, fabrication, tour management, and freight planning. Get in touch and let’s start a discussion.

Starvox Entertainment – founded in 2005 in Toronto, Canada, with offices in the USA and Mexico is a company that tours, markets, and produces live entertainment actively across North America. Recently Starvox created its Exhibit division, debuting for the first time in North America a Banksy Exhibit – a collection of never seen before Banksy art that included original works, prints, sculptures and more.

Starvox Exhibits is proud to announce, from the creators of Atelier des Lumieres in Paris production -Immersive Van Gogh, which is the first of its kind Drive-In immersive exhibit, opening in Toronto June 18, 2020.

We strive in developing unique content that not only entertains but engages the audience in new and exciting ways.

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