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What is Producer360?
Producer360 is an ecommerce and marketing toolkit we have built specifically with Exhibition Producers in mind. Our solution is available for a range of producers including touring exhibitions and promoters who host travelling exhibitions. We integrate with your current ticketing provider to give your customers a great online ticket purchase experience, and give you more data to power your marketing. It is incredibly simple to integrate – we do all the heavy lifting.  Our toolkit includes: All this means that ultimately our partners sell more tickets for their exhibitions with an optimised purchase journey and intuitive marketing tools. 
Why should you use Producer360 for your future touring exhibition?
Producer360 will give your customers a much better purchase experience and has been proven to increase conversion rates by 20%. With our upsell functionality you can also increase your ancillary revenues significantly through upgrades and add-ons.  Our dashboard will give you more visibility on your customers and save you time in compiling endless reports. You’ll benefit from our whole range of marketing tools, new features which are developed and our knowledgeable account management team who can help advise on how best to grow your sales.   Plus we’ll work with you to answer any particular pain points and implement your exhibition’s unique branding. We work collaboratively with our partners, and we would love to hear any challenges you have so we can come up with innovative solutions.  Please get in touch to arrange a demonstration, or an exploratory conversation on how we can work together to help you sell more tickets.

Little Ray’s Exhibitions is one of the largest exotic animal rescues in North America. Our organization has been providing educational hands-on interactive learning about animals and their environment for over 25 years.

We design, fabricate, and operate a series of themed animal and environmental world class exhibits in venues all around the world. Our exhibits are incredibly beautiful, educational, and fully turnkey. We take care of everything from the moment a contract is signed up until the last crate is loaded and we leave your venue.

Our exhibits are Nature’s Ninjas, Survival of the Slowest, Wildlife Rescue, Under The Canopy, and Frogs and Friends. These exhibits are all incredibly well received and are exceptionally well attended too!

Let us know your interest by emailing us at [email protected]

Xi an Qujiang Museum of Fine Arts is located in Xi’an, Shaanxi, China. The collection of Museum includes ancient Chinese murals, ancient Chinese gold wares, Picasso silver wares and ceramics, contemporary jade artworks. We also provide venue for renting. We have two exhibition halls with 500 square meters, can be used for holding events, venue renting and so on.

Building national and international partnerships is a key activity of the Science Museum Group. Through our touring exhibitions, shared expertise via consultancy work, and long-lasting relationships created by our worldwide science engagement training, we aim to be strategic but also opportunistic in our approach to building cultural and commercial partnerships.
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